Free NFL Picks: Week 5 Early Leans for All 14 Games

Swinging Johnson

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 4:47 PM UTC

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015 4:47 PM UTC

Bye weeks are already here as we turn our attention to what the NFL odds makers are hanging for Week 5 of the NFL season & make some early picks.

Colts vs. Texans (No Line)
The NFL odds makers are reluctant to hang a line on this one as Andrew Luck’s status is still in question. Assuming he does show up I am unsure how that partial separation in his shoulder will hold up but even if Luck is in the pocket JJ Watt will make him wish he wasn’t.
Early NFL Pick: Play the Texans.


Jaguars vs. Bucs (-3)
Jacksonville is a gritty bunch this season getting blown out by the Patriots but hanging tough in their other three games. The Bucs don’t scare me and if the Jags can cover the number on the road against Indy, they can stay close or win in Tampa. Take the Jags.
Early NFL Pick: Jaguars +3


Bills (-2 ½) vs. Titans
The Bills are banged up with LeSean McCoy sidelined for the next four weeks and Sammy Watkins questionable as of this writing. Nevertheless the Bills will not commit 17 penalties this week as they did last and will bounce back against a Titans squad that came up short last week. Play the Bills.
Early NFL Pick: Bills -2.5


Browns vs. Ravens (-6 ½)
While Baltimore is not the Super Bowl contenders they have been don’t you just get the feeling that they are ready to dispense a good ol’ fashioned ass whoopin’? And who better to smack around than a divisional rival like the Cleveland Browns? Ravens roll…big. Lay the points.
Early NFL Pick: Ravens -6.5


Redskins vs. Falcons (-7 ½)
Statistically the Redskins are not nearly as bad as you would believe. They rank 1st in rushing, 2nd in rushing yards allowed and 9th in passing yards allowed. I think the Falcons will overlook the ‘Skins and Washington will make this one close. Play Washington in your NFL picks.
Early NFL Pick: Redskins +7.5


Bears vs. Chiefs (-9)
Arrowhead Stadium is a daunting prospect for any visiting team but it becomes even more so when you flat out suck. Though the Chiefs don’t scare me their fans do which is why KC will have their way with the Bears and roll to victory. Play the Chiefs.
Early NFL Pick: Chiefs -9


Saints vs. Eagles (-5)
Who would have thought that the Eagles would be 1-3 after four weeks into the season? With all his offseason shenanigans Chip Kelly put himself on a limb and it appears that the bough is breaking. Saints have been in every game and notched their first win last week over Dallas. Lookin’ for a cool Brees in Philly. Play the Saints.
Early NFL Pick: Saints +5


Rams vs. Packers (-9)
The Rams are tough to figure out. They remind me of the chick that looks good in a certain light and then turns a particular way and you wonder where the hot chick went. St. Louis defeated Seattle in their opener then lost to the Redskins the following week. Say what?! They upset Arizona last week and I highly doubt they have another one in them this week. Green Bay rolls over a contented Rams squad. Play the Packers.
Early NFL Pick: Packers -9


Seahawks vs. Bengals (-2 ½)
Andy Dalton is for real and so are the Bengals this season. The Seahawks were lucky to beat Detroit Monday night and now have to travel half way across the country on a short week. No thank you, I will take the Cats to flex their muscles in front of the home crowd and send the Hawks home cryin’. Play the Bengals.
Early NFL Pick: Bengals -2.5


Cardinals (-3) vs. Lions
The Cardinals lost last week and the Lions should have won. As the season rolls on there is more game footage available for coaches to study. Perhaps the Cards have been exposed and their record is more of a desert mirage than an indicator of how just good this team is this year. Plus, Detroit looks like they might be poised to make a run after the way they hung with Seattle Monday night. I like the Lions plus the points.
Early NFL Pick: Lions +3


Patriots (-9) vs. Cowboys
The Evil Genius with two weeks to prepare and his loyal minions fresh off a bye week? Oh my, Dallas looks like the latest victim of Tom Brady’s F*** You Tour. Lay the points and play the Pats.
Early NFL Pick: Patriots -9


Broncos (-5) vs. Raiders
The Raiders are better than they used to be while the same cannot be said of the Broncos. The Black and Silver could score an upset here but I will take the head start that the NFL odds makers are giving me. Play the Raiders.
Early NFL Pick: Raiders +5


49ers vs. Giants (-7)
I guess the Giants are pretty good after all? Despite their 0-2 start Big Blue scored a win over Washington and then stunned the Bills on the road last week which was a very big deal. And why would you play the 49ers? Did they show you anything with the three points they scored last week or the 107 they have allowed over the last three weeks? I know laying seven with the Giants feels a bit like French kissing your sister but if the price was right you might do it? Of course you would! Play the Giants.
Early NFL Pick: Giants -7


Steelers vs. Chargers (-3)
The Steelers will enjoy 10 days of rest since their Thursday night heartbreaker to the Ravens in which they dropped a 23-20 decision. Watch for Mike Tomlin to unleash the hounds and blitz Phillip Rivers all afternoon long to take away his passing attack. Pittsburgh will concede the rush but keep Rivers on his back. Play the Steelers in your NFL picks.
Early NFL Pick: Steelers +3

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