Best ATS Teams from the 2013-14 NFL Season

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 6:50 PM UTC

Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014 6:50 PM UTC

There were a handful of teams that broke the book for some people, and if you were one of them congratulations. Even though last year is in the books, let’s take a look at the five best ATS teams from the regular season. We can examine why they were undervalued, and see if they might continue down that path again next season.

Arizona Cardinals (11-5 ATS)

The Cards were one of the best bets of 2013, especially down the stretch of the season. Arizona covered five of their last seven games ATS to finish tied with two of their divisional counterparts for the best 2013 ATS record. The Cards have a lot of work to do, but with Larry Fitzgerald willing to restructure his contract, Arizona could have some room to add to their offense. A big issue for them was a running game and the offensive line. Carson Palmer looks to have a couple of good years left in his arm, and their defense is outstanding. I could easily see Arizona continuing to be undervalued.

Seattle Seahawks (11-5 ATS)

The champs were also very undervalued this regular season, and they finished overall with an ATS record of 13-6 ATS including the playoffs. Seattle looks to be getting even more dangerous next season. They will be able to cut some guys like Sidney Rice this offseason, and with the space they have they can tinker with their roster is needed. All in all though, the Hawks might become overvalued after their Super Bowl win. It happens a lot.

San Francisco 49ers (11-5 ATS)

The Niners were the third team in the NFC West to get to 11-5 ATS, however their postseason was not as kind to them as it was to Seattle. The Niners might try and spend even more money this offseason to try and best their rivals who just won the Super Bowl, however some tough decisions await them if they want to make cap room. Guys like Frank Gore could be on the chopping block.

Denver Broncos (10-5-1 ATS)

Right behind the three NFC West teams was the Broncos, who had one push during the regular season at some sportsbooks. However even if you have them at 10-6, they were still tied for the fourth best bet in all of football last season. The Broncos are another team that could become overvalued in the right circumstances next season, especially if they become a public darling because of the season they just had.

Indianapolis Colts (10-6 ATS)

This is the second straight season where the Colts have been very undervalued. Two seasons ago during Andrew Luck’s rookie season, it was because they came out of nowhere with a rookie QB and coach. Last season however, teams and sportsbooks alike should have seen the Colts coming. Indy’s chances at a third straight year of profitability are slim, however Indianapolis is a small market that has a pretty good team, and I could see it becoming a perennially undervalued team.

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