Coaching Changes NFL Bettors Should be Aware of

Jordan Sharp

Monday, February 17, 2014 7:02 PM UTC

Monday, Feb. 17, 2014 7:02 PM UTC

The life of an NFL head coach is not an easy one. Every year there is constant turnover, and if you don’t produce results, you’re stay in a particular city is going to be short. There were seven coaching changes in the NFL this offseason, and all of them will have a big impact on the ATS value for the teams.

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Cleveland Browns – Mike Pettine

The Browns hired former Bills defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine to lead their club, and then almost immediately after the hire, they fired their GM and promoted Ray Farmer into the position. Talk about high turnover. Pettine is inheriting a pretty good defense, but a horrific offensive situation outside of Josh Gordon. This is a two to three year rebuilding process, and the Browns can’t even keep the same people in a job for three years, so a rebuild is unlikely.

Minnesota Vikings – Mike Zimmer

Zimmer took the job in Minnesota, and the only thing on his mind other than a revamped defense is a quarterback. Minnesota desperately needs a QB, and with Zimmer being a defensive guy, Norv Turner will lead the offense. That division has good quarterback play, and to run a Turner system, the Vikes are going to probably need to grab a QB in the draft or through a trade.

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Detroit Lions – Jim Caldwell

To me this is the most questionable signing of the entire offseason. Caldwell just spent a year making the Super Bowl Champion Ravens’ offense look garbage, and even though he was instrumental in replacing Cam Cameron back in Baltimore’s Super Bowl run, the Ravens’ 2013 was forgettable. Now he is tasked to make Matt Stafford take another step, and I don’t think either of them are up to it.

Tennessee Titans – Ken Whisenhunt

The Titans probably won the offseason-coaching lottery by nailing Whisenhunt. The Lions looked like his destination, but now he is the headman in Nashville. At times Jake Locker looks like a good quarterback, but he has been injured so much through two years the book is still out. It looks as if Whisenhunt will give him a shot to start, though, and of all these teams, I think the Titans are probably going to be the best ATS value.

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Washington Redskins – Jay Gruden

The Skins took a piece of the 2013 Bengals as well this offseason naming Gruden as their head guy. He too has a very tough task of turning Robert Griffin III into an elite quarterback worthy of his draft position, along with fixing a broken defense in DC. If Gruden is anything like his brother as a head coach, Washington has nothing to worry about.

Houston Texans – Bill O’Brien

The Texans were the only team to dip into the college ranks this offseason, as they nabbed former Penn State headman, Bill O’Brien. I think the question at this point is not if the Texans will take a quarterback. The question is if they don’t trade out of the spot, which quarterback are they taking. Case Keenum, nor the former starter Matt Schaub are the answer.

Tampa Bay Bucs – Lovie Smith

Lovie Smith was only out of a job for one year before getting an opportunity to coach the Bucs this season. Smith is going to bring that defense up a notch, and with the Bucs adding Jeff Tedford, it looks as if they are headed in the right direction. Anything might be better than Greg Schiano and that staff infection from last season.

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