Gordon's Suspension Impacts Cleveland Browns NFL Odds

Swinging Johnson

Thursday, August 28, 2014 4:41 PM UTC

Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014 4:41 PM UTC

Regular season has yet to begin and the Browns are already reeling but should Cleveland be a weekly fade in your NFL picks or is there reason to believe that the NFL odds will make them an appealing bet?

Gordon Grounded

Josh Gordon is an idiot. Let's just get that right out in the open before we go any further and dispense with any excuses or legitimate reasons why he was not at fault for violating the NFL's drug policy. While it is fair game to take issue with the policy itself vis a vis the use of marijuana as a banned substance when it is already being decriminalized throughout the nation, it is indeed an NFL taboo which means it has to be off limits. Gordon should have known better, no check that he did know better which makes his indiscretion even more egregious, after being suspended for two games last year and still wound up as the league's leading receiver in terms of most yards. All that talent but no brains. What a pity but we've all seen this movie before and we will undoubtedly all see it again only with a different name and a different team. 

But you have to love Gordon's appeal of the severe year-long suspension handed down for his failed test for marijuana. Gordon hired legal pit bull Maurice Suh to represent him who subsequently claimed that Gordon tested positive because of second hand marijuana smoke. Can you just imagine Gordon hangin' with his homies, a little Kanye blarin', sub woofers poppin' and plenty of Hennessy to keep all those mouths from getting parched. But then someone rolls a joint - or five - and there's Josh with a little buzz from the cognac, movin' to a funky base groove, feelin' right with his crew and all of a sudden a glassy-eyed buddy enveloped by a light white fog hands Gordon a big fatty to which our hero...tactfully declines. 

Ah, no. That ain't happenin' and the arbitrator hired to handle the appeal didn't buy it either. So Gordon can now spend the entire season watching his team struggle along without him. Cleveland is now short one superstar which leaves them with exactly none. Gordon was the focal piece of this offense but now the Browns are relying on Austin Miles, Andrew Hawkins and the injury prone Nate Burleson who broke his arm while driving home with a pizza. Breaking my arm while trying to both pilot my vehicle and eat or contain my pizza is something I am fully capable of but not a world class athlete. However, I digress only because I am stunned.


Cleveland Browns NFL Odds
I could report to you that the Cleveland Browns NFL odds are as high as 80-1 at WilliamHill.com to win the Super Bowl or that you could also get them at 33-1 to win the AFC Conference Championship. But why would I do that? Who the hell but Brian Hoyer's father is going to make that bet? I don't care how loyal you are to the Brownies or even if you're a card carrying member of the Dawg Pound proudly sporting a bone around your neck, this team has no shot this season. It's Cleveland for the luvva gawd!

Compare NFL Futures Props Odds

However, I will hearken back to my previous article written in July that the Browns were destined to win a paltry four games even though the team win total was pegged at 6 ½ (O-150). As we take a look at that those NFL odds this morning it is relatively stable with more than a few books maintaining the 6 ½ but moving down on the heavy -150 juice. This can only mean that there is slight action on the 'under' but if you're smart, you won't wait until it moves to six or lower to make your NFL pick. Get down on it now baby!

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