Detroit Lions Weekly Predictions and Overall Win Total Pick

Nikki Adams

Monday, August 4, 2014 9:36 PM UTC

Monday, Aug. 4, 2014 9:36 PM UTC

Detroit Lions have made some offseason changes that bode well. But have they gotten significantly better in order to make a serious run in the NFC North and, potentially, the playoffs? Find out as we preview the Lions’ NFL schedule and serve up our game-by-game projections and overall win totals NFL pick.

Detroit Lions have a shot
Many NFL pundits expect the Detroit Lions will finish above .500 this season, improving markedly on their 7-9 season which saw them finish just shy of that cut-off line. Their schedule is manageable – certainly not one of the toughest out there with only five games against last season’s playoff contenders – New Orleans, New England, Carolina and Green Bay (two game divisional series). Theoretically, eleven games are up for grabs if the Lions rise to the occasion.

Week 1 vs. New York Giants
Giants and Lions wrap up week 1 NFL betting with a Monday clash. Last season, the Lions suffered a gut wrenching defeat to the Giants in week 16, losing 23-20 in overtime. It was one of several defeats to mark the Lions’ complete and utter unravelling down the stretch, which prompted many wholesale changes in the offseason. It’s important the Lions win this game at home. Yet, it remains to be seen how well their changes come together against a fortified Giants in the offseason. This could go either way.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 2 @ Carolina Panthers
One of the league’s top defences last season is sure to test the Lions on the road in week 2. But the Lions can crank it up on offense. If there were a question mark, it would be Cam Newton and what form he’s going to enjoy. If Newton’s form is up to snuff, this will be a tough game for Lions to win on the road. The regular season is a month away, but Cam Newton himself has stressed he’s not at 100% going into training camp. This is another tossup, but we’re going with the Lions.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 3 vs. Green Bay Packers
Last season, the Lions embarrassed the Rodger-less Packers with a 40-10 win in Detroit. With Aaron Rodgers back in the fold, expect a much better offensive output by the Packers and a hard fought game by these divisional rivals. This could go either way, but if the Lions are going to contend for the NFC North title and playoffs, these are the types of games they need to win. Last season, they lost many close ones. This could be another such case.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 4 @ New York Jets
The Lions went 3-5 on the road last season while the Jets went 6-2 at home with a largely modest team on both sides of the ball. This term, the Jets look much better on the offensive side with Michael Vick, Eric Decker and Chris Johnson added on. This looms rather tricky.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 5 vs. Buffalo Bills
The Bills have made some improvements in the offseason that bode well; they are a team on the rise potentially. However, in this matchup they’ll be at the disadvantage. The Lions are better on both sides of the ball and should win this game handily.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 6 @ Minnesota Vikings
This is a game the Lions can take on the road. In fact, must win against a divisional rival if they are to enjoy a meaningful regular season and advance into the postseason. NFL betting expectations are low on the Vikings this season, despite boasting attractive offensive morsels such as Adrian Peterson. Lions were successful against Peterson last season, holding him down to below 100 yards. If they can do so again, they can take the win.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 7 vs. New Orleans Saints
This has the potential for a shootout between Drew Brees and Matthew Stafford. Both sides have potent offenses and could look to win the game by racking up points. Lions have home advantage, which could be the decider. Saints were beatable on the road last season, going 3-5 on the road.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 8 @ Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons were shockingly disappointing last season, finishing at the bottom of the pile with a 4-12 record. Will the Falcons be revitalised this season or will they revert to their abominable struggles last season. It won’t be a straightforward game, but the Lions could runaway winners here.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 9 - Bye


Week 10 vs. Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins descend on Detroit in week 10, following a bye week. The Lions will be well rested and raring to go against a side that looks to be destined for mediocrity this season. Lions defense should have a field day with Ryan Tannehill.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 11 @ Arizona Cardinals
The Cardinals went 10-6 last season yet finished third in a tough NFC West and narrowly missed the playoffs. In the eyes of many, the Cardinals are the value pick to win the NFC West division this season. This is going to be a tough game for the Lions to take on the road.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 12 @ New England Patriots
Tom Brady and Company are tough to beat at home. They were a perfect 8-0 last season, one of handful of teams to finish the regular season undefeated at home. If the Lions are to take the shock win on the road, the defense would have to play a perfect game against one of the best quarterbacks in today’s game. Easier said than done.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 13 vs. Chicago Bears
Jay Cutler and his Bears descend on Detroit looking for redemption after losing both games last season. They lost 40-32 in Detroit and 21-19 in Chicago. Can NFL bettors trust Cutler to step up to the plate? We think not. The Lions should take the straightforward home victory against their divisional rivals.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 14 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Last season, the Lions fell apart down the stretch. One of the games they lost narrowly was the Tampa Bay clash on home turf. Expect the Lions to seek redemption in this one before their fans as they make a concentrated push down the stretch towards the offseason. It’s worth reminding NFL fans: the Lions haven’t won a game in December three years running now. If this trend rears its ugly head again, it’ll spell disaster. We’re going to be optimistic for a change.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 15 vs. Minnesota Vikings
Just like the first meeting between these two sides, this should go the way of the Lions. Detroit simply has more options on both sides of the ball than the Vikings do.
Free NFL Pick: Win


Week 16 @ Chicago Bears
A trip to the windy city in the middle of December is going to be challenging for the Lions. Lions should win this game – they are better on both sides of the ball. Bears could just squeak by with a victory to split the series.
Free NFL Pick: Loss


Week 17 @ Green Bay Packers
Finishing the season against the Packers’ high-octane offense on the road isn’t ideal. Especially, if a playoff berth hangs in the balance. Packers won’t be easy to beat at home. The Lions would need a perfect game on both sides of the ball to accomplish the feat. Last season, they didn’t even come close, losing 22-9 in October. Considering the blistering conditions, it’s hard to imagine they would do so here.
Free NFL Pick: Loss

NFL Betting Verdict
According to our way-too-early NFL Picks, we have the Lions clocking the regular season at a low of 6-10 and a high of 9-7 wins, give or take a few close ones that could go either which way on the board. Indeed, sportsbooks seem to prevaricate similarly, chalking the line at 8.5 wins but with both the Over and Under NFL Odds trading a smidgen apart, at -110 and -120, respectively, pinpointing the Lions seems to be quite the challenge. 

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