Into the Weekend with BetDSI & Peter Loshak

Peter Loshak

Saturday, September 21, 2013 7:39 PM UTC

Saturday, Sep. 21, 2013 7:39 PM UTC

In the September 19th episode of Into The Weekend with BetDSI, Brent and I discussed Week 3 in the NFL and Week 4 in college football.

Starting with the NFL, I immediately asked Brent about the action he has taken on the 2 games with huge spreads, Denver at home against Oakland on Monday night, and even bigger, Seattle hosting Jacksonville, where the line is approaching 20 points. Perhaps surprisingly, Brent told me the sharps so far have not come in on the underdogs in those games, but he did actually take a bit of sharp action on Seattle, albeit when the line was a bit less extreme than where it sits right now.

I also asked him about two teams that I consider to be significantly overvalued at the moment, New England and Pittsburgh, and asked how the public and sharps were responding to the Week 3 lines of both of those teams after their underwhelming ATS performances in the first two weeks of the season. I was a bit surprised to hear Brent say that he did see sharp action come in on Pittsburgh for their Monday night game against Cincinnati in Week 2.

Brent also had some interesting things to say about sharp action in the Detroit/Washington game, and the total in the New England game.

Then we moved on to college football Week 4, where I was eager to hear what Brent could tell us about sharp action he has seen so far, since in last week’s show, he identified 6 sides as likely to be sharp sides, and 5 of those sides covered at the lines available at the time of our call. This week he did not disappoint, mentioning a handful of lines with either a stark sharp/public split, or significant one-way action where the sharps agreed with the public.

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