Line Moves With Betting Value for Your College Football & NFL Picks This Week

Chris Andrews

Friday, December 11, 2015 9:59 PM UTC

Friday, Dec. 11, 2015 9:59 PM UTC

We look at the biggest college football and NFL line moves over the week. There's always a lot of jostling off the opening line as the sportsbooks look for the right number for their betting odds.

College Football
103 Army/104 Navy- Navy opened -22, went up as high as -23.5, then back down. Navy settled in at -22 with a half point higher or lower, depending on where you look.


207 San Jose State/208 Georgia State- San Jose opened -5, but dropped rather quickly to -3 or -3.5. Georgia State really came on in the second half of the season.


209 Arkansas State/210 Louisiana Tech- Not a huge mover, but sharp money showed up on La Tech -1.5 and it moved to -2 everywhere. Keep an eye on this one.


211 Western Kentucky/212 South Florida- Wiseguys came in on their favorite team (So Fla) once again. They grabbed +3.5 with their college football picks and pretty much anything better than +3 flat.


233 Tulsa/234 Virginia Tech- Another game that was not a huge mover, but sharp money showed on Tulsa +14. It only moved to -13.5 on the college football odds board, but it did move everywhere, and did so quite quickly.


271 Mississippi/272 Oklahoma State- One more to put on the list. It didn’t move big, but it did move everywhere. Ole Miss had been -6.5, then went to -7 in a blanket move.


105 Steelers/106 Bengals- Bengals opened -3.5 or -3, depending. Strong move on the Steelers +3.5 and many even took the +3. Bengals now -2.5 -120 or -3 even. Sharp money has definitely come back in on the Bengals.


107 Bills/108 Eagles- Both sides have been favored in this one. Even now, I see both sides at -1 and of course a pick em in between. Wiseguys on both sides as well, depending on the number. Public mostly on the Bills.


111 49ers/112 Browns- Browns opened pick or -1. The public is on the 49ers, but the sharp money has firmly been behind the Browns. Now mostly Browns -1.5 or -2.


113 Washington/114 Bears- Bears opened -3 or -3.5, but the -3 quickly disappeared. Bears now up to -3.5 and even some -4 is showing up.


115 Lions/116 Rams- This is one of the big movers of the week. The Rams opened -1 or -1.5. Money came in on the Lions. Slowly at first, the roof caved in, moving the Lions to -2.5 before it slowed down. Lions now -3 even in most spots. Public and wiseguys on the Lions.


117 Chargers/118 Chiefs- This one hasn’t moved much. Chiefs have stayed right around -10 or -10.5 with very little variance.


119 Saints/120 Buccaneers- Depending on where you looked, the Buccs opened anywhere from -3.5 to -4.5. The -3.5 was gone quickly as arbitrageurs settled the number. Now Buccs between -4 and -4.5. Public pretty split, wiseguys on both sides with their NFL picks, depending on the number.


121 Colts/122 Jaguars- Matthew Hasselbeck will get the start for the Colts. The Jags opened pick just today, and now are either pick or -1.


123 Titans/124 Jets- Not much movement at all here. Jets opened -7 with juice on the favorite and some -7.5 showed very briefly, but quickly disappeared. Jets still -7 with juice.


125 Patriots/126 Texans- The public is heavily on the Pats. The Pats have been as low as -3 with juice on the favorite and as high as -4. Wiseguys have kept this in line, but I have also heard some sharp money from at least one very well respected outfit is on the Pats. Big injury list for the Pats, but they might be getting a little more healthy.


127 Raiders/128 Broncos- Broncos opened -7.5 and -8. Long injury list for the Broncos, even worse than the Pats. As many as 17 players have missed practice time this week for the Broncos. Sharp money has come in on the Raiders. Broncos now -6.5, but some -7 is still around, usually with juice on the dog. Public is on the Broncos.


129 Cowboys/130 Packers- Packers opened -7, but sharp money showed on the Cowboys. Packers now -6.5, with a little -7 even around.


131 Seahawks/132 Ravens- This was off the board for a while with the questionable availability of the Ravens QB Matt Schaub. Schaub is good to go, and the Seahawks opened -10. Some early supposedly sharp money showed on the dog, taking it briefly to -9.5 on the NFL odds board. Since then it has been all Seahawks, now up to a low of -11.5 and a high of -13.


133 Giants/134 Dolphins- This game opened pick. The public is pretty split, but some sharp money pushed the Giants to -1 or -1.5. 

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