Free NFL Picks: Week 11 Leans for Each & Every Game on Ticket

Swinging Johnson

Sunday, November 22, 2015 1:33 PM UTC

Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015 1:33 PM UTC

Let's focus our attention on what the NFL odds makers are hanging for this week and get out in front of it to include them in our Week 11 NFL picks.

Titans vs. Jaguars (-3)
Okay so this game has already been decided. However if my prediction on this one earlier this week, which you can read here, is any indication of how this weekend will go in our NFL picks then I am one happy camper...and you will be too. Yes, I took the Jags.


Redskins vs. Panthers (-7)
Washington is getting slightly overvalued here because they put up a season high 47 points last week over a Saints team that throws 11 guys on defense only because they have to do something until they can get the ball back to Drew Brees. The Panthers, on the other hand, actually have a legitimate defense that causes fumbles, picks off passes and gets the quarterback's uniform nice and dirty. I think the Panthers as seven point favorites would be the right line if they were in DC...but at home? C'mon, don't overthink this one and bet the Panthers.


Raiders (Pick) vs. Lions
So let's simplify. The Raiders are on their way to becoming a good team. They finally have a bona fide QB in Derek Carr and the pieces of the puzzles are at least there but it will be a few years before they fully come together. On the other hand the Lions just won their Super Bowl in delivering an 18-16 loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau. Detroit still stinks, they were just doused with cologne last week, but the fragrance has already worn off. Play the Raiders.


Cowboys (-1) vs. Dolphins
The whole "Romo is back" thing is overblown this week. The man has not thrown a pass in anger in two months and will not suddenly light the world on fire. However, because I am that down on the Dolphins and their micromanagement of Ryan Tannehill I believe Dallas can win this one on the road. The rest of the Boyz will be playing a little bit harder knowing TR is back under center and Dez Bryant is there to catch what he's throwing. Play the Cowboys.


Colts (+5 ½) vs. Falcons
Me thinks this Falcons squad is getting exposed as the mediocre club that they actually are as opposed to the NFC powerhouse they pretended to be earlier in the season. They are a paper tiger indeed and even though the Colts will go with 40-year-old Matt Hasselbeck due to Luck's injury he's a better backup option than most around the league. The Colts can keep this one close. Play Indy.


Rams vs. Ravens (-2 ½)
I'm quickly falling out of love with the Rams. It's like that girl that you couldn't take your eyes off at the party with her soft, silky hair, silly little laugh and long, luscious lashes. Well, you begin to date and you find out the lashes are fake, the laugh is obnoxious and the hair is a wig. Yes, the Ravens are a mess this season but this is a game they win. Play Baltimore.


Jets vs. Texans (+3)
This is a tale of two cities - New York and Houston - both traveling down different paths as the season rounds the far turn. One city is turning into a ghetto while the other is trying desperately to become somewhat gentrified. Get yourself uptown and back the Texans.


Packers (+1) vs. Vikings
I don't know what Faustian deal Aaron Rodgers made but it appears his end of the bargain is coming due as the Packers have dropped two-in-a-row. Rodgers is not getting any protection from his offensive line but something will change because a team doesn't go from contender to pretender in just a few weeks. I cannot see Green Bay losing three consecutive games but then again who saw them losing to the Lions?! Nevertheless, in Aaron We Trust. Back the Pack.


Bucs vs. Eagles (-5 ½)
The Eagles have been as mercurial as this season has been enigmatic. It's hard to figure which team will show up and if all that preseason promise of Chip Kelly's wheeling and dealing will ever be fully realized. I'm not sure about that but I don't believe the Bucs have the chops to come into Philly and keep this one within a touchdown. Play the Eagles.


Broncos vs. Bears (+1)
We all recall when the Broncos were winning every game and covering the NFL odds in doing so but it all looked like smoke and mirrors. Every call, bounce and lost fumble seemed to go Denver's way. But we knew that winning streak, and Peyton's arm, would come to an end. It has and don't let their legacy fool you or their 7-2 record. The Bears are now showing life and the Broncos are ready to swoon. Play Chicago.


Bengals vs. Cardinals (-4 ½)
You can never trust Dandy Andy and the Bengals can you? Sure they're good for a decent regular season record but we all know where they're headed in the postseason. I will say that their undefeated record until last week was more than we expected. Now it's a regression towards the mean. Arizona is what the Bengals want to be but they will find no oasis in this desert. Play the Cardinals.


49'ers (+13 ½) vs. Seahawks
This is not the Seattle team of the last few years. The Legion of Boom no longer strikes fear into the hearts of slot receivers crossing the middle and their offense is now even more one dimensional than it was before. The Niners have a new QB and a new attitude. They're still not good but at least they're playing with a renewed sense of purpose. Play the Niners.


Chiefs vs. Chargers
This is my Game of the Week. Click here to read all about it.


Bills (+7) vs. Patriots
I'm not sure if the public understands how injured this New England team has become. They lost two of the most crucial elements of their offense in Dion Lewis and Julian Edelman while their offensive line has been decimated by injuries. The Bills could very easily keep this one close or dare I say...ruin their undefeated season?! Play the Bills.

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