Handicappers' Over/Under Week 2 NFL Picks

Nikki Adams

Sunday, September 14, 2014 2:01 PM UTC

Sunday, Sep. 14, 2014 2:01 PM UTC

With the second week of NFL already underway, here’s a last look at the Over-Under NFL picks for the remaining 15 games on the NFL betting menu. 

Week 2 Begins With The Under
Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers kicked off week 2 in fine style with the Ravens winning 26-6 at home, a game bookies chalked at 44.0 points. So with the under therefore taking a 1-0 edge in total betting, let’s attempt to predict the remaining 15 games on the NFL odds menu.


To The Picks We Go...
Cardinals vs. Giants 42.5
Analysis: Cardinals’ offense didn’t exactly sizzle against the Chargers while the Giants failed to launch against the Lions in Monday’s doubleheader. Consider neither offense was remarkable, nor put up a whole lot of points. Cardinals accounted for just 18 points, despite totalling 403 offensive yards. Giants crawled to just 197 yards of offense and a paltry 14 points. 

NFL Picks: Under 42.5


Falcons vs. Bengals 49.0
Analysis: The Falcons wolfed down the most offensive yards in week 1 – 568 in a narrow 37-34 win over the Saints. Bengals put up 380 yards (mostly passing (301 yards)) in a 23-16 win over Baltimore. The crucial bit the Falcons gave up 472 yards of offense to the Saints while the Bengals defense allowed the Ravens to gobble up 423 yards of offense. With two seasoned quarterbacks Matt Ryan and Andy Dalton leading offensive-minded sides on the field this could be a thriller that just pushes the 49.0 mark for your NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Over 49.0


Cowboys vs. Titans 49.0
Analysis: There is a reason why this line is so high. Ken Whisenhunt’s offense looked potent in the victory over the Chiefs last season. Dallas trotted out a Swiss cheese defense against the 49ers last weekend. What’s more, the Titans harassed Alex Smith and forced fortuitous turnovers, very similar to what the Niners defense did against Tony Romo. So if we combine all these aspects together, we see a lopsided affair going in favour of the Titans.

NFL Picks: Over 49.0


Lions vs. Panthers 43.5
Analysis: Let’s keep this one to simple Cole’s Notes: Panthers defense is one of the best in the league. Last season, they didn’t give up more than 20 points in any home game. Cam Newton is back. Detroit is...who knows. Just don’t be too impressed with their pass-happy 35-14 victory over the Giants (417 yards total offense, 341 passing and 76 yards rushing). It remains to be seen what the Lions really are about this season.

NFL Picks: Under 43.5


Jaguars vs. Redskins 43.0
Analysis: Both sides were offensively challenged last weekend – Jaguars tallied 306 yards of total offense to put up 17 points. RGIII and the Redskins et al wasted too much time collecting yards 372 yards and little converting those into the only thing tangible, points. Six points for all that running and passing....

NFL Picks: Under 43.0


Dolphins vs. Bills 43.0
NFL Picks: Under 43.0

Patriots vs. Vikings 48.0
NFL Picks: Over 48.0

Saints vs. Browns 48.0
NFL Picks: Over 48.0

Seahawks vs. Chargers 44.0
NFL Picks: Over

Rams vs. Buccaneers 37.0
NFL Picks: Under

Texans vs. Raiders 40.0
NFL Picks: Under

Chiefs vs. Broncos 50.5
NFL Picks: Over 50.5

Jets vs. Packers 46.0
NFL Picks: Over 46.0

Bears vs. 49ers 48.0
NFL Picks: Over 48.0

Eagles vs. Colts 53.5
NFL Picks: Over 53.5

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