Free NFL Picks: Week 10 Winning ATS Bets for Each & Every Game

Swinging Johnson

Saturday, November 14, 2015 11:37 PM UTC

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015 11:37 PM UTC

Let's focus our attention on what the NFL odds makers are hanging for this week and get out in front of it to include them in our Week 10 NFL picks.

Bills (+3) vs. Jets
Yes, this was written after the game above but just to prove how wild I was about the Bills click here. This is just the start of a perfect Week 10 in my NFL picks.


Lions vs. Packers (-10 ½)
The moon and stars are aligning perfectly for a lashing at Lambeau. Green Bay has dropped two consecutive games to AFC powerhouses Denver and Carolina and needless to say Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will not be happy when they return to the frozen tundra. It's a Detroit breakdown -Motor City shakedown.

NFL Pick: Play the Pack.


Cowboys (+1) vs. Bucs
Dez Bryant is back in uniform and Matt Cassel seems to be getting better. I'm not willing to anoint Jameis Winston a Cowboy killer just yet.

NFL Pick: Back the Boyz.


Panthers vs. Titans (+4)
If there is ever a trap game for the Panthers this is it. Cam Newton was Superman last week in defeating the Packers but he will be Clark Kent on Sunday in Tennessee. Cats are not as good as you think and the Titans are much better...than you think.

NFL Pick: Play the home dog Titans.


Bears vs. Rams (-6 ½)
The Rams are a Game of the Week play for me and I wrote as much here. Cutler and the Bears won their Super Bowl last week in defeating the Dolts. Rams defense shuts them down cold in St. Louis.

NFL Pick: Play the Rams.


Saints (+1) vs. Redskins
Neither defense will scare you thus we turn our attention to the offenses where we have a future Hall-of-Famer in Drew Brees versus the answer to a trivia question sometime in the future in Kirk Cousins. Guess who I'm betting on? 

NFL Pick: Back the Saints.


Dolphins vs. Eagles (-5 ½)
Dan Campbell is realizing that even the best jockey can't get a nag into the winner's circle. Perhaps that guy Philbin wasn't so bad after all based on the two ass-kickings the Fish have received courtesy of divisional foes New England and Buffalo in consecutive weeks. Another beat down is waiting in the City of Brotherly Love.

NFL Pick: Play the Eagles.


Browns vs. Steelers (-5)
The Steelers may not be great but the Browns are pathetic. The NFL odds makers opened this one up as Pittsburgh -4 but it has soared to 6 in most offshore shops except Lay it, like it and cash it.

NFL Pick: Play the Steelers.


Jaguars (+5) vs. Ravens
And the 2-6 Ravens are favored by more than three points at home to anyone...why? Oh, because they're playing the Jaguars. Well don't snicker too much Joe Q. Public because the Jags have two lethal receivers in the Allen Twins (Mssrs. Robinson and Hurns) while the Ravens corners Ladarius Webb and Jimmy Smith have been a mess this season. I'm going with a burgeoning superstar in Blake Bortles. Okay, superstar might be overdoing it but the kid is getting better.

NFL Pick: Play the Jags.


Vikings (+3) vs. Raiders
This is a coin flip for me which is surprising because if you saw this one on the schedule back in July you would have circled a win for the Vikes. Derek Carr has been a boon to the Silver & Black but I'm grabbing the points in what I feel will be a game decided at the wire so why not grab the points?

NFL Pick: Play Minny.


Chiefs vs. Broncos (-4)
Will Peyton play? Are the Chiefs for real after destroying the Lions two weeks ago? Will the bye week mitigate the Mile High advantage for Denver? All these questions will be answered on Sunday. As to who will cover the number? The Broncos of course!

NFL Pick: Play Denver.


Patriots vs. Giants (+7 ½)
I'm not sure what kind of a spell Tom Coughlin has over Bill Belichick but he has been routinely successful in defeating the Evil Genius and his band of Patriots. The G-Men are capable of putting beaucoup points on the board and are at home against a team they have defeated in two Super Bowls during the Belichick Era. Sure the Patriots are undefeated but if they lose a game this season it's this Sunday which is why the touchdown head start looks mighty appealing.

NFL Pick: Play the Giants.


Cardinals (+3) vs. Seahawks
I'm looking forward to this game because it will tell me who is a contender and who is a pretender. Now I'm not stranger to danger but this one scares me. When in doubt, take the points.

NFL Pick: Play the Cardinals.


Texans (+11) vs. Bengals
Houston no longer has a quarterback controversy with Brian Hoyer taking the Rams after Ryan Mallett was cut loose. The Texans have won two of their last three games and though the Bengals are clicking on all cylinders I believe Houston can hang tough enough with the generous head start. Let's back the travelin' pup.

NFL Pick: Play the Texans +11.

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