How Does Teddy Bridgewater’s Injury Improves Other NFC North Team Futures?

Teddy Bridgewater in action

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, September 1, 2016 6:50 PM GMT

Thursday, Sep. 1, 2016 6:50 PM GMT

The entire NFL was feeling sorry for the Vikings when the news about Teddy Bridgewater came down. It’s an unfortunate injury to a player who was supposed to lead his team back to the playoffs, however, his injury really shakes up the NFC North and could lead to some different values.

Green Bay Packers (-162 to -275)
Before the Bridgewater injury, the Packers were still easily the favorites in the NFC North. With Jordy Nelson coming back from injury and Eddie Lacy looking like a player who could lead the league in rushing, the Packers were already the superior team.

I recommended them way back in the beginning of August for a future NFL odds wager on not only to win the division but the conference as well.

However, in light of the Bridgewater injury, the Packers’ future odds to win the division have moved more than any other team. Now at -275 at Bet365, there is little value left in the Packers to win the North, unfortunately. They could easily have another big injury and put their odds of winning the division in jeopardy, so it’s simply too much to risk up front for such a small profit. Laying almost 1/3 is not enough of a value to risk making an NFL pick on the Packers, so hopefully you took them before the Bridgewater injury.


Minnesota Vikings (+200 to +400)
Without Bridgewater, the Vikings can still probably make the playoffs, but it is going to be an uphill climb in the NFC. Not only do they have to deal with the Packers twice per season, but the Cardinals, Seahawks, and Panthers are still the cream of the crop in the conference along with the Packers.

The sportsbooks doubled their odds to win the division, but unless you are banking on an Aaron Rodgers injury, the Vikings are no longer a value to win the division. The Vikings were already short on pass catching options and now they will have to rely more heavily on an aging Adrian Peterson. They are one big injury to their veteran running back from completely falling out of the hunt this season, and without Bridgewater, they likely won’t even make the playoffs now.


Detroit Lions (+1200 to +600)
While the Lions are still not very good, they took the biggest leap in the NFC North futures. However, 6/1 is the highest odds being offered. Most sportsbooks have them around +900 or +1000, but either way, they are not a great bet to win the North. Their defense is still going to be questionable, while their offense without Calvin Johnson is likely going to struggle.

The Lions’ running game is likely going to suffer this season, especially if Matt Stafford can’t move the ball downfield without Megatron. Even though the sportsbooks are trying to make you think they are a value after the Bridgewater injury, they are still the third or fourth best team in the division, even with the Vikings without a quarterback right now.


Chicago Bears (+1200 to +1000)
The Bears are probably already better than the Lions, but they are still a long way away from competing for the division this season. They have some question marks surrounding heir offense without Matt Forte and while their defense should be better this season, they may still give up a good amount of yards through the air.

The Bears are also dealing with the fact that even if they are better than most believe, they still can’t beat Rodgers and the Packers. The Bears have struggled mightily over the last five years to beat Rodgers and considering they are likely still the third or fourth best team in the division, they don’t present any future odds value to beat the Packers.

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