Finding NFL Picks Value in Week 16 Opening Odds

Jordan Sharp

Monday, December 15, 2014 8:33 PM UTC

Monday, Dec. 15, 2014 8:33 PM UTC

With only two weeks of the regular season remaining, the NFL Odds are starting to heat up, and there is a ton of value this week. There are even a few Saturday games this week! Here is a small breakdown of what could be some of the better games for NFL Picks this week.

Eagles vs. Redskins
The first Saturday game is an important one for the Eagles, and the NFL Odds have them anywhere from -8 ½ to -10 favorites in Washington, D.C. this week. The total is also pretty high at 50 ½, but with the short week, and with both teams coming off of losses, this should be an entertaining game. It could be the Redskins and Robert Griffin III playing spoiler, or it could be the Eagles putting pressure on the Cowboys on Sunday, who also have a tough game of their own.


Chargers vs. 49ers
The second and final random Saturday game is the Chargers and 49ers, who like the two teams above, also lost in Week 15. Now the NFL Odds have the Chargers as +2 ½ underdogs, with a total of 41 ½. I think the Chargers are the team to look at in this game, because while the run game looked better last week, the Niners offense still has issues. If Phillip Rivers can bounce back from his bad game, San Diego is the team to look at with your NFL picks here.


Chiefs vs. Steelers
The first Sunday game that means a lot to the playoff standings is the Chiefs and Steelers. Pittsburgh comes in as a -3 favorite, with a total of 46 ½, and with the Bengals playing a tough game against the Broncos this week, if the Bengals lose and the Steelers can beat the Chiefs, they will be the leader in the only division that doesn’t have a winner already in the AFC. The Chiefs are also still very much alive for a wild card game, so this should be one of the better early games on Sunday.


Colts vs. Cowboys
The Colts have somehow wrapped up their division already, but they also have not looked good doing it. That could hurt them this week against the Cowboys, whom the NFL Odds have as -3 home favorites, with a total of 55 points. Dallas will have the luxury of knowing what the Eagles’ fate will be before Sunday, but it could mean pressure if the Eagles wax the Redskins in D.C. Plus, who knows what the Colts will do considering they already have won their division, and are a game back of having a bye currently.

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Seahawks vs. Cardinals
The Cardinals have clinched a playoff spot already, but they could lose their spot atop the division this week with a loss to the Seahawks. Also with quarterback issues, the NFL Odds have the Seahawks as a -7 ½ road favorite against Arizona, with a total of 37 points. I expect another game much like this past week’s Hawks and Niners game.


Broncos vs. Bengals
The Broncos are in one of the most interesting spots of the week. They will know what the Patriots and Colts have done already by their game on Monday evening, and while a loss here wouldn’t kill their bye chances, it might kill their home field chances. The NFL Odds have Denver as a -3 ½ road favorite in this one, with a total of 48 points. If Cincinnati’s defense can play the game of the year, they might win this game, but I wouldn’t count on it. Still I think these NFL Odds will move down some before Sunday.

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