Into The Weekend With BetDSI & Peter Loshak

Peter Loshak

Saturday, October 12, 2013 1:51 PM GMT

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013 1:51 PM GMT

In this week’s episode of Into The Weekend with BetDSI, Brent and I discussed NFL week 6 and college football week 7.

But before we got into the games for this weekend, we discussed a question posted at SBR in the thread from last week’s show regarding the topic of line manipulation. Sharp players do sometimes bet a side early in a week for the purpose of altering the line, so that they can come back later in the week and bet much more on the side they “really” want.

It’s an interesting topic, and Brent fully admitted that that is something that does happen, and we discussed how he can tell the difference between straightforward sharp action and action from sharps that later proves to have been for the purpose of line manipulation.

We finally got down to the games for this week, where I started out asking about the action Brent has seen on the Oregon game for this week. Oregon is currently ranked #2 in the country, and they are also 5-0 ATS. So, they are obviously going to be a big favorite in every game, and very likely heavily-backed by the betting public.

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This week, though, they are on the road at Washington, who is also ranked, and who has also been a good bet on the year so far, at 4-1 ATS.

Then we moved on to the NFL, where of course, I started out by asking Brent about what the action has been on the Jacksonville/Denver game, the game with the historically high spread.

And then we discussed which games have a public/sharp split, and this week, good news for bettors looking to tail sharp action, there happen to be quite a few.

Oakland/Kansas City, Philadelphia/Tampa Bay, and Detroit/Cleveland are all games with notable sharp/public splits, according to Brent.

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