Is Lynch a Cause for Pause Before Betting on Seahawks?

Swinging Johnson

Friday, July 25, 2014 3:56 PM UTC

Friday, Jul. 25, 2014 3:56 PM UTC

The defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks pit their first battle as four-time Pro Bowler Marshawn Lynch plans to hold out for more cash.  How will this affect the Seahawks and their NFL odds?

What’s the Beef?
Money, what else? It’s a familiar refrain and one that grates on the nerves of the average working stiff but, like it or not, one that has become inextricably linked with professional sports. The most recent athlete in question is Marshawn Lynch who is beginning the third year of a four-year pact that pays him a total of $30 million. 

As a 28-year-old running back, history tells us that this year and next will be the end of his prime. Once this contract is over and done with he will be closing in on 30 years-old and no general manager worth his Armani suit will be eager to offer him a long term, big money deal. Lynch and his agent know this and want Seattle to pony up some up-front bonus money to get him back into a Seahawks uniform and back on the gridiron.

Naturally, the salary cap comes into play as Lynch currently counts $7 million this year and $9 million next year towards the cap. The financial gurus will have to figure it all out and decide whether or not to call Lynch’s bluff. With the pass happy offenses and the recent addition of pass friendly rules, yardage has soared and so have the ratings. The old adage is that the run sets up the pass but today it’s quite the opposite. 

Therefore, running backs are not the fulcrum of offensive game plans any longer. Yet there are a few of the elite running backs that can still be game changers. Marshawn Lynch is one of those running backs while all the rest of his contemporaries are pretty much interchangeable parts that pick up about three yards per carry trying to keep defenses honest. Lynch is a rare combination of speed and power who can singlehandedly change the pace and flow of a game. He was a vital cog in their Super Bowl winning season and it will be interesting to see if Seattle blinks and acquiesces or stands firm and moves on. We shall see.


Seattle’s NFL Odds
The Seahawks are the NFL odds on choice to win the Super Bowl again this season. If you’re looking to bet the chalk then look no further than who has them at a slightly higher 6-1 versus the majority of offshore bookmakers who are hanging Seattle at NFL odds of slightly chalkier 5-1. Ladbrokes again is the place you may want to lay your wager if you are so inclined to bet the ‘Hawks to win the NFC as they are giving you back 3 ½ to 1 on your money where most of the others will pay you 3-1. And finally, Seattle’s NFL odds to win the NFC West are about +110 across the board if you please.

But let me say this about that. Seattle has a target on their back as the reigning Super Bowl champs and they are in a division that won’t allow them any “gimme games”. They will suit up against the 49’ers, Rams and Cardinals twice per year and also have Green Bay, Kansas City, and Denver to contend with on their schedule. But if you consider that Marshawn Lynch may sit at least part or all of the regular season then you have cause for pause when betting the Seahawks in your NFL picks. And even if Lynch does come back after missing significant portions of training camp or the regular season how will that affect his performance? You might just want to ask Chris Johnson.

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