Free NFL Picks: Broncos vs. Patriots Prop Betting Guide

Nikki Adams

Thursday, October 30, 2014 6:06 PM UTC

Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014 6:06 PM UTC

To add to your NFL betting thrills in this much-anticipated showdown between two of the most popular quarterbacks and teams in the league, respectively, we’ve taken a look at several NFL prop bets for you to spot on your weekend NFL betting ticket. Find out what NFL picks we’ve delivered here.

Broncos vs. Patriots Game Props
It’s a veritable buffet laid out for NFL bettors in Game Props for the marquee billing between the Broncos and Patriots. Anything and everything is fair game on the football betting exchange – from how many touchdowns each team is going to score to which players will score, from team totals to teams to score in both halves, from longest touchdown to longest field goal, from highest scoring half to winning margin, and much, much more. We’ve sifted through the lot and collated some of the Game Props that offer the best value for your NFL picks.

First and Second Half Props
New England Patriots and Denver Broncos top the charts in first half scoring this season. Patriots are in first place with an average of 17.8 points per game while the Broncos nip at their heels with 17.3 points per game. In their last three games, the Patriots have averaged 22.7 points per game while the Broncos have averaged 17.3 points per game.

Breaking down those numbers further, both the Patriots and Broncos have benefited from strong second quarters this season. The Patriots are third in 2 quarter offense charts with an average of 11.8 points while the Broncos are atop the standings with 12.0-points.

Given these numbers, the NFL props that spring to mind include betting on the highest scoring half and highest scoring quarter. You can back the first half at -138 over the second half at +115 on your NFL prop picks at Bet365. A tie is trading at a tempting +1600, which could very well prove the case seeing as both sides are neck-and-neck in second quarter scoring on average this season.

Another NFL prop for this game that would appear to offer value is predicting the highest scoring quarter. Given the trends in the second quarter between both sides, backing the second quarter to produce the most points at +150 at Bet365 would appear to be the value NFL pick.

Finally, the NFL prop ‘teams to score in every quarter’ is an intriguing prop that is worth considering. Broncos are matched at +200 while the Patriots are matched at +175 to score in each and every quarter of this game. Given the quality of both quarterbacks and the scoring frenzy expected by and large, this could be a profitable bet. Patriots scored in each and every quarter in the last two weeks against the Jets and the Bears. They could prove the savvychoice for your NFL picks at +175 to score in each and every quarter against the Broncos.

Double Result Prop
The disparity between the Broncos and the Patriots is in second half scoring. Denver is fifth in the league this season with an average of 14.7 points in the second half, which includes a whopping 18.7 points in their last three games. While the Patriots are 16th in the league in second half scoring with an average of 12.0-points per game, which includes a solid 15.7-points in their last three games.

Denver Broncos are widely considered fourth quarter Kings. Statistics show they’ve successfully held off teams in the fourth quarter when leading by one score 15 times over the past three seasons – only twice did they fail.

One NFL prop that falls in line with these stats is the Double Result. You can back Broncos to win both halves at +105 or New England Patriots to win first half and Denver Broncos to win second half at +700 (vice versa Broncos-Patriots at +800).

So there you have it, a few NFL props that bring additional angles for profit to your weekend NFL betting ticket. Check out the many NFL props available at your online sportsbook of choice.

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