Into the Weekend with BetDSI Week 13 NCAAF & Week 12 NFL

Peter Loshak

Saturday, November 23, 2013 1:21 PM UTC

Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013 1:21 PM UTC

This week in the college segment of the Into The Weekend with BetDSI show, I was most interested to find out from Brent what the action was on the marquee Baylor/Oklahoma St game.

I previewed that game with Troy West from, and we both agreed that the betting line of Oklahoma St +8.5 at home seemed a little “off”, expecting the Cowboys to not be quite that big of a home underdog.

And then when the line quickly moved to +9.5 and even +10, Troy and I were even further miffed. So I was very eager to hear what Brent had to say about what caused that move, where the public action has been on the game, and what sharp action there has been, if any. 

It turned out that the move came from big public action on Baylor, and that the sharps did come in on Oklahoma St, but only at +10.5. They also took the money line at +320, according to Brent. So that at least tells me that Troy and I are not way off on our sense of the line, at least as far as the sharp/public action so far indicates. 

Then we also discussed the action on two other marquee college games this week, Texas A&M/LSU and Oregon at Arizona, with Oregon always a side to expect big public action on, and possibly sharp action as well. 

Then in the NFL segment, I guessed that Baltimore, Carolina, and Denver were all big public sides this week, with possible sharp action on the other side. It turned out that I was right on two of those, with one of the two I was right on also taking sharp action on the opposite side. But in one of the games, the side I thought would be a public side turned out to be a side that also took sharp action, albeit at a better line than is currently available. 

And as always, in both segments, Brent identified notable sharp action he has taken from the rest of this weekend’s slate of games.

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