Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos: Betting Props For Superbowl

Joe Catalano

Monday, February 1, 2016 5:47 PM UTC

Monday, Feb. 1, 2016 5:47 PM UTC

The biggest sporting event in the world is Super Bowl 50. See our selection in the ever favorite Super Bowl Props as it offers a wide variety of props to choose from.

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1.Will Ted Ginn Drop a Pass?

Yes- 120

No- 120

Ginn is not an every down receiver and is used on fake passes, therefore his opportunities will be limited. That said, the Denver Broncos defense is ferocious and every catch will be a tough one.

Prop Pick: Yes- 120


2. Which will be higher? DeMarcus Cousins points + rebounds or Cam Newton rushing yards.

Cam Newton rushing yards -150

DeMarcus Cousing Points +Rebounds- +110

Boogie Cousins is a 25 plus point 10 plus rebound per game player and on Super Bowl day, he'll be playing the Boston Celtics, which appears to be an easy matchup. He could max out at about 40 to 45. The odds favor Cam for a reason and DeMarcus Ware will have Cam running all day long.

Prop Pick: Cam Newton rushing yards -150


3. What will be higher,Tiger Woods 1st round score at this week's tournament or Emmanuel Sanders receiving yards?

Woods -120

Sanders -120

On a normal day, Woods should hit anywhere from a 68 to a 75 and they're basically asking if Sanders will catch near 100 passing yards. First, we have to worry about Manning. If Denver wins this game, I'm thinking it will be off of their defense and Peyton's numbers won't be enormous. Peyton also has his leading receiver in Demaryius Thomas. Tiger Woods is the sport pick.

Prop Pick:Tiger Woods -120


4. Will Peyton Manning be seen crying at any point during the telecast?

No -1200

Yes +600

Best case sceanrio for him is if he wins and retires (he's expected to retire). We could see wetness, but not actually crying. We'll leave that to Archie Manning. No is the easy answer.

Prop Pick: No -1200 at Bovada


5. Will the announcers mention that Kubiak was Elway's backup during the broadcast?

Yes -120

No -160

If Denver wins, I think it will be mentioned and if the Broncos lose, there won't be a peep about it. I like Denver's defense in this game and i think that they're going to upset Carolina.

Prop Pick: Yes -120


6. Will Mike Carey be wrong on a challenged Play?


Yes- 145

Carey is fairly spot on as a former referee and the odds here are decent. No is the easy answer for this Super Bowl pick.

Prop Pick: No -190


7. When the Panthers score their first touchdown, will they give the football to a boy or a girl?

Boy -200

Girl- +150

Great odds for a girl, but we don't even know if a ball will be handed out as this game is played at a neutral site and the circumstances of the game (close or blowout). If a ball is handed out, it's the boy that always looks for the football and the boy shall receive.

Prop Pick: Boy -200


Will Peyton Manning throw a Pick 6 in this game?

No -500

Yes -300

Peyton has gotten back on track by eliminating mistakes and his numbers haven't been huge, but the turnovers have been limited. A simple no is the answer and the Super Bowl odds prove this.

Prop Pick: No -500


8. Will Peyton Manning announce his retirement after the game?

No -1000

Yes +500

This is a tricky prop as some might say yes. Even if the Broncos win, Peyton will keep that decision in his back pocket. He told Bill Belichick that this might be his "last rodeo", but I don't expect Peyton to crack just yet.

Prop Pick: No -1000


9.Will the Panthers Run for 100 yards or more for a 32nd consecutive game?

Yes -500

No +300

I implore you not to put the house on this, but Denver's defense is the best. If one scenario came up in which Carolina didn't crack the century mark, it would be this game and I like the odds. Make a small bet on the no.

Prop Pick: No +300


10. Which Coach will be mentioned first after kickoff?

Ron Rivera -120

Gary Kubiak -120

Ron Rivera has done everything by the book and has had a near perfect season coaching an MVP-candidate in Cam Newton and quite frankly, has been the best coach in football. If they don't mention him first, they're making a mistake.

Prop Pick: Ron Rivera -120


11. How Many Times Will Archie Manning be shown on the telecast?

Under 1.5 -140

Over 1.5 - EV

 I like the over here. Of course, if Denver wins, it's an easy over as the tv cameras love "Good Ole' Archie". Regardless, in pivotal moments of the game and after the game, Archie should get at least 2 close ups.

Prop Pick: Over 1.5 -140


12. How Many Times Will John Elway be shown during the broadcast?

Under 2.5 -140

Over 2.5- EV

Tough one here as odds makers are upping the ante with the former Super Bowl MVP. If Denver wins, again, the over is the best pick. If Denver loses, the over is still a good pick. The tv cameras love #7.

Prop Pick: Over 2.5 EV


13. Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first?

Team +200

God +200

City and Fans +600

Coach + 750

Family +1500

None of the above +200

A spectacular way to end this with a blockbuster question and possible big payoff.

I can say if Peyton Manning wins the MVP, he will mention God first because god comes first in his life; he has already stated that in the past.

If Cam Newton wins the MVP, this is where the odds go up. He's liable to mention anyone as Cam is a "loose cannon". I think that Cam will mention the city and fans (+600).

Keep this in mind. If you, the bettor, think that Cam Newton wins the MVP, select city and fans. I happen to think Denver will win, but the issue is, I don't know if Peyton will win the MVP because the defense has carried him. We could see a player such as Aquib Talib or DeMarcus Ware win the award and I'm going to stick with team due to that reason.

Prop Pick: Team +200

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