Free NFL Picks: Week 6 Early Leans for Each and Every Game

Swinging Johnson

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 3:22 PM UTC

Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015 3:22 PM UTC

Let's focus our attention on what the NFL odds makers are hanging for Week 6 of the NFL season & get out in front it early to pick off the best lines before it is too late.

Falcons -3 (-125) vs. Saints
The contrarians will tell you that the Saints getting points at home against a Falcons team that looked underwhelming in victory over the Redskins is a value. I am here to tell you that those Washington Redskins have a legitimate defense while New Orleans ranks dead last in total yards allowed per game. Play the Falcons in your NFL picks.


Broncos (-4) vs. Cleveland
It's hard to believe the Broncos are A) undefeated and B) 4-1 ATS. But the fact is they keep doing it and even covered the 5 ½ point impost that the NFL odds makers were hanging last week when they edged the Raiders 16-10. Here they continue their road swing and meet the Brownies that rallied from a 12-point deficit to beat a Ravens team in overtime and on the road that they had lost to on 13 of 14 previous occasions. That was the Browns' Super Bowl and Week 6 looks like a letdown. Play the Broncos.


Bengals vs. Bills (+2 ½)
The Bengals may have shot their load last week against the Seahawks while the Bills cannot be happy about the way they performed in edging a cellar dweller in Tennessee with a rookie QB under center. Bills make a correction at home and beat a legitimate playoff team...finally. Play the Bills in your NFL picks.


Chiefs vs. Vikings (-3 ½)
The Chiefs lost more than just a game last week, they lost their franchise as Jamaal Charles exits stage right courtesy of yet another injury to derail yet another season. The Vikings have had two weeks to prepare and the Chiefs look as though they are in disarray. Play the Vikings.


Texans (-1) vs. Titans
I continue to believe that this Texans defense will eventually come around and be the one we all salivated over when we thought about JJ Watt partnered with Vince Wilfork and Jadeveon Clowney. The Texans have burned bettors on four of five occasions thus far this season but are they really as bad as the Jags? No, no they're not. Play the Texans.


Bears vs. Lions -2 ½ (-120)
Let's give the Bears credit for a gritty road win over the Chiefs which was the second of two consecutive victories. Okay, that's enough of that. The Lions will eventually get their offense on track against a lousy team and the Bears fit that description. Play the Lions.


Redskins (+6) vs. Jets
We all know the Jets have a top shelf defense but what many fail to realize is that the Redskins' defense ranks among the best as well. This looks like a grindy game that Washington will be able to hang around just enough to cash in our NFL picks. Play the Redskins.


Dolphins +3 (-120) vs. Titans
The Dolphins have had two weeks to think about just how bad their season has gone and now have to answer to a taskmaster in new head coach Dan Campbell who took over for the recently fired Joe Philbin. Titans laying points? No way, take the Fish.


Panthers (+7) vs. Seahawks
So the undefeated Panthers have two weeks to prepare for the 2-3 Seahawks and the NFL odds makers have found it in their hearts to give them a touchdown head start? Let me ask you a question. If this Seattle team was named the Portland Phantoms or any other name you can think of other than the Seattle Seahawks would the oddsmakers be so generous? Ah, I think not. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Play the Panthers.


Chargers (+10) vs. Packers
Let's face it the Pack was lucky to cover last week against the Rams and Aaron Rodgers finally looked mortal at home. The public will bet that Rodgers will redeem himself but I think the Bolts have enough to make this a game. Play the Chargers.


Ravens vs. 49'ers (+2 ½)
Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are not walking through that door Ravens' fans as this edition bears no resemblance to their punishing past. The 49'ers showed signs of life last week against the Giants and get their second win of the season. Play the Niners.


Patriots (-7 ½) vs. Colts
Tom Brady's F*** You Tour continues with its next stop - Indianapolis. If you don't think this scorched earth policy is for real then think again as Brady and Belichick want to lay waste to anyone in their path. The Pats are undefeated and now meet the team that allegedly caused the whole Deflategate fiasco. New England is comin' and bringin' hell with them. Play the Patriots.


Giants vs. Eagles (-3 ½)
The Eagles were finally the team we all believed them to be at the beginning of the season when they crushed the Saints last week 39-17 while the Giants needed a miracle catch to defeat the lowly Niners. Somethin' tells me I'm into somethin' good. Play the Eagles.


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