Game by Game Study of St. Louis Rams Total Season Wins

Nikki Adams

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 5:40 PM UTC

Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014 5:40 PM UTC

Despite a modest season that saw the St. Louis Rams go 7-9, a bottom of the pile finish was their reward. So competitive is the NFC West division. What can NFL bettors expect from the Rams this season? Join us as we breakdown the NFL schedule and serve up our early projections on total wins for the Rams.

Can St. Louis Rams punch above their weight class?
It’s a brutal schedule, no ifs or buts about it. Not only do the St. Louis Rams live in a division that boasts Seattle and San Francisco, two top favourites for the upcoming Super Bowl – the former of which is the defending champion, incidentally – they also must deal with divisional rivals the Arizona Cardinals , one of several sleeper picks in NFL betting this season to win a divisional title. And if that weren’t enough, eight games (half of their overall schedule) are going to be decided by six teams that went into the post season – Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Denver and San Diego. Wide reasoning would have the odds stacked against the St. Louis Rams despite obvious upside.

Week 1 vs. Minnesota
Many questions precede the Vikings, namely on starting quarterback. As it stands, It’s yet unknown if Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder or rookie Teddy Bridgewater will receive the nod. In any event, whoever gets the start will face a tough front four. The Vikings have made some positive moves in the offseason and brought in a new coach, but an adjustment period perhaps will be needed. Rams should win this handily at home.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 2 @ Tampa Bay
The Buccaneers brought in coach Lovie Smith, quarterback Josh McCown and receiver Mike Evans (draft pick), amongst several others. It’s a whole new Bucs this season that has many NFL bettors excited about their prospects – potential to surprise NFL betting markets exists. Of course, new systems take time to come together and that could work in the Rams’ favour. However, this is a road game and the Rams went just 2-6 last season. This could be a closer call than most would expect.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 3 vs. Dallas
Last season, the Rams suffered a brutal defeat to the Cowboys, a 31-7 defeat in Dallas. This time they meet in St. Louis where the Rams will hope to capitalise on home edge at the expense of a Cowboys outfit that enjoyed its fair share of woes on the road last season (3-5 away). What’s more, Romo is after back surgery, effectively hanging a big question mark over the centre. And the Cowboys core was weakened in the offseason, with few moves made to address those losses.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 4 - Bye

Week 5 @ Philadelphia
Eagles’ high-octane offense is dynamic and lethal, not to mention one of the best in the league right now. One word: challenge. Sam Bradford and the Rams will be sorely tested on both sides of the ball in Philadelphia. They could keep it close but overcoming Nick Foles and Company will take something special.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 6 vs. San Francisco
One of several Super Bowl faves and divisional rivals, the Niners loom large on the schedule in week 6. Last season, Niners swept the series on the back of a convincing 35-11 win in St. Louis and a 23-13 win in San Francisco. One would suspect those defeats didn’t sit well with the Rams and so they’ll be motivated to take it to the Niners at home. But do the Rams have the answer?
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 7 vs. Seattle
Back-to-back divisional games and a short week to boot. Talk about stacking the NFL betting odds against the Rams. One would like to give the Rams the benefit of the doubt at home, but we’re talking about the defending champions coming to town. Hawks swept the series last season. Expect the same to happen this term.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 8 @ Kansas City
A third game in a row in which the Rams take on a team that made it into the playoffs last season. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Cue: inspirational locker room speech, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” The Rams will need to dig deep in what is surely going to be a battle in the trenches. It should be a close call on the scoreboard, but the Chiefs with Alex Smith have the edge at home.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 9 @ San Francisco
Second straight road game, second game against divisional rivals San Francisco in three weeks and fourth game in a row against a playoff side from last season. Cue: Hail Mary prayer.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 10 @ Arizona
Third straight road game, second straight divisional opponent and fourth divisional clash in five weeks: Rams start to lose their sense of humour. It’s difficult taking on divisional opponents as it were, but under these conditions the prognosis isn’t favourable. Last season, the Rams were blown out of Arizona 30-10. Ouch.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 11 vs. Denver
Rams return home, beaten up, bruised and a little worse for the wear, the in order to collect their just reward: a date with the Denver Broncos –only the fifth opponent from last season’s playoffs in six weeks, not to mention runners-up as well. Peyton Manning and his high-octane offense could face little resistance from a Rams team that is so deflated at this point; it could be an embarrassing home blowout.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 12 @ San Diego
Rams hit the road for it...drum roll...take on the sixth opponent from last season’s playoffs in seven weeks. Rams put up a fight but Chargers play tough at home. Could be a close one, but we give the edge to Phillip Rivers and Company at home.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 13 vs. Oakland
Finally a winnable game for the Rams, in which they enjoy a face-saving and pride restring performance. The Raiders are a work in progress, a team under construction. Rams dominate on both sides of the ball.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 14 @ Washington
The Redskins have many questions hanging over them this season: new coach, new system...and so on. By this late stage of the season, the Redskins will have had time to work things out, but it remains to be seen where they are in the big picture. If things go according to our early projections for the Redskins, they’ll be in the same position as the Rams: dusting off their golf clubs for the spring. Rams win on the road in a meaningless affair.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 15 vs. Arizona
Last season, the Rams and Cardinals split the series with each side winning at home. The Rams will look to capitalise on home edge and finish the season on a positive note. If the Cardinals however are playing for a playoff spot or, even, the divisional title, they could prove too much for the now disinterested Rams. We’ll take pity on the Rams however and give it to them.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 16 vs. New York Giants
The Giants have made some good offensive improvements that bode well. They’ll be on the road, which will make it tougher to win. But if they arrive in St. Louis with playoff intentions in hand, they could take the road win.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 17 @ Seattle
It’s Seattle. It’s the Arrowhead. Need one say more? Last season, the Rams took on the Seahawks in Seattle only to lose 27-9.
NFL Pick: Loss

NFL Betting Verdict
The St. Louis Rams are a good side with plenty of upside to recommend them to NFL bettors in the upcoming 2014 season. That said their NFL schedule is in no uncertain terms brutal. That midseason stretch is a minefield waiting to flatten their hopes for the postseason. Indeed, bookies chalk the line at 7.5 with both the Over and Under NFL picks trading a smidgen apart at -120 and -110. For our money, we find it hard to imagine the Rams will scratch that line. By our predictions, they’re slated for a forgettable 5-11 season or thereabouts. 

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