Drew Brees Is The Chalkiest MVP Candidate For NFL Picks

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 1:29 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2016 1:29 PM UTC

The NFL oddsmakers are gearing up for another season of gridiron madness, and future prop wagering abounds. Here we take a look at some MVP long shots that could be worth a wager before the season kicks.

What are the Odds?
Aaron Rodgers +450
Ben Roethlisberger +650
Cam Newton +700
Russell Wilson +700
Tom Brady +1200
Andrew Luck +1400
Carson Palmer +1400
Eli Manning +2500
Drew Brees +3000
Adrian Peterson +4000
Todd Gurley +4000
Le'Veon Bell +4000
Andy Dalton +5000
Derek Carr +6000
JJ Watt +6000
Tony Romo +6000
Blake Bortles +7500
Rob Gronkowski +7500
Matt Ryan +9000
Eddie Lacy +9000
Antonio Brown +10,000
Brock Osweiler +10,000
Teddy Bridgewater +10,000
Jameis Winston +12,500
Marcus Mariota +12,500
Jay Cutler +12,500
Joe Flacco +12,500
Philip Rivers +12,500
Odell Beckham +12,500
Alex Smith +15,000
Jamaal Charles +15,000
Robert Griffin +25,000


The Best of the Longshots
Let's allow the chalk-eaters to include Aaron, Russell, Superman, Big Ben and Tom Terrific in their NFL picks for this 2016 MVP future prop wager at sportsbooks. We will mosey on down the line to the other names with considerably higher returns on our investment. Now I know what the old adage states - there is no value in losing - yet I am not quite so sure that these underdogs don't have more than just a little bite in them. Let's take a look at what the NFL odds and pick our own Fab Four, in which one could very well cash once the season is over and an MVP has been named.


Drew Brees +3000 - The Saints' quarterback is the chalkiest of my collection but Brees has been getting overlooked due to more than the occasional bout with mediocrity last season. Yet he is a two-time Offensive Player of the Year and even at the age of 37, can still sling it with the best of them. A pass-catching tight end like Coby Fleener will not only help pad his stats but allow his wideouts to get open more often. Though the Saints will need to succeed this season in order for DB to have a chance, we think he's worth a few bucks at this price.


Todd Gurley +4000 - Gurley is the next big thing and he is just waiting to bust right out from under Adrian Peterson's immense shadow. Todd Gurley missed three games last season and still had dynamite numbers despite an offensive line that embraced run blocking about as much as guys fancy dress shopping with their significant other. Of course, the main problem with betting Gurley is the fact that he plays for the Los Angeles Rams (definitely has a better ring to it than St. Louis Rams). The franchise's chances of making any noise in the postseason are narrow at best but Gurley could be the guy who carries his team on his back and shocks the world.


Derek Carr +6000 - Oakland's Derek Carr is often overlooked whether you're talking top tier QB's or fantasy football options. But now we're talking about a potential MVP candidate in his third year in the league who enjoys one of the finest offensive lines in front of him to help bolster those gaudy numbers he will put up this season. Carr had 32 TD passes in 2015 and racked up almost 4000 yards through the air. With flashy wideouts like Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree, as well as tight end Clive Walford, Carr will have solid options to choose from and could put up even bigger and better numbers than last season.


Antonio Brown +10,000 - No wide receiver has ever won the award but if that streak can ever be broken than why not the amazing Antonio Brown? I know what you're thinking so let me stop you there. Yes, if Brown has an MVP type season then so does Ben Roethlisberger, and we know QB's get all the love from the people who vote on such things. However, Big Ben is prone to injury and Antonio Brown can catch a pass from the hotdog vendor if he sees it coming his way so why not from a backup quarterback? Hey, placekicker Mark Mosely of the Washington Redskins won this award back in 1982 so why not take a shot at another unlikely candidate?

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