Football Betting Life Hacks: Mobile Is Essential

Jason Lake

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 3:33 PM UTC

Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017 3:33 PM UTC

Timing is everything when you’re betting on football. If you want to get an edge with your picks, you’ll need a sportsbook (or several) with a great mobile platform.

Life is great when opportunity comes knocking on your door. That’s the tricky thing about betting on sports: The odds don’t come to your door, you have to go get them. We’ve got you covered at Sportsbook Review with our comprehensive NFL odds and NCAAF odds pages, but the lines you see listed here may have changed by the time you log into your betting account. Sometimes, you end up getting a better price. Sometimes you don’t.

Missing out on a sharp betting line is no fun. That’s why we attach extra importance to using a sportsbook that has a strong mobile platform, whether it’s web-based or an app. The more responsive the platform, the sooner you can make your football picks at the price you want. Why pay more?

Faster Is Better

Pouncing on those football lines is even more important when big news comes down the wire. A key injury can have a major impact on a game, sending the oddsmakers scurrying to change their lines as the market floods with eager bettors. If you can get in ahead of the market, you’ll have a big edge on the competition. It’s pretty much how all markets work.

Now that we’re in the Information Age, it’s critical to have that information at your fingertips. That’s why Sportsbook Review has a special page dedicated to mobile betting. We’ll tell you which books have the best mobile platforms (see Intertops and/or Youwager), rating them for ease of use and providing multiple screenshots so you can see ahead of time what you’re signing up for.

When you combine this football betting life hack with our recommendation to open accounts at multiple sportsbooks, you’ll be much more likely to get a good price on the games you’re betting. It’s getting harder and harder to stay ahead of the marketplace these days; if you want to be wired for success, make sure to put these hacks in your playbook.

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