Into The Weekend With BetDSI & Peter Loshak

Peter Loshak

Saturday, November 9, 2013 2:00 PM UTC

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013 2:00 PM UTC

Week 10 of NFL picks and Week 11 of our analysis of the college football betting lines with betDSI.

I started out the college segment of my weekly Into The Weekend with BetDSI show by asking Brent, of course, about the marquee game of the week, LSU/Alabama. The game, as expected, has gotten a ton of action, but unfortunately, the sharps have not touched it, according to Brent.

I then asked about the Mississippi St/Texas A&M game, expecting to hear that Texas A&M was a huge public side, and that did turn out to be exactly the case. Brent said it was all TAMU money, with nothing from the sharps, and nothing from the public on Mississippi St.

So I asked him why then, if he is so lopsided on the game, did the line not move a bit more than it has, and he had an interesting answer for that.

Then I also gave the opinion that I felt like I was seeing less line movement in college football this week than I saw in previous weeks, and Brent addressed that as well, basically saying that that is to be expected, saying the lines at this point in the year are overall somewhat sharper on opening.

In the NFL segment, I had to start out by asking about the Denver total. Denver games have been a huge headache for the sportsbooks this year, as the public has come in overwhelmingly on the over every game, and have cashed each and every time so far.

As far as this week is concerned, we can end the suspense now – yes the public is once again piling in on the over, betting on a 9th straight over from Denver this year. Brent did have a few interesting comments concerning sharp action on that game this week though.

Then I asked him specifically about two other games, Seattle/Arizona and Oakland/Giants. I heard what I was expecting to hear with the Giants game, but was very surprised to hear what Brent had to say about the Seattle game.

And as usual, Brent relayed to me general info about the notable sharp action he has seen in both college and the NFL so far this week.

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