Game-by-Game Schedule Breakdown for Oakland Raiders

Nikki Adams

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 8:25 PM UTC

Wednesday, Sep. 3, 2014 8:25 PM UTC

Bookmakers have set the bar low on season win totals for the Raiders, which should come as no surprise considering they haven’t passed the grade in over ten years. Will the Raiders punch above their weight class this season? Find out as we preview the Raiders’ schedule and serve up our NFL picks.

Oakland Raiders win totals set at 4.5
Raiders are coming off back-to-back 4-12 seasons, a poor record that has prompted wholesale changes from top to bottom in the Raiders camp. Veteran and Texans’ cast-off quarterback Matt Schaub was picked up amongst several other veterans and new prospects, all while once promising talents that have underperformed have been dropped. Have the Raiders finally come up with the right blueprint to deliver a better record in a very competitive AFC West that saw three out of four teams reach the playoffs last season?

Only in hindsight will we unequivocally know the verdict. For the time being, it doesn’t look promising with a daunting NFL schedule, one of the worst of the lot, which is partly responsible for the lack of confidence in NFL odds that are chalked at 4.5 regular season wins. 


Week 1 @ New York Jets
On paper, this would appear to be a winnable game for the Raiders. Reality is Oakland’s record in the East leaves much to be desired. Plus, Geno Smith will have more dangerous weapons such as Eric Decker to throw to while the Raiders will have either Matt Schaub coming off a poor season with the Texans or untried Derek Carr calling the plays.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 2 vs. Houston Texans
Matt Schaub will relish this fight if he gets the start. If he’s holding a clipboard on the sidelines, it’s up in the air. Texans were the worst team last season, regardless of Matt Schaub contribution to that claim. Both sides have something to prove this season, which makes this a pendulum-swinging game.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 3 @ New England Patriots
Tom Brady and Company at Gillette Stadium is a big ask for any team, never mind one of the worst teams in the NFL this side of the century. Let’s not forget their east coast woes in general.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 4 vs. Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins present a tricky game for the Raiders. At the face of it, it would appear to be a winnable game. Then again, this game is set to take place at Wembley Stadium in London, which just throws it into further confusion. Raiders don’t travel well east, London is further east than most of their destinations.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 5 - Bye


Week 6 vs. San Diego Chargers
The Raiders split the series with the Chargers last season, winning 27-17 at home while losing 26-13 on the road. The Raiders will look to replicate at least that result when they collide in week 6.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 7 vs. Arizona Cardinals
The Cardinals won’t be an easy side to beat despite Raiders having home advantage in this game. Many NFL bettors are highly optimistic about the Cardinals chances this season to reach the playoffs and this is going to be a game they’ll feel is winnable.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 8 @ Cleveland Browns
Brian Hoyer is the starter and Johnny “Football” Manziel the backup for the Browns. It’s hard to say whether Manziel will still be holding a clipboard this deep into the season or calling the plays, either way the Browns have lots of talent that could give the Raiders something to think about.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 9 @ Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson and Company make scoring look so effortless and easy. The Raiders certainly don’t have enough to stop the Seahawks juggernaut at CenturyLink Field.
Free NFL Pick: Loss

Week 10 vs. Denver Broncos
Last season, Peyton Manning and Company romped to a 71-28 victory combined over two games in this divisional series. The Broncos have only got better in the offseason, which is a frightening thought.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 11 @ San Diego Chargers
The Raiders hardly look capable of sweeping a divisional rival, right? Considering they’ll most likely be banged up and bruised after back-to-back games with last season’s Super Bowl champions and runners-up, it seems unlikely.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 12 vs. Kansas City Chiefs
The clash with Kansas City Chiefs marks their third clash in a row with a divisional rival and third clash in four games with a team that made the playoffs last season. Talk about drawing the short straw with NFL schedulers.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 13 @ St. Louis Rams
With Sam Bradford out for the entire season, this game would appear to be a winnable game for the Raiders.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 14 vs. San Francisco 49ers
The Niners mark the fourth playoff team in six games the Raiders have the fortune to take on in a brutal midseason schedule. How are the Raiders to come away unscathed against a lethal offense?
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 15 @ Kansas City Chiefs
At this point, Raiders fans are losing their sense of humour with another tough game against last season’s playoff contenders.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 16 vs. Buffalo Bills
The Raiders and Buffalo Bills have one thing in common, they are two of the least desirable teams in the NFL according to players to play for. Preseason has shown EJ Manuel to be unprepared for great strides this season. By this stage, he could be in the midst of a confidence crisis, if not sitting on the bench.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 17 @ Denver Broncos
Peyton Manning and the Broncos are tough to beat at home. Last season, they went 7-1 but if their offseason improvements click as most expect them to they could be virtually unbeatable at home.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


NFL Betting Verdict
Colour us biased but we are unmoved by the Raiders as a whole, strongly sceptical about their ability to push the win totals above 4.5 when their identity at center remains uncertain. Hence, we recommend the under 4.5 at +140 as your NFL Pick.

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