Betting Washington Redskins on NFL Futures

Jordan Sharp

Monday, July 21, 2014 6:53 PM UTC

Monday, Jul. 21, 2014 6:53 PM UTC

Last season was one to forget for the Redskins, however if Robert Griffin III and the rest of the Skins are healthy this year, they could be in for a big season. It’s easy to improve from being 3-13, however the NFL Odds seem to think Washington may only slightly improve.

Super Bowl (+5000)
Washington probably isn’t quite ready for a Super Bowl caliber comeback off of a 3-13 season. However if they could win more than double what they did in 2013, I think they would consider the Jay Gruden era a success. However Washington has higher expectations than that, and if Gruden’s offense can break onto the scene like Chip Kelly’s did a year ago, Washington has a ton of upside. However it may not have that big of an affect, because coaches have already seen tons of Gruden’s offense in Cincinnati. The difference is Griffin III is three times the quarterback that Andy Dalton is, and he is also three times as athletic. Coming off of a knee injury last season zapped his athleticism, however as we have seen already this offseason, Griffin seems to be completely healthy. The preseason will give us a better look at some of Washington’s new offense, as well as Griffin’s health.


NFC (+2800)
While I do think Washington will have value this year, it won’t be in the NFL Odds to win the conference. Much like their counterpart, the Eagles, even if they somehow win this division in 2014, they won’t stand much of a chance against the rest of the NFC. Winning the division will likely be the only way into the playoffs for the NFC East, and even if Washington hosts a wildcard playoff game, they will likely play the one of the teams from the NFC West or North that don’t win the division. Even at home, Washington would probably be an underdog against the Seahawks, 49ers, Bears or Packers, and they are behind all four of those teams in the offseason NFL Odds from Bovada.


NFC East (+400)
The divisional future odds are where the Redskins start to have value. At 4:1, I would strongly recommend the Redskins as a value in the NFL Odds to win the NFC East. All four of these teams will likely be bunched up with one another at the end of the season, and I doubt there will be more than three games in between all four of them once the season ends. That being said, it looks like anyone’s ball game, and if you look at this team from top to bottom, even with a new head coach, if completely healthy, the Redskins have the best all around team. The Eagles will likely still have some secondary problems, the Cowboys’ defense will likely be one of the worst in the NFL, and the Giants might not be much better than last season. If Washington stays healthy, they have the best defense in the division, and their offense has upside for days if RG3 is healthy.

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