Chargers’ 2017 Schedule: Welcome to L.A.

Jason Lake

Saturday, April 22, 2017 10:21 PM UTC

Saturday, Apr. 22, 2017 10:21 PM UTC

The Los Angeles Chargers are playing at a soccer field this year. Will anyone show up? Judging by these football odds, it could be a long year for the transplanted Bolts.

God bless the AFC West. Half the teams are playing in temporary digs this year; the Oakland Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas at some point, and the San Diego Chargers are now the Los Angeles Chargers – except they’ll be playing in Carson, at the home venue of the LA Galaxy. It’s a football stadium, sure, but it’s the other kind of football. And it only seats 27,000 people.

The Chargers might not have to worry about low capacity. One year after crapping out at 5-11 SU and 7-9 ATS, they’ll be competing with the Los Angeles Rams for support. The Rams have a much deeper history in La-La Land than the Bolts, who spent just one year at the Coliseum before moving to San Diego in 1961. And the NFL odds don’t inspire much confidence in these Johnny-come-latelys; at +7500 on the Super Bowl futures market, the Chargers might see more fans wearing the opposition’s colors this year. Just check out this stacked schedule:

Not exactly a warm welcome. They’ve got the other three teams in the AFC West, each of whom posted a winning record last year. They’ve got the NFC East, which also had three winning teams. And they’ve got the AFC East, which contains the defending champion New England Patriots. Good luck with that.

Here’s something for diehard Chargers fans to look forward to: They’ve been given the easiest “remaining” schedule in the entire division. Their other two games are on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 11, and at home against the Cleveland Browns in Week 13. So they probably won’t end up going 0-16 in their return to L.A.

The Chargers also have a promising new head coach in Anthony Lynn, who was the interim head coach with the Buffalo Bills after they fired Rex Ryan in late December. The former running back has drawn praise everywhere he’s gone, and he might be able to fix what ails the Chargers in that department – but unless they draft some healthy offensive linemen, it could be a while before Lynn can transform this team into a viable NFL pick.

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