Get Ready For NFLX Week 3 With These Game-by-Game SU Wins

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Nikki Adams

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 5:53 PM GMT

Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016 5:53 PM GMT

Check out our game-by-game predictions for NFL Preseason Week 3. We preview each and every game and serve up straight up NFL picks for your betting pleasure and thrills.

NFL Preseason Week 2 Recap
The second week of the preseason is in the books. All in all, it was an interesting week with a few surprises to note, such as the Chargers, Redskins and Bucs recording their first wins in the preseason. None was more surprising though than the Niners beating the Broncs on Saturday. Others worth mentioning, Rams recording their second win (beating Chiefs narrowly) and Vikings upsetting the Seahawks at CenturyLink.

NIKKI’s Game-by-Game Record in Preseason
SU 18-14
ATS 15-15*
TOTAL 17-11-2*
*(Two Games omitted from week 1 in ATS and Total predictions)

In the broad spectrum of the NFL season, these accounts are a moot point. Not indicative of what to expect from each team necessarily when the first week gets underway next month. It follows, therefore, that the results of the last couple of exhibition weeks and week 3 of the preseason, which is often called the dress rehearsal, are mutually exclusive.

Week 3 is a different ball game. Starters may get more playing time than the previous two weeks, in some cases, they play well into the second half because coaches need to see their chosen line-ups in action. Of course, it’s a fine balancing act – no franchise wants to expose its star player to unnecessary risk or injury. There will be coaches that are more mindful than their counterparts but determining which those might be at this point in time is next to impossible.

In the event, we proceed with our game-by-game predictions and operate under the assumption that most teams will field a full-strength line-up for most of the game and base our NFL picks accordingly. Here goes…


NFL Thursday, August 25

Atlanta Falcons vs. Miami Dolphins
The Falcons beat the Redskins and the Browns in succession. In week 3, they kick off the proceedings with a date in Miami, a side that is 1-1 SU but coming off a horrendous 41-14 loss to the Cowboys at AT&T. Tannehill had a productive outing throwing for 162 yards and two scores. But will that be enough against a Falcons side that looks to be moving the ball well enough and defending much better than they did last season – they shutout the Browns in the second half last week.


Free NFL Picks: Falcons +130 
Best Line Offered: at 5Dimes 

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks
The Cowboys are 1-1 SU in the preseason. Opening with a narrow 28-24 loss to the Rams they bounced back in week 2 with a 41-14 win over the Dolphins at home. Tony Romo should get more playing time in week 3 but, considering his injury last season and the hell the Cowboys plummeted into, it’s hard to see Jason Garett risking his prized quarterback bauble for too long. Besides, the Cowboys might have inadvertently struck gold in the backup role when they picked Dak Prescott in the fourth round of the NFL draft. Two games into the preseason and the rookie is a revelation, surprising not only NFL bettors but also the very franchise that selected him in the draft. Those in-the-know NFL bettors will recall Jerry Jones moaning about his decision not to trade up for Paxton Lynch. He may never be suitably contrite about those comments but that won’t stop him from cooing over his special find. He might even be downright smug about it if the Prescott lights up the Seahawks at CenturyLink the way he did the Dolphins at AT&T last week. What the hey, eh? We’re betting on the Cowboys as the massive underdogs. Why not? The price is good and, well, the Seahawks, let’s face it, didn’t look all too good last week in an 18-11 loss to the Vikings that only saw drama late in the game and was otherwise a yawn.


Free NFL Picks: Cowboys +200 
Best Line Offered: at WilliamHill 

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NFL Friday, August 26

New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers

Tom Brady didn’t play last week against the Bears despite reports earlier in the week that said he would. Apparently, not a dab hand with scissors he cut his thumb and couldn’t play. On Monday, he was excused from practice ahead of Friday’s date with the Panthers. Is he going to play this week? Any preseason game? The jury is out on that. In any event, Garoppolo probably needs the playing time more seeing as the franchise rests its hopes on the backup quarterback in the first month of the regular season. A clash with the Panthers’ starters will be a good indication of what NFL bettors can expect from the backup and the Patriots as a whole. The Panthers, meanwhile, are coming off a win in Tennessee. They are 1-1 SU in the preseason. This game should see Cam Newton and the Panthers get a lot of playing time.


Free NFL Picks: Panthers -183 
Best Line Offered: at Heritage

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Buffalo Bills vs. Washington Redskins
The Buffalo Bills have looked so-so in the preseason. They lost a narrow one to the Colts in week 1 and then shutout the Giants 21-0 in week 2. The Redskins have been equally modest despite bouncing back with a 22-18 win over the Jets last week. To all intents and purposes, this game is a bit of a tossup. We’re loathe to take the previous two weeks into consideration, overly, as the starters should see more into this game than in the other weeks. How that plays out is anybody’s guess. Home advantage has us tipping the game towards the Redskins but, seriously, don’t go betting the farm on it.


Free NFL Picks: Redskins -145 
Best Line Offered: at 5Dimes 

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Cleveland Browns vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Can anybody buy what the Browns are selling? Heck, season ticketholders might want to consider a refund before the season gets underway because what we’ve seen from their Browns is worrisome. Put it this way, not even if you paid me would I watch a Cleveland game. So precious are those hours that would be fritted away watching the most stagnant offense in the league labour a couple of inches on the field. Tampa Bay Buccaneers are riding a hot hand after beating in-state rivals Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Stadium last week. It could even get ugly for the Browns.


Free NFL Picks: Bucs -197 
Best Line Offered: at Heritage 

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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New Orleans Saints
Neither the Steelers nor the Saints have particularly impressed in the preseason, which could be something or nothing. Exhibition games are just that, exhibitions. Coaches aren’t concerned about winning as much as they are evaluating what they have in their camp. Fact is most of Tomlin’s starters have been coasting the side lines with him for the last few weeks. Of course, 17 points in game 1 and none in game 2 is never a good sign but it’s definitely nothing to panic about. Consider the Steelers are 2-9 in their last 11 preseason games but 21-11  in the regular season over the last few years. They might not get up for this one either.


Free NFL Picks: Saints -120 
Best Line Offered: at WilliamHill 

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Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers
The Packers are 2-0 SU in the preseason largely behind backup play. Will McCarthy play his starters in the dress rehearsal week or lock them in a padded room for their own protection until week 1 of the season. Your guess is as good as mine. On the flipside of the coin, what is the deal with Colin Kaepernick. Will he get to throw a pigskin in week 3? Is he just going to hug the side lines for the rest of the month and have a good chinwag with teammates as they traipse on and off the field? Oh, and, shockingly, Chip Kelly and the Niners are coming off a win over Denver in week 2. Does that mean anything? So many questions. Not many answers. What was it we said in the opening sentence? Packers are 2-0 with backup play. Right. Packers it is, then.


Free NFL Picks: Packers -121 
Best Line Offered: at Heritage 

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NFL Saturday, August 27

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears

The Chiefs have yet to win a game in preseason. Back-to-back narrow losses to the Seahawks and Rams mars their preparations. Still, they’re in a better spot than the Bears, who are winless in their two accounts and not really generating a whole lot of enthusiasm. Not for nothing are the Chiefs favoured to win on the road.

Free NFL Picks: Chiefs -115 
Best Line Offered: at Bet365 

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Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens are coming off back-to-back wins over the Panthers and Colts, two teams tipped to register in 2016-2017. The Lions lit up the Steelers in week 1 but succumbed to a torching in week 2. With the starters probably getting more playing time in week 3, we fancy the Ravens at home on our NFL picks.


Free NFL Picks: Ravens -174 
Best Line Offered: at Heritage 

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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts
Eagles have won both their preseason games but the prognosis isn’t that favourable. Both opponents they faced were rather blah – Bucs put in an error-filled account in week 1 while the Steelers didn’t show up in a 17-0 loss to the Eagles. One of the main criticisms is the offense’s seeming inability to move the ball. In the Colts, the Eagles aren’t going to see a feared defense. What they might see though is a pretty good offense that many are excited about.


Free NFL Picks: Colts -150 
Best Line Offered: at SportsInteraction

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New York Giants vs. New York Jets
Uuuff! The Giants were atrocious last week in a 21-0 shutout by the Bills. Nothing went their way, They weren’t that great in week 1 either. It might not be time yet to start worrying about the Giants and their coming season, but if they put in another similar such performance in week 3 then NFL bettors might be calling time on the Giants’ season even before week 1 gets underway next month. Surprisingly, Giants are the marginal faves in this game in early NFL betting markets. Are they really going to bounce back? They can be unpredictable that way. Hmm..two weeks, two disappointments. Not biting.


Free NFL Picks: Jets -105 
Best Line Offered: at Bet365 

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Tennessee Titans vs Oakland Raiders
The Titans are 1-1 in the preseason as are the Raiders. There have been plenty of positives and negatives in both camps as they get set for the real deal in September. Raiders are coming off a loss in week 2, a round that many NFL bettors fancied they’d win. Consensus betting polls were high on the Raiders following their opening victory in week 1. Although the Raiders lost at Lambeau, they are tipped to bounce back in week 3 and we agree with NFL betting odds makers.


Free NFL Picks: Raiders -185 
Best Line Offered: at 5Dimes

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Los Angeles Rams vs. Denver Broncos
The Broncos lost to Niners 31-24, a game that saw the NFL lines bet up furiously as the football world pounded the Broncos with impunity. So convincing was their victory in week 2. So what happened? Simply put, the Broncos were overrated. The quarterback position appears to be more of an issue than most would have had it. Neither Mark Sanchez nor Trevor Siemian proved they’re the de facto starter. Paxton Lynch wasn’t that special either. A lot of frown lines are cropping up in Denver, which might drive up Botox sales but not ticket sales we’d wager. As it is, it looks to be more of a question of who’ll lose the starting job rather than who’ll win it. Over to the Rams, who haven’t lost a preseason game after back-to-back home games. It remains to be seen whether they’ll live up to expectations on the road. They just might if the Broncos’ quarterbacks put in another shaky performance.


Free NFL Picks: Rams +195 
Best Line Offered: at 5Dimes

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NFL Sunday, August 28

San Diego Chargers vs. Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings are riding a two-game winning streak in the preseason with wins over the Bengals and Seahawks. That they’ve stared down a pair of heavyweights augurs well for their home date with the Chargers, who were so-so in last week’s win over the Cardinals. Whatever it is, the Vikings seem to take the preseason seriously.


Free NFL Picks: Vikings -205 
Best Line Offered: at Heritage

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Arizona Cardinals vs. Houston Texans
The Cardinals are winless in the preseason but they’re not fussed. They lost to the Raiders and Chargers in succession. The Texans meanwhile are 2-0 in the preseason with wins over the Niners and Saints. The Cardinals appear to be going through the motions in preseason, looking to get through it without injury to their veterans. Texans are a much younger team and look to iron out the kinks before the regular season.


Free NFL Picks: Texans -115 
Best Line Offered: at Heritage

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Cincinnati Bengals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Bengals are coming off a  big win over the Lions in week 2, bouncing back nicely from an opening loss to the Vikings. The Jaguars are 0-2 in preseason and flush off a 27-21 loss to in-state rivals Tampa Bay. Surprisingly, the Bengals are at the disadvantage. Granted they are on the away but they are the much better team on both sides of the ball. We’re backing the Bengals who have a much better team on both sides of the ball.


Free NFL Picks: Bengals +105 
Best Line Offered: at 5Dimes

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