Line Moves To Consider For Your NFL & College Football Picks

Chris Andrews

Thursday, December 24, 2015 6:59 PM UTC

Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015 6:59 PM UTC

In this preview article you will be able to find all the major line moves of the past few days in college football & NFL betting lines. Don't miss checking out this analysis!

College Football Betting Lines
223 Cincinnati/224 San Diego State-
San Diego State college football odds went from -1.5 to -3 with one group of wiseguys on the favorite. Followers usually push the number up, too. Since then, another group has come in on the dog. San Diego State has now dropped to -1.


225 Connecticut/226 Marshall- Marshall keeps creeping up. Now up to -5.


223 Tulsa/224 Virginia Tech- The original move off the opening line was on Tulsa +14. Some group took that price virtually everywhere and Va Tech dropped to -13.5. Keep in mind limits are much lower and many bookmakers move on air especially when they are dealing with virgin numbers. Money now has come back on Va Tech and pushed the number back to -14 everywhere. We’ll see if it gets taken once again.


279 West Virginia/280 Arizona State- Looks like a lot of sneaky wiseguy money has been coming in on West Virginia. Even thought he public is on Arizona State, West Virginia has now gone to -1 in most spots. If you like West Virginia as one of your college football picks, it’s probably best to bet them now. If they decide to move strongly on this game it will fly much higher.


NFL Betting Lines
101 Chargers/102 Raiders- Pretty strong move on the Raiders yesterday pushed this to -6 in many spots. Now some wiseguys have taken the Chargers +6 as the NFL pick. Right now, finding that number on the Chargers would be hard to find. Raiders mostly -5.5 with an occasional -5 here and there and still one -6 at one spot.


103 Washington/104 Eagles- Lots of money accumulating on Washington. Bookmakers haven’t moved the number, just the juice. Washington +3 -110 was pretty abundant yesterday, but now I only see it in a few locations. If you take Washington +3 now, you will have to lay some extra juice to get there. Eagles -3 even is the most common number.


109 Panthers/110 Falcons- While the public has been firmly in the Panthers camp, wiseguys have been playing the Falcons +7 -110 pretty steadily.  Some are even laying more than just the standard -110.


113 Jaguars/114 Saints- Still no NFL odds as we await the fate of Saints QB Drew Brees.


117 Browns/118 Chiefs- Sharp money has come in on the Browns +12 or better, and there was better around earlier in the week. Chiefs now mostly -11.


119 Colts/120 Dolphins- The Dolphins opened -1 or -1.5 yesterday. Sharp money showed on the Dolphins. Dolphins now -2 or -2.5 with signs of going higher.


123 Texans/124 Titans- Still no line, waiting to see who will be under center for the Texans.

No line move log tomorrow. Have a merry Christmas everyone!

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