Game by Game Study of Jaguars NFL Total Season Wins

Nikki Adams

Friday, August 1, 2014 2:45 PM UTC

Friday, Aug. 1, 2014 2:45 PM UTC

A lot of buzz and optimism surrounds the Jacksonville Jaguars as they prepare for the 2014 season, the schedule notwithstanding. Can they live up to the expectations or will they enjoy another forgettable season? Find out as we preview the Jaguars’ schedule and deliver our football-betting verdict.

Jacksonville Jaguars Have High Hopes
Jacksonville Jaguars hope to improve on a disappointing 2013 season in which they finished 4-12, with a 1-7-0 record at home and a 3-5-0 record on the road. Right out of the gates, they came out flat, only to be trounced by the Chiefs 28-2. They never fully recovered from that beat down in week 1, succumbing to an eight-game losing streak to start the season instead. It wasn’t all bad news though. After a week 9 bye they did perk up a bit to win four of their last eight games, effectively making them a .500 team in the second half of the season. They also somehow avoided finishing bottom of the AFC South pile – unbelievably, Houston Texans were worse (2-14) and took that dubious honour.

The way they finished and some of the offseason embellishments have NFL bettors quietly optimistic about the Jaguars chances in 2014. While bookies chalk the line at 4.5, which is a low mark and stands in stark contrast to this air of optimism, the Over is fancied at -200 and that does add some weight to the notion their fortunes will improve this season. Let’s see if the NFL schedule is conducive to this as well.


Jaguars' Game-by-Game Predictions:

Week 1 @ Philadelphia
Expectations on the rebuilt Jaguars are high ahead of the season, but opening week is too early on the term to expect all the new acquisitions to click together in real play, particularly when considering the Jaguars were a non-issue last season. What’s more, this is a road game against an offensive-minded quarterback and Eagles team looking to build on a NFC East winning campaign.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 2 @ Washington
A second straight road game against an NFC East side looms in week 2, which isn’t exactly the best scenario for the Jaguars. Then again, the Redskins finished 3-13 last season and underwent many changes during the offseason, including a new coach. To some extent, the Redskins are an unknown entity, so a win in the nation’s capital isn’t improbable. Redskins should win; Jaguars could win.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 3 vs. Indianapolis
Andrew Luck and the Colts come into town in week 3, marking the first divisional clash for the Jaguars. They have the home advantage so they’ll hope to capitalise on it – not that it did much good last season when they lost 37-3.  Many are earmarking the Colts for the playoffs – potentially, even, winning the Super Bowl – and touting Luck as the next best thing since sliced bread. A win therefore by the Jaguars would appear to be a pipedream. If they pull it off, the gauntlet will drop. Last season, Colts swept the series winning on the road and 30-10 in Indianapolis.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 4 @ San Diego
A third road trip in the first four weeks of the NFL 2014-2015 season seems hardly fair. Such is their lot though. The Chargers reached the postseason on the back of a 9-7 mark, finishing third in a competitive AFC West division. To many, this is a team on the rise. Jaguars could be in over their heads.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 5 vs. Pittsburgh
Big Ben and the Steelers descend on the Jaguars in week 5 intent on taking a road win. Based on last season’s accounts, the Steelers should win handily. Historically, this used to be an exciting rivalry in which the Jaguars used to be able to hold their own. Optimistic NFL bettors expect a revival of the ‘old ways.’ But that just might be too much wishful thinking.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 6 @ Tennessee
Tennessee Titans and Jake Locker didn’t leave a favourable impression upon NFL bettors last season, despite a modest 7-9 record. Locker is coming off an injury, which leaves lingering questions about his form. Regardless of form, however, he still needs more seasoning in the league. This could be a game Jaguars’ defense wins. Last season, the pair split the series with each side winning on the road.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 7 vs. Cleveland
The Browns are rebuilding and it’s yet unknown who’ll be the starting quarterback for the Browns – Brian Hoyer or Johnny “Football” Manziel. The former is coming off ACL surgery while the latter rookie doesn’t appear ready for the responsibility. The Jaguars beat the Browns 38-28 last season. They should do so again.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 8 vs. Miami
The Dolphins are coming off one of the biggest scandals of the NFL in recent memory: the Jonathan-Martin-Richie-Incognito scandal. That was a major distraction that could still have lingering effects. Jaguars' defense looks much better than it did last season and they should have no trouble harassing Ryan Tannehill no end.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 9 @ Cincinnati
Beating the Bengals is a tough ask, especially on the road. The Bengals were a perfect 8-0 last season at home and were ranked top ten in both offense and defense. Jaguars would need to come up with something special just to strike an audible chord, let alone win.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 10 vs. Dallas
This clash is slated to get underway in London, UK – a highly anticipated cross-pond trek for the Jaguars just before the Bye week. This clash could go either way – home ground is cancelled out, both teams will face jet lag and the atmosphere is going to be different. Then again, Tony Romo and his Stars don’t travel all that well in the league so the Jaguars might pull off the win.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 11: Bye

Week 12 @ Indianapolis
A trip to Indianapolis after a long-haul flight across the Atlantic isn’t ideal, even if they have an additional week to prepare. Long haul travel takes its toll on players, marking an advantage the Colts certainly don’t need over and above all the advantages they already have on paper in this matchup.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 13 vs. New York Giants
Giants were terrible last season. Reinforcements have been added in the offseason that suggest it’s going to be a much better Giants team this season. The offensive line is improved, along with the secondary and backfield. What’s more, there’s the Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning to consider as well.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 14 vs. Houston
The Texans spared the Jaguars the humiliation of finishing bottom of the AFC South pile, as they went 2-14 on the season to take the dubious honour. It’s difficult to decide what to expect from the Texans this year after all the changes they’ve made. Odds makers are cautiously optimistic, so are fans now that veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick has been brought into the fold. In any event, at this point in time, this could go either way. Forced to make a decision, we’re giving it to the home side.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 15 @ Baltimore
The Baltimore Ravens are tough to beat at home. They’ve dropped just a handful of home games over the last few seasons, which means it’s going to be an uphill battle for the Jaguars.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 16 vs. Tennessee
The Titans beat the Jaguars 20-16 last season in week 16 to sweep the series. This is the final home game for the Jaguars and penultimate divisional clash. Motivation to finish on a positive note before the fans could lead to the home victory. On paper, this game could go either way.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 17 @ Houston
The Jaguars finish on the road against divisional rivals Texans. Last season, the Jaguars swept the series winning 13-6 in Houston before taking the 27-20 win at home. This is a much-improved Texans on paper this season so the Jaguars won’t have it easy winning on the road. It could go either way, but we’re giving it to the hosts.
NFL Pick: Loss


NFL Betting Verdict
By our estimation, we have the Jaguars finishing somewhere around 5-11 to 7-9 this season (give or take a few games) – and that’s being modestly generous. In any event, we expect them to go above the 4.5 chalk line, which means the Over at -200 is our recommended NFL betting pick

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