Game-by-Game ATS NFL Picks for Preseason Week 1

Nikki Adams

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 11:07 PM UTC

Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015 11:07 PM UTC

The NFL Preseason moves to the forefront of sports betting floors this week. Join us as we preview the entire slate for week 1 and serve up choice NFL picks for each and every game.

NFL 2015-2016 Betting Season Fast Approaching
Amazingly, the NFL is here again. So too are we with our weekly game-by-game analysis and NFL picks. Last season, we enjoyed a standout run with our ATS picks for the regular season, finishing well above .500. So we’re excited about the coming season and keen to see how well we do with our ATS NFL picks. So let’s get cracking.


Saints +3.0 vs. Ravens -3.0
The Saints get their preseason going at the M&T Stadium when they take on the Ravens. Saints have made numerous changes to their offense, which they are sure to debut. However, with Drew Brees and his O-line hardly playing the entire game it’s hard to see the Saints come away trumps against a very solid Ravens side on both sides of the ball, and with a deeper backup roster as well.

NFL Picks: Ravens -3.0


Packers +3.0 vs. Patriots -3.0
Many NFL bettors and experts alike have this is down as a likely Super Bowl 50 clash. That’s why this matchup is garnering a lot of attention even though it’s a preseason game and the backups are sure to see the bulk of play time. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers O-line will look to get off the mark at a fast clip before ceding to the backups. Jimmy Garoppolo is sure to get as much time as possible in this game and with home advantage, the Patriots could eke out the victory over a highly touted Packers side. Then again, Belichick doesn’t put a lot of stock into preseason games.

NFL Picks: Packers +3.0


Jets +3.5 vs. Lions -3.5
The Jets and Lions should serve up a rather interesting contest in week 1 NFL preseason betting. Jets have lots of weapons on both sides of the ball but the quarterback situation does look dicey with Geno Smith and veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick. Lions may have lost some of their grit on defense but they still are a solid team on both sides of the ball. And they have the better offense in our opinion. Home advantage tips the scale towards the Lions on our NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Lions -3.5


Dolphins +1.0 vs. Bears -1.0
Ryan Tannehill and Jay Cutler square off in what should be an interesting preview of both these teams for the 2015-2016 NFL season. The Dolphins splashed cash in the offseason and picked up some heavyweights in the game while Bears are being entirely revamped under new coach John Fox. On the strength of the regulars, we fancy Dolphins in this game. However, the backups are sure to take over the bulk of this game so it’s anybody’s guess, really. Still, we’re backing the Dolphins.

NFL Picks: Dolphins +1.0


Redskins +2.0 vs. Browns -2.0
This matchup features a nightmare quarterback situation on both sides of the coin. Washington Redskins RGIII is sure to get some play time before ceding to his backups while Browns will have to divide play between Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel. None of the shot callers appear imposing enough to give either side the edge. This is a tossup for our NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Redskins +2.0


Cowboys +3.5 vs. Chargers -3.5
Dallas Cowboys descend on the San Diego Chargers in week 1 preseason betting, in what could turn out to be a blowout by the lightning Cowboys offense over a shaky Chargers defense. Based on last season, it’s somewhat surprising the Cowboys are disadvantaged so much against the spread that we’re loathe to pass up on the points for our NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Cowboys +3.5


Titans +2.5 vs. Falcons -2.5
One assumes Marcus Mariota will enjoy a lengthy debut in this game, seeing as he’ll need the experience for the coming season. Fortunately, Atlanta’s defense doesn’t exactly instil fear in the opposition so he could put in a solid deposit. Similarly, Titans defense looks quite soft at the moment, which should allow Falcons lightning offense to take advantage.

NFL Picks: Falcons -2.5


Panthers +3.0 vs. Bills -3.0
Bills defense under Rex Ryan should be formidable this season, but with the quarterback situation looking dicey it’s hard to back them on our NFL picks, even when it’s just a preseason game that’s sure to feature mostly backups. Cam Newton and the Panthers O-line have the edge while their defense is solid enough to handle EJ Manuel and the backups.

NFL Picks: Panthers +3.0


Steelers vs. Jaguars EVEN 
Why is this game EVEN? Granted Steelers are on the road for this game, but they are the better team on both sides of the ball, from regulars to backups. Aren't they?

NFL Picks: Steelers


Giants +3.0 vs. Bengals -3.0
The New York Giants will be keen to debut their offense and give Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. a few turns on the field. Will it be enough to take the game on the road? Giants tend to play well in the preseason while the Bengals blow hot and cold, one never knows what to expect. It’s a bit of a tossup but we like the points with the Giants. Fortune favours the brave, so they say.

NFL Picks: Giants +3.0


Rams +1.0 vs. Raiders -1.0
Can the Raiders get their 2015-2016 NFL warm-up campaign off to a positive start, underscoring the high expectations that precede them into the regular season? Perhaps, they can. It’s not a bad move on your NFL picks to take the home team with a 1-point spread to cover especially when neither teams seems to have major depth beyond the starters. For our money, we like the Rams though with Nick Foles set to make a debut for a few turns on the field and their stouter defense.

NFL Picks: Rams +1.0


Broncos +5.5 vs. Seahawks -5.5 
This is one of the highest spreads currently trading on the NFL odds board. One that actually opened around the 6-point mark in early preseason NFL betting markets across several sportsbook platforms. It’s the preseason, right? It comes across a bit brash and rich to give up that many points on the board. Peyton Manning and his fellow starters are sure to enjoy a brief stint against the Legion of Boom. Same goes for Russell Wilson and his cohorts. It could go either way, but with the points up for grabs we simply have to chance the Broncos. I

NFL Picks: Broncos +4.5


Niners +3.0 vs. Texans -3.0 
Houston Texans’ defense looks to be a real contender in the AFC this season, but their quarterback position is up in the air with Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallet and Tom Savage looking to duke it out for the starting role. San Francisco Niners are in transition and their defense may not be as formidable as it once was, but they still have Colin Kaepernick, who led the team to the Super Bowl in 2012 and the NFC Championship game in 2013. Everybody is selling the Niners short, predicting they’ll take a step backwards. We think they just might be better than most expect.

NFL Picks: Niners +3.0


Buccaneers +3.5 vs. Vikings -3.5
Jameis Winston is sure to debut against the Vikings in week 1 preseason NFL betting, a tough ask for the rookie quarterback. Vikings are a team on the rise and many NFL bettors expect great things from Teddy Bridgewater and company. Vikings are at home and they have more depth than the Bucs.

NFL Picks: Vikings -3.5


Chiefs +3.0 vs. Cardinals -3.0 
This should be a very interesting game on the NFL betting cards. Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles will have their hands full with the first-team defense of the Cardinals that proved to be one of the best in the league last season. It could be real battle of attrition between the starters. Once the game gives way to the backups, the Chiefs just might have the slight edge.

NFL Picks: Chiefs +3.0


Colts +4.0 vs. Eagles -4.0
A high-octane affair is on the NFL cards to close week 1 of preseason NFL betting. While the first team regulars are sure to play very little, they are sure to light up the board on both sides of the coin. Andrew Luck and the Colts have undeniably quality, which might mean taking the points with the Colts is the smart move. But as the preseason will feature mostly backups, we’re of the mind to back the Eagles here. Four points is steep for the preseason, but Chip Kelly’s made some bold moves in the offseason that could serve up the win/cover at home.

NFL Picks: Eagles 4.0

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