Line Moves To Consider Before Placing Your College Football & NFL Picks on Friday

Chris Andrews

Friday, December 18, 2015 11:12 PM UTC

Friday, Dec. 18, 2015 11:12 PM UTC

All the Friday line moves in the bowl games and the NFL. Check how lines are shifting and if it's the right time to make your sports picks before the public jumps in.

305 Bears/306 Vikings- Vikings had gone up to -6 from mostly an accumulation of public money with NFL picks. Wiseguys took the Bears +6, now its back to Vikings -5.5 or -5.


309 Texans/310 Colts- Colts opened pick, quickly went to -2 today.  Matt Hasselbeck gets the start for the Colts. He had been questionable.


311 Chiefs/312 Ravens- Wiseguys started taking Ravens +7.5 yesterday, now they are taking +7 NFL odds. The public is on the Chiefs, but I’m starting to see the line drop to 6.5 in some sharp spots like CRIS and Grande.


315 Titans/316 Patriots- Money showed for the Titans +14. Reports are out that Tom Brady is suffering from flu like symptoms.


319 Panthers/320 Giants- Lots of sharp money showing on the Giants. Of course the public is firmly behind the Panthers.  Wiseguys began taking +5.5 and some even were taking +4.5 before the line dropped to 4 in most places.


323 Packers/324 Raiders- Money is really starting to accumulate on the Packers. Most bookmakers have yet to move the number, but are moving the juice to as high as -130. I have seen a couple 3.5s pop up with juice on the dog.


327 Broncos/328 Steelers- The Steelers have gone to -7 now. Wiseguys started playing this a lot earlier, laying -5.5. Other sharp money started showing at -6, then followers laid the -6.5. Now -7 is the predominant number, but most have juice on the dog Peyton Manning sat out practice today with a sore foot. Looks like Brock Osweiler will be the guy for the Broncos.


329 Bengals/330 49ers- The public finally pushed this up to -6 in some spots. There are some sharp players who took the +6, but there is still some of it around. Right now pretty split between Bengals -5.5 and -6.


331 Lions/332 Saints- Sharp money has started coming in on the Lions +3. I am now seeing the Saints -2.5 with juice on the favorite or -3 with juice on the dog. Public is heavily on the Saints.


College Football
201 Arizona/202 New Mexico- Some comeback play on Arizona now. I see it going back to -9 in spots. Now anywhere from -8 to -9 available.


207 San Jose State/208 Georgia State- More money, sharp and public, coming in on Georgia State for college football picks. San Jose now at -1 or -1.5 college football odds.

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