Jaguars Win/Loss Season Predictions And NFL Picks

Nikki Adams

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 9:46 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jul. 19, 2016 9:46 PM UTC

Jacksonville Jaguars look to crack a 7.5 projected season win total and we bring you a rundown of their NFL schedule complete with game-by-game NFL picks.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2015 Look Back
Coming off a 5-11 SU season Gus Bradley must be under the cosh going into his fourth season as the head coach of a Jacksonville Jaguars. Three terms and not even a .500 finish, never mind a winning season. Granted last year was his best run after going 4-12 in 2013 and 3-13 in 2014, but patience is wearing thin. This has to be the year the Jaguars take a meaningful step forward or he’ll be out in the dole queue, surely.

The Jacksonville Jaguars (+316 at Bookmaker to win AFC South) have received the 23 toughest NFL schedule with a 0.473 winning percentage, put another way, they have the fifth easiest NFL schedule in the field proper. It’s only marginally tougher than last season’s NFL schedule that boasted a 0.463 winning percentage, which is something to take stock of when considering their season win totals for 2016.

Online Sportsbooks hang the Jaguars on a 7.5 projected season win total. Compared to last year when they were hanging on a 5.5 season win total with a marginally easier NFL schedule. The higher expectations despite the upgrade in difficulty are down to the perceived growth of Blake Bortles at quarterback and the strategic improvements made to the roster in the offseason adding some key components to their defense. Offensively, there’s a lot to like about the Jaguars – if the last term were any indication. They showed they can score and, often, in abundance. The problem was their inability to stop opponents scoring against them.

It’s a young team for the most part and there are sure to be growing pains in the process of making a stamp in the AFC South. That hasn’t stopped markets elevating expectations for the Jaguars up to 7.5 in season win total betting (up from 6.5 or thereabouts since early markets opened in February). Nor has it discouraged public betting to push the OVER to -120 NFL odds or, in some cases, like at Bodog, higher to -125 NFL odds.

Will the Jaguars crack this high total in 2016? Gus Bradley has only averaged 4 wins in three seasons with the Jaguars. In order to crack this total and, effectively, turn the Jaguars into a .500 team he needs to double his average win total as a Jaguars coach.

Let’s delve into the Jaguars’ NFL schedule and serve up game-by-game win-loss predictions towards culling our final season win total prediction.  


Jacksonville Jaguars 2016 NFL schedule Game-by-Game Predictions At A Glance

Week 1 vs. Green Bay, Sunday, September 11
The Green Bay Packers descend on Ever Bank Field in week 1 of the NFL, a daunting prospect for most teams nevermind a side that has yet to scratch .500 in a season. There’s a lot to be said about the improvements the Jaguars made on the defensive side of the ball; it could give them a chance in this game considering the Packers can be vulnerable against good defensive-minded sides. There’s also the notion that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers aren’t nearly as lethal away as they are at Lambeau. Still, it’s the first game of the season. Push comes to shove, we’d rather back Rodgers and his offensive line to outshoot the Jaguars than otherwise.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 0-1


Week 2 vs. San Diego (away), Sunday, September 18
The Jacksonville Jaguars trek to San Diego to face off against Philip Rivers and the Chargers, who are coming off an abysmal 4-12 SU season and looking to be no better for it in 2016. It may surprise some NFL bettors but this is a winnable game for the Jaguars. They’ve lost the last three meetings with the Chargers despite holding their own. This time, they get the job done.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 1-1


Week 3 vs. Baltimore, Sunday, September 25
The Baltimore Ravens look to regroup in 2016 after a forgettable 2015. The Jaguars were amongst the many teams to heap misery on the Ravens, winning 22-20 in Baltimore and against the NFL odds. Suppose it would be wise to back the Ravens getting even in this game, but one has to consider that positive result gives succour and optimism to the Jaguars potentially pulling off another such result. They do have home advantage here, which must count for something.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 2-1


Week 4 vs. Indianapolis (London), Sunday, October 2
A trip to London in week 4 NFL betting; their second home. The Jacksonville Jaguars are well familiar with playing at Wembley having done so repeatedly over the last few years. It’s a long trek which is always a factor. What’s more, it’s a divisional rival that has dominated for the better part of Gus Bradley’s coaching career with the Jaguars. Most NFL bettors are sure to shade the Colts in this one, largely down to their prized bauble, Andrew Luck. We’re of the mind to go against the grain and suggest Blake Bortles and the Jaguars can serve up the upset. It might not be another 51-16 blitz of the Colts – a shocking result in their last meeting in 2015 – but a Jaguars win nonetheless.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 3-1


Week 5 BYE


Week 6 vs. Chicago (away), Sunday, October 16
Coming off a bye week the Jacksonville Jaguars head to Soldier Field well rested and raring to go. The Bears enter their second year under John Fox, who has a reputation for turning around teams in his second term. That might face some challenge, though. Consider the Bears are still led by Jay Cutler, who holds as much weight in the quarterback role as a wet blanket. They’ve also lost Matt Forte, who’s not so easily replaced. This could go either way. Old habits die hard: Jaguars have long been the league’s punching bag. Still, in the spirit of progress and change the Jaguars have a realistic shot to win this game too. It’s more than winnable when looking at Bears’ home record in the last three seasons, including a 1-7 SU record in 2015.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 4-1


Week 7 vs. Oakland, Sunday, October 23
The Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars share one thing in common: promise. Both sides are generating plenty of excitement amongst their fans and NFL pundits and experts have these two teams as those to spot in the future. It should be a very interesting clash between this pair. Consider the Jaguars have home advantage, the balance does tip in their favour. That said, the Raiders do appear to be one step ahead.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 4-2


Week 8 vs. Tennessee (away), Thursday, October 27
It’s a quick turnaround. A short week for the Jaguars. Fortunately, they take on a so-called lightweight in their division. The Titans have a promising quarterback in Marcus Mariota but are coming off a 3-13 SU record in 2015. The Jaguars are further ahead than the Titans in the development process. It’s a game the Jaguars can win.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 5-2


Week 9 vs.  Kansas City (away), Sunday, November 6
Arrowhead is a tough place, no ifs or buts about it. The Chiefs are no slouches either and they’ll be tough to beat at home even if the Jaguars have the benefit of additional rest. Blake Bortles is in for a tough day against a formidable defense.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 5-3


Week 10 vs. Houston, Sunday, November 13
Divisional champions Houston Texans descend on the Jacksonville Jaguars following what is in all likelihood going to be a tough road trip to Kansas City. It’s a second formidable defense in a row for Blake Bortles to figure out. Last term, the Texans outscored the Jaguars 60-26 over the series, including a 30-6 beat down in week 17. The Jaguars will be looking for revenge here, but it might not go to plan.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 5-4


Week 11 vs. Detroit (away), Sunday, November 20
The clash between the Jaguars and Lions at Ford Field has the makings of a veritable shootout if both Blake Bortles and Matthew Stafford light up under the dome. There are plenty of question marks hanging over the Lions going into 2016, which does give the Jaguars a theoretical chance. However, it’s an away game against an opponent that can’t be underestimated. Consider how badly the Lions started last term only to reel off six wins in their last eight games and finish 7-9 SU, essentially come within a hairbreadth of .500 finish. Whichever way you slice the Lions, that was a respectable and credible turnaround.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 5-5


Week 12 vs Buffalo (away), Sunday, November 27
The Buffalo Bills enter their second year with Rex Ryan, which could go either way for the mercurial coach if his track record were any indication. It also remains to be seen whether Tyrod Taylor will hold his measure in his second year – are we really sold on the quarterback? There is something to be said for home advantage and the cold in Buffalo, conditions the Florida-based Jaguars aren’t exactly used to. However, Bortles did lead the Jaguars to a 34-31 win over the Bills at Wembley last term.  

NFL Picks: Win
Record 6-5


Week 13 vs. Denver, Sunday, December 4
Even though Peyton Manning hung his cleats following Denver’s Super Bowl win, the Denver Broncos figure to be a tough team in 2016 according to experts. Whether this is optimistic posturing or not remains to be seen as the Broncos have yet to name their starting quarterback. Nevertheless, it’s Mile High and December.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 6-6


Week 14 vs. Minnesota, Sunday, December 11
The Minnesota Vikings are the defending NFC North champions and by no accident either. They well and truly earned the title at the expense of the fancied Green Bay Packers. As a result, the Vikings are being talked up for 2016. It’s a home game for the Jaguars against last year’s playoff contenders, who were a field goal away from eliminating the Seattle Seahawks. A tough assignment at home, you’d think against a solid team on both sides of the ball.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 6-7


Week 15 vs. Houston (away), Sunday, December 18
The clash with defending AFC South champions kicks off a three-game stretch against divisional rivals. The Texans swept the series last term with the Jaguars and could do so again in 2016. The jury is out on Brock Osweiler. He’s yet to prove his credentials as a reliable starter, so say the experts. Dismissing what he accomplished in relief duty for Peyton Manning with the Broncos. Seems a bit churlish, really, to be so dismissive. In any event, the Texans defense figures to be formidable and that could be the decider here.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 6-8


Week 16 vs. Tennessee, Saturday, December 24
The Jaguars welcome the Tennessee Titans on Christmas Eve. The Jaguars are further ahead than the Titans, which tips the balance in their favour. This could be a series sweep for the Jaguars in 2016.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 7-8


Week 17 vs. Indianapolis (away), Sunday, January 1
Whether the Colts are in the playoff or in the AFC South title frame might be a moot point. They’ve long been the standard of the AFC South and a team the rest of the division look to beat. The Jaguars did so spectacularly last season at Ever Bank Stadium. Prior to that, they gave them a run for their money in a 16-13 OT loss at Lucas Oil Stadium. Of course, facing Andrew Luck this time around tips the balance in favour of the Colts along with home advantage. Yet, we’re not sold on the Colts just yet and figure this game could prove more interesting. Colts should win but the Jaguars could win. If the AFC South is to emerge more competitive than it was in season’s past, this matchup is more of a tossup than most might expect it to be.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 8-8


NFL Projected Season Win Total Prediction for the Jaguars 
Our final tally has the Jaguars finishing with an 8-8 SU record, marking their first .500 finish under Gus Bradley. It would mean, therefore, shading the OVER 7.5 projected season win total currently trading across sports betting platforms. Admittedly, there are several tossups in this game-by-game rundown that could tip the scale either way, including the last game of the season – one that most are sure to wager as a loss for the Jaguars. That game alone would have our preview finishing with a 7-9 SU record, meaning a UNDER NFL pick would be the way to go.

To put it bluntly, we’re on the fence here with the Jaguars. They have plenty of positives to suggest they could crack the 7.5 projected season win total. Then again nobody would be surprised if they didn’t. To finish with a 7-9 or 6-10 SU record is significant improvements to the last three seasons with Gus Bradley but, probably, not enough for an organisation that has invested heavily towards building a legitimate contender in the future. Remains to be seen which way the dice rolls. But we have to start somewhere so we’re going with the OVER 7.5 on our NFL picks at -120 NFL odds.


Free NFL Pick: Over 7.5 at -120 
Best Line Offered: at Bet365

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