Improve Your Money Management Skills & Wisely Shop For The Best NFL Odds

SBR Staff

Thursday, August 4, 2016 5:46 PM UTC

Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016 5:46 PM UTC

If there were a Ten Commandments of Sports Betting somewhere near the top would be “Always shop for the best odds,” which is a simple concept many bettors fail to take full advantage of. Read on and learn to manage your money properly.

A guy may spend two hours and drive 30 miles trying to save $40 on a new laptop, but will then turn around and wager $330 on over 49 in a football game when there were a few sportsbooks with 47.5 on the game. Shopping is crucial for success. If you don’t believe me, ask your wife.

In order to take full advantage of the discrepancies in the betting odds offered at different sportsbooks, you must have several different betting outlets, which also offers one additional advantage: your initial deposit is going to have the best sign-up bonus. Imagine you have just one sportsbook account and are going to fund it for the start of football season with $1,000. If you receive a 20-percent deposit bonus on deposits, you have turned your $1,000 into $1,200 to bet with. But if you deposit $500 into your existing account and deposit $500 into a new account with a 50-percent bonus, your $500 at your existing sportsbook becomes $600 to bet with, while your $500 becomes $750 at your new sportsbook. While this is a simplified version and doesn’t take into account rollover requirements, etc., the basic premise is accurate.

While day-to-day lines may not vary greatly at many sportsbooks, you’ll often find significant differences when it comes to betting futures. Many bettors tend to shy away from futures for two reasons; the sportsbook holds your money for a long time and the sportsbooks’ hold tends to be much greater than with traditional bets, frequently in the 20 to 25 percent range if not greater.

For years, 5Dimes has been considered to be the leader with futures bets. A quick check of their odds to win the upcoming Super Bowl shows a house advantage of slightly more than 12 percent, which is pretty impressive from a bettor’s perspective. But by doing a bit of shopping for the best odds on each team, a bettor can lower the house advantage to less than 5 percent, which makes futures a bit more attractive. Even better is that the sportsbooks used for to arrive at that 5 percent figure are those rated ‘A+’ or ‘A’ by SBR.


Now, let’s look at the odds to win the Super Bowl on each team and see where the most advantageous sportsbook to bet each team is.

Arizona Cardinals: The odds on Arizona range from +906 to +1300 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are viewed differently by the sportsbooks, ranging from a low of +4000 to +7300 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Baltimore Ravens: The odds on the Ravens range from +3003 up to +3900 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills are +4000 on the low side all the way up to +6600 at Bovada.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers are getting plenty of respect and their odds range from +900 up to +1200 at Bovada.

Chicago Bears: The odds on the Bears range from +5000 to +8000 at Bookmaker/BetDSI/JustBet.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals range from +1400 on the low side to a high of +1950 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Cleveland Browns: The Browns have the highest odds of any team to win the Super Bowl and range from +10000 to +23500 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys may no longer be America’s Team, but they are still getting some respect, with odds ranging from +1800 to +2450 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Denver Broncos: The odds on Denver repeating at Super Bowl champions range from +1400 to +2200 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Detroit Lions: The odds on the Lions range from +5000 to +7500 at 5Dimes and the Bookmaker family of sportsbooks.

Green Bay Packers: Perennial Super Bowl contenders, the Packers range from +800 to +1075 at Heritage.

Houston Texans: The odds on the Texans range from +3054 to +4000 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Indianapolis Colts: The odds on the Colts vary from +2000 to +2500 at Bovada or Intertops.

Jacksonville JaguarsThe odds on the Jags range from +4000 to +5400 at 5Dimes/Sportbet. GTbets, a B+ rated sportsbook by SBR, does have the Jaguars at +6000.

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs vary from +2000 to +2800 at Bovada.

Los Angeles Rams: The odds can be found from a low of +5000 up to +10000 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins range from +5000 all the way up to +9000 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Minnesota VikingsA sleeper pick for some, the Vikings range from +1600 to +2450 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

New England: The Super Bowl favorites, the odds on the Patriots range from +600 to +800 at Intertops.

New Orleans: The odds on the Saints range from +6000 to +8800 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

New York Giants: The Giants are a bit of an anomaly, as their odds range from +1400 all the way up to +3700 at Heritage.

New York Jets: The odds on the Jets range from +4000 to +7500 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Oakland Raiders: Oakland is getting some respect in futures, with odds ranging from +2500 to +3800 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles can be found anywhere from +5000 to +8500 at the Bookmaker family of sportsbooks.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The odds on the Steelers range from +850 to +1200 at Bovada.

San Diego Chargers: The Chargers range from +5000 up to +9000 at 5Dimes/Sportbet.

San Francisco 49ers: Considered contenders just a few years ago, the 49ers range from +9500 to +15000 at the Bookmaker family.

Seattle Seahawks: The odds on the Seahawks range from +700 to +1000 at Bovada.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The odds on the Bucs range from +6000 to +10000 at Bovada.

Tennessee Titans: The Titans range from +6000 up to +14000 at the Bookmaker family.

Washington Redskins: The odds on Washington vary from +3900 to +5000 at the Bookmaker family, Bovada, BetOnline/SportsBetting and Intertops.

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