Denver Broncos Super Bowl Odds

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 8:16 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014 8:16 PM UTC

There are less than four days to go until the kick off of the Super Bowl, and even with a large amount of time left before kickoff, there are still good NFL Odds value across the board.

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Let’s take a look at where the Broncos sit right now, and what kind of NFL Odds movement they have seen over the last three or four days.

Public vs. Sharp money

Before the weekend, the Broncos were taking almost all of the money being wagered on this game. In my NFL Odds update I did this past Friday, the Broncos were taking nearly 80% of all the money being wagered. However that has changes over the weekend. After starting as -2 ½ favorites over the weekend, the Broncos are now -2, and only getting about two thirds of the money.

Even though they still are taking a big amount of the money, some large bets came in over the weekend which affected the spread. The Seahawks have over four times the amount of $1000 or higher bets, and that tends to mean that the sharps are on the Hawks.

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If that is the case, and you still want to fade Seattle, then waiting for another few days for the NFL Odds to imprive might be the play. Denver’s moneyline odds have dropped from -140 to -130, and even lower I some instances. If you were looking for a good Broncos moneyline price but missed out on them as underdogs, wait another day or so to see if the trend of Seattle wagering continues. If it does, you will likely see a much better moneyline price on the Broncos.

The total is a number that has stood still for the most part, however there are a couple of books that have lowered the number past the current settled price of 47 points. Books like BetOnline have the total at 46 ½, and this could be another after-effect from the large amount of Seahawks betting over the weekend. The total will likely go under if the Hawks get the win.

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