Largest List of Super Bowl Prop Options Online & We Tell You How to Bet Them All!

Joe Catalano

Friday, January 30, 2015 7:29 PM GMT

Friday, Jan. 30, 2015 7:29 PM GMT

On Sunday, all attention will be focused on Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. This is the last time to bet a football game. Let's take a look at all of the NFL betting props that we can get our "pockets" on.

There are many different types of props to bet whether it be the toss of a coin or the MVP of the big game, let's take a look.

1. The Coin Toss

Heads -101

Tails -101

From 1998 to 2008, the coin has landed on tails 9 out of 11 times. Since then, heads has dominated in 5 out of the last 6 Super Bowls with last season landing on tails. I'm going to go with heads and follow the trend.

Pick- Heads -101 at 5 Dimes


2. Will Bill Belichick Smile on Camera?


No -180

We all know that Bill Belichick is not an emotional man, but after everything that he's went through with "deflate-gate", if the Patriots win him his 4th Super Bowl, he'll have a reason to smile. I think that the Pats will win and although it won't be a complete smile, it will be enough to win this prop.

Pick- Yes +140 


3. What Will Katy Perry Be Wearing At Halftime?

Pants +300

Shorts +225

Skirt/Dress -175

The weather will be quite warm in Arizona and I don't expect a conservative look or a provocative look. She will be wearing a skirt/dress.

Pick- Skirt/Dress -175


4. Performer to Join Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz

The options are too many to mention, but none is an option at a nice price of +245. We will see a duet at halftime at very good odds.

Pick- None +245


5. Coach Mentioned First at Kickoff

Pete Carroll + 115

Bill Belichick -155

Although Belichick will be getting most of the attention during the game, the NFL doesn't want the negative press and Pete Carroll and the defending champion Seahawks will be mentioned first.

Pick- Pete Carroll +115


6. Coach Shown on TV First After Kickoff

Pete Carroll +100

Bill Belichick -140

Pete Carroll will get the token quick look first and then it's all "BB"

Pick- Pete Carroll +100


7. Robert Kraft vs. Paul Allen TV Airtime

-Robert Kraft -250

Paul Allen -+170

The only way that Allen will even be shown is if the Seahawks win. This is an automatic vote for Kraft.

Pick- Robert Kraft -250


8. Al Michaels Referring to Betting On Television

No -250

Yes +170

Al Michaels is a notorious bettor that's made several betting references in NFL games that he's covered. Take the +170 and you'll be thankful.

Pick- Yes +170


9. How Many Times Will Giselle Bundchen Be Shown on TV?

Under 1.5 -210

Over 1.5 +160

Giselle has made comments during the Patriots previous Super Bowl, but we really haven't seen her on camera. If New England wins, which they should, this could be a tough one. Take the under but bet small. 

Pick- Under 1.5 -210


10.Times Mentioning that Pete Carroll Was Patriots Coach

Yes -150

No +120

Not happening!

Pick- No +120


11. MVP Mentions First in His Interview

Teammates +150

God +500

Fans +650

Coach +1000

Family +1200

I'm leaning towards Tom Brady as the MVP and he's all about the team. 

Pick- Teammates +150


12. Marshawn Lynch Grabs Crotch on TV

No -750

Yes +450

Lynch knows that he's been made out to be the villain during media day. He's not touching the family jewels. 

Pick- No -750


13. Team To Score First

Patriots -115

Seahawks -115

The Seahawks are notorious for rallying. Take the Pats.

Pick- New England -115


14. Team To Score First Wins Game

Yes -165

No- +145

Usually the team that gets off to the fast start wins and in this case I look for New England to hold off Seattle.

Pick- Yes -165


15. Where There Be a Safety?

No -800

Yes +500

Safeties are such a rarity and you have to take the no in this case. Also, neither quarterback is stupid.

Pick- No- 800


16. Will the Game Go To Overtime?

No -1600

Yes +800

While the odds are extreme, the answer is no.

Pick- No -1600


17. First Score

Any TD- 145

Any FG +115

The defenses will be out in full force and getting that first score is important. Take the FG.

Pick- FG +115


18. Total Sacks

Over 4.5 +100

Under 4.5 -130

Both defenses are top-notch, but both quarterbacks are either elusive or have the knack in avoiding the sack. Under is the play.

Pick- Under 4.5 -130


19. Total Punts

Over -8.5 -115

Under 8.5 -115

8.5 is too many punts for teams with such good offenses. This will be a competitive game in which both teams will look to avoid to defer.

Pick- Under 8.5 -115


20. Most Turnovers

New England -110

Seattle -120

After watching the Seahawks against the Packers, the answer is Seattle.

Pick- Seattle -120


21. Total Turnovers

0-1 +400

2-3 +120

4-5 +200

This Super Bowl will be played cleanly. Make two bets here, therefore you come out on the plus side with a little backup.

Picks- 0-1 +400 and 2-3 +120


22. First Time Out

New England -115

Seattle -115

Coach Belichick will handle this game like fine China and any feeling of uncertainty, he'll be the first one to call the TO.

Pick- New England -115


23. Score In Last 2 Minutes of First Half

Yes -250

No +190

There very well could be a score, but with NFL odds like these, the under is a given at nearly 2/1 odds.

Pick- No +190


24. Score in First 6:30 of the Game

Yes -130

No -100

Another tough prop but if New England gets the ball first, I expect at least a FG in the first 6:30 of the game and I'm leaning towards yes.

Pick- Yes -130


25. Margin Of Victory

There are too many to list and this prop is according to which team that you like to win the game. I'm going to make 2 NFL picks.

Pick- New England by 1-6 +350 and New England by 7-13 +550


26. Longest TD

Over 44.5 yards -115

Under 44.5 -115

The longest play might be over 44.5 yards but not the longest TD play.

Pick- Under 44.5 -115


27. Defensive or Special Team TD's?

Yes- +155

No -190

With the Seattle defensive in this game, you get a nice bump in the odds. That said, I don't expect Chancellor or Sherman to take one back for a score.

Pick- No- 190 


28. Longest Field Goal

Over 44.5 -115

Under 44.5 -115

You have two quite capable kickers in this game and the defensives will stop handful of scoring drives. One of those drives will be beyond the 27 yard line. Over is the play.

Pick- Over 44.5 -115


29. Shortest Field Goal

Over 25.-115

Under 25 -115

Bill Belichick is a risk taker and if he see's an opportunity in the red zone, he might take it. You also have two running backs in Lagaruette Blount and Marshawn Lynch that won't be denied. I don't think they'll be many red zone issues.

Pick- Over 25 yard line -115


30. Game Line

Pick- New England -1 -101 at 5Dimes

I've made no mistakening that I think the Patriots are the better overall team and will get their 4th Super Bowl ring. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks looked really bad against Green bay and will have many more opportunities.


31. Point Spread at Half

Pick New England -1/2 +115

The Pats are the quicker starting team. The odds are also appealing to go along with it.


32. Passing Yards For Tom Brady

Over 260.5 -130

Under 260.5 +100

Gronk has been challenged by some of the Seahawk players and I look for him to have a huge game.

Pick- Over 260.5 yards -130


33. Passing Attempts For Tom Brady

Over 36.5 -130

Under 36.5 +100

Tom Brady has many options in the passing game and if the running game doesn't work, we'll see him look a lot towards Lafell, Edelman, and Gronkowski.

Pick- Over 36.5 -130


34. Total Interceptions For Tom Brady

Over 1.5 +185

Under -1.5 -245

This is an easy under as we won't see a repeat of the Green Bay-Seattle game

Pick- Under 1.5 -245


35. Russell WIlson's Longest Rush

Over 17.5 yards -115

Under 17.5 -115

I look for Baldwin and Kearse to do a decent job, but Wilson can only win this game with Lynch and his own running. Look for Wilson to break one for more than 17.5 yards.

Pick- Over 17.5 -115


36. Total Receiving Yards For Rob Gronkowski

Over 74.5 -125

Under 74.5 -105

Like I said earlier; Gronk has been called out and he'll have a huge game as he's the best tight end in the NFL.

Pick- Over 74.5 yards -125


37. Will Gronk Score a TD?

Yes -160

No- 130

Yes. Nobody can stop Gronk in the red zone; not even the Seattle defense.

Pick- Yes -160


38. How Many Yards Rushing Will Marshawn Lynch Get?

Over 92.5 -125

Under 92.5 -105

Lynch is a load, but he seems to have a more difficult time on the road. I'm expecting New England to hold him to under 100 yards. Take the under.

Pick- Under 92.5 -105


39. Total Receptions For Julian Edelman

Over 6.5 +115

Under 6.5 -145

You will see a lot of dinking and dunking as Seattle will try to prevent the deep ball and that means a lot of Julian Edelman.

Pick- Over 6.5 +115


40. Odds To Win MVP

Tom Brady 9/5

Russell Wilson 7/2

Marshawn Lynch 5/1

Rob Gronkowski 9/1

Lagaruette Blount 12/1

Julian Edelman 16/1

While I love Gronk and Edelman, the quarterback wins most of the time and ":Goes to Disney World". This year, Tom and Giselle will be going to Disney World.

Pick- Tom Brady -9/5


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