Experience The Joys Of Beating The Prick

BTP Week 9

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 3:09 PM UTC

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016 3:09 PM UTC

If you haven't entered SBR's Beat the Prick contest, it's not too late. Each week 150,000 Betpoints are awarded so sign up and don't miss out on this awesome opportunity.

It's Not Too Late

We still have half the NFL regular season left, so of course it's not too late! There are games to be played and SBR Betpoints to be won. Yes, that's right every week SBR divides 150,000 Betpoints among all the contestants who had a better record for that week than the man we call the Prick. Each entrant picks five games. Those games can be all pro, all college, all sides, all totals or a combination thereof. The only sides or totals that you cannot choose are those events that the Prick has picked for himself. Every other game is up for grabs, so during an NFL and college football weekend there are plenty of games from which to choose.

It should be noted that SBR's end of year cash prizes are out of reach for any new contestants but those SBR Betpoints are fair game and make it worth your while to enter. Besides, is there anyone out there among us who doesn't relish the thought of beating the Prick?! He's a mean, ornery, self-professed handicapping expert who never met a bottle of Jack Daniels he didn't like or a shower that he did. All he needs is a bald head and the resemblance would be remarkable. We need all of you out there to beat this man into submission and retire him for good!


This Week's Prick's Picks

Each and every week the Prick makes a video revealing his NFL and/or college football picks for that week. Both the Prick and the contestants must make five picks with one pick being deemed a Best Bet and counting for double. So, if the Best Bet wins, it counts as +2 units but if it loses it counts as -2.20 units (assuming the vig is a flat 10 percent). Pretty simple stuff and last week the Prick went 3-2 and +1.92 units to the good. Therefore, every contestant who had better than +1.92 units got their share of the 150,000 Betpoints that were distributed last week.

This week the Prick has five more plays and they just happen to be all in the NFL. Let's take a look.

Under 51 Bucs/Falcons

Ravens -2 ½ over Pittsburgh

Lions +6 over Minnesota

Panthers -3 over Los Angeles

BEST BET: Over 43 Eagles/Giants

So that's it for another week of Beat the Prick. Make sure you sign up and get yours before it's too late. Remember, the Betpoints you win must be bet at the SBR sportsbook and once you win there, those points can be redeemed at the SBR store. However, you can try to increase your stash by betting at the SBR sportsbook, or you can gamble them at the SBR Casino to allow you increased purchasing power at the SBR store if you win. The choice is yours but before you do anything, make sure you sign up here and begin to experience the joys of beating the Prick!

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