Colts a Worthy Bet for Super Bowl Picks? Depends on Seedings

David Lawrence

Thursday, December 11, 2014 2:53 PM UTC

Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014 2:53 PM UTC

There are just a few precious NFL betting opportunities remaining for teams to secure not only playoff spots, but higher and more favorable seedings in the playoffs. What will the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans be able to achieve in the coming weeks?

Who’s In Contention?
The Houston Texans are 7-6, on the edge of contention but needing three wins to have a realistic shot at the playoffs. Other wild card hopefuls are 8-5 and have manageable schedules. Houston has to run the table to climb past Baltimore, San Diego and Pittsburgh, plus other 7-6 teams if they make a push toward the postseason. The Indianapolis Colts are the realistic hope for the AFC South in terms of winning the Super Bowl. The Colts are in control of the division and have a very good chance of hosting a playoff game. They are also hoping that the Denver Broncos will stumble down the stretch. More will be said about that shortly.


Can The Texans Win It All?
With Ryan Mallett and Ryan Fitzpatrick having been their quarterbacks this season, the Texans just don’t have much of a shot at winning it all. However, if this team can put together three great games in the next three weeks, it will make the playoffs and have an outside chance at a home game as division champion. The Texans play the Colts this weekend, so if they win, they would move one game behind Indianapolis. If they then beat Baltimore in week 16 and had the Colts lose at Dallas, which is very possible, they would move into a tie heading into week 17. Houston plays Jacksonville in week 17, so the Texans would be able to get past that NFL betting test and force Indianapolis to beat Tennessee to maintain a tie. The schedule isn’t easy, but Houston will get its chance to play its way into the playoffs. The Texans would then be able to release J.J. Watt against every opposing quarterback they’d face. That’s not a bad thing at all; consider it while looking over the NFL odds.


Can The Colts Win It All?
With Andrew Luck at quarterback, the Colts are capable of greatness. Can they play consistently enough to get to the Super Bowl, though? The real key for Indianapolis is to get the second seed in the AFC playoffs. Getting that seed would put the Colts away from New England, the likely top seed. Indianapolis wants to avoid the Patriots as long as humanly possible. The Colts also want the first-round bye which belongs to the second seed. Since the Colts lost to Denver this season, they would need Denver to lose twice down the stretch, but Denver is at San Diego and Cincinnati, which means two Bronco losses are very possible. Basically, if Denver does lose twice and the Colts do get the second seed, you would be justified in making Indianapolis your NFL pick to win the Super Bowl. If the Colts don’t get that second seed, though, you really shouldn’t trust them on the road in the divisional round against New England or Denver.

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