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Capper's Tips for Successful Madden 20 Betting

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Capper's Tips for Successful Madden 20 Betting

With the popularity that Madden 20 simulation is having with online bettors, we’ve decided to give out some tips for those of you that might be interested in getting involved. With that in mind, let’s dive into what you need to look out for when handicapping simulated Madden 20 games.

Major Differences Between Madden 20 Betting and Real Life Games

Handicapping the NFL in real life presents all sorts of challenges that you don’t have to worry about when getting involved with Madden 20 betting.

First of all, you won’t need to read an injury report. If that last line made you breathe a sigh of relief, then you know how frustrating it is to have a last-minute injury affect your bet. Another thing that Madden 20 bettors won’t have to worry about is current form.

In real life NFL betting, a team’s current form must be taken into account. Simulated games are one-off situations so what a team did before is irrelevant. Other than those two very important factors, the biggest difference is the players you control.

If you have experience playing Madden 20, you’ll know right away that the offensive linemen are the players you control the least. For that reason, their individual game attributes aren’t as important. Please note that while their individual attributes don’t matter much, their collective attributes do.

What we mean by that is, if your offensive line is bad, your team will be bad. In real-life football, a talented quarterback can overcome a bad offensive line. Look at Desean Watson in Houston or what Russell Wilson had to deal with for years in Seattle. Both quarterbacks have been able to compete at a Pro Bowl level despite lackluster offensive lines. In a simulated Madden game, that is less likely to happen because you aren’t controlling the quarterback yourself.

Now obviously if the quarterback in question is actually Watson or Russell, their real-life attributes will translate to simulated gameplay. What we’re really trying to point out here is that, in the simulated Madden games, bad offensive lines tend to really get exposed so unless you have an elite quarterback, stay away from them.

Skill Position Players Need High Awareness

If you play Madden on a regular basis with friends or against the CPU, your quarterback’s awareness is not that important. The reason for that is simple: you’re controlling him so it’s actually your awareness that matters.

In simulated games, if your quarterback does not have good awareness traits, that’s a really big deal. We point this out because some novice Madden 20 bettors might think “I use this QB all the time when I play so why wouldn’t it work in a simulation”. That line of thinking will get you in a lot of trouble in the world of simulated Madden. While good awareness is crucial for your quarterback, it’s important in your other skill position players (running backs, wide receivers) as well.

Serious Madden players have all had the experience of building their own team. When building a franchise, you will inevitably draft rookies with very low ratings. If you’ve ever passed a wide receiver the ball and have it hit him in the back of the helmet, it was because he has terrible awareness.

Other than awareness, the attributes that matter most for your skill position players are speed and acceleration. If your wide receivers don’t have good speed and or acceleration in the game, they will have a hard time getting open. While that might seem obvious, we’re pointing it out for a very specific reason.

Passes into traffic in Madden 20 are usually not going to be caught. There are a handful of receivers that can make tough catches in the game but for the most part, if you’re guy can’t get separation, that ball will not be caught. As for running backs, speed and acceleration can be compensated for by a user. In simulation mode, you can’t deliberately run to your player’s strengths like you would if you were controlling the game.

Remember, everything is being simulated including coaching decisions. What might be obvious to you isn’t necessarily that way according to the game. If you’ve spent time yelling at how dumb a particular coach was on Sunday, this point should be very easy to grasp in a simulated scenario.

Styles Matter Very Much in Simulated Games

This last section is probably the most similar to real life. We’ve all heard the expression “styles make fights“. In real life NFL, as well as Madden 20 simulated games, this holds true.

If you see that the Baltimore Ravens are playing the San Francisco 49ers, you should be capping that in very similar fashion to how you believe the real thing would go. You know there will be a lot of running by both teams which means possessions will tend to be longer. The 49ers have a great pass rush but against Lamar Jackson that might not matter as much since he isn’t a traditional pocket passer. All of these things will hold true in a Madden simulated game.

That said, try to remember that it’s still a video game. What we mean by that is most attributes and tendencies will be exaggerated. Expect Lamar Jackson to be virtually unstoppable on the ground. If you do decide to pass with him, expect the 49ers pass rush to give him no time at all. If you do manage to get the pass off, your wide receiver better have separation or it’ll be incomplete or worse intercepted, considering accuracy is not Jackson’s strong suit. In terms of the sheer randomness of video games, well that part is actually very much like the real NFL so you should take it with a grain of salt.

All in all, while Madden 20 betting might seem crazy to some, if you really think about it, the real NFL is extremely hard to predict. That doesn’t stop sports gamblers from risking billions of dollars every season. Madden 20 betting could never be the same as NFL betting but it does a pretty good job of coming close. Until further notice, it’s all we’ve got so please do your homework just like you would in real life. If you would like to talk more about football, don’t forget to visit SBR’s NFL Betting Forum.