Bengals Game-by-Game Predictions & NFL Season Picks

Sunday, July 24, 2016 6:08 PM UTC

Sunday, Jul. 24, 2016 6:08 PM UTC

Cincinnati Bengals are tipped to crack a 9.5 projected season win total. Should bettors bet the fancied OVER? Or is the UNDER the smart NFL pick? We weigh in on the NFL schedule for 2016.

<p><strong>Cincinnati Bengals 2015 Look Back</strong><br />Every year it seems it’s the same verdict: a solid regular season followed by a playoff flop. Broken record springs to mind. Double-digit winning regular season after another raises expectations on Andy Dalton and Company in the broad spectrum of the NFL only for it all to come to a big fat nothing in the postseason. Make no mistake, the postseason is where it really is at. Where the accolades and the triumphs truly matter. Granted a divisional title is nothing to scoff at – they won two in the last five seasons – but when the curtain finally falls on any given NFL season what do gridiron fans remember most? Who the divisional winners were or who won <a href="" target="_blank" title="Numbers That Stand Out When Picking A Super Bowl Winner">the Super Bowl</a>?</p><p>The Bengals are yet to underline any of the successful regular seasons to come from the pairing of Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton with anything meaningful or tangible in the postseason that would suggest they are viable contenders for the Super Bowl. Such as a trip to the AFC Championship game, say? Heck, they’ve not won a single postseason game yet. Frankly, until that happens, the +1400 <a href="" title="Click Here For More NFL Odds">NFL odds</a> trading in Super Bowl Outright markets at bet365, which tips the Bengals as sixth overall favourites to triumph, should be treated with a mega—like METEOR, HUMOUNGOUS – grain of salt.</p><p>The AFC North is a competitive division, a three-horse race between stalwarts Pittsburgh Steelers. Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens. In fact, the triplet passes the division title like a baton amongst themselves with none winning in back-to-back seasons since the Ravens did it from 2011 to 2012.</p><p>If that NFL betting trend holds true, we might assume the Bengals, priced at +170 NFL odds to win the <a href="" target="_blank" title="AFC North Winner &amp; NFL Futures Odds">AFC North</a>, are unlikely to repeat as divisional champions. By that same token, top favourites Pittsburgh (+140 NFL odds) or third overall favourites Baltimore (+300 NFL odds) may prove the smarter pick – the latter of which even are due since their last title victory in 2012.</p><p>Whichever way you slice the Bengals, the reality is as far as the regular season goes the NFL betting outlook is riding a positive wave into 2016. Finishing 12-4 SU in 2015 marked a fourth straight double-digit season. The last time they finished with less than 10 wins was in 2011 when they finished 9-7 SU. Mind you it still proved enough to clinch a playoff spot. All the aforementioned stats contribute to a 9.5 season win total for the Bengals on the sports betting floor with the OVER favoured at -130 NFL odds or thereabouts depending on your choice sportsbook. The UNDER, meanwhile, is available at +105 NFL odds with bet365.</p><p>To put forward a few thoughts on this market: the OVER isn’t as short as their track record in the regular season might demand. Nor for that matter is the UNDER backed out as far as one might expect seeing as they’ve dropped no more than six games since 2011. It’s enough to start us considering whether the Bengals might actually take a step backwards this season rather than forwards?</p><p>To be fair other thoughts that give us pause – a relatively tough NFL schedule, some losses on both sides of the ball to free agency, the loss of Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator (took the least coveted job in the league with the Cleveland Browns he did. Bless him. Career suicide?? Hmm..???) amongst other things. Oh, and Marvin Lewis is into his 14<sup>th</sup> year with the Bengals. That’s just a long time especially when he’s brought no tangible success in the postseason. The guy must be so comfortable at the organisation he’s probably shuffling about the hallways with house slippers on.</p><p>All that and more has us a bit edgy on the Bengals. It’s not at all unreasonable to suggest the Bengals might struggle to scratch nine wins never mind tally another double-digit winning season. Every year there is a team that spectacularly implodes and the Bengals could be just that team this season. Seriously, can an organisation continue on such comfortable consistency amidst all the changes and bearing the brunt of all the disappointments? Complacency springs to mind. Law of Averages says so. It’s inevitable things go tits up.</p><p>In fact, we can envision a losing season for the Bengals in which they miss the playoffs for the first time and finally send Marvin Lewis and his house slippers packing....Too harsh, you think?</p><p>This brings us neatly to the game-by-game prediction portion of this column that culminates with our top <a href="" title="Click Here For More Exclusive NFL Links">NFL pick</a> for the season win total. Keep in mind, these games are previewed before training camps and preseason games get underway. Well, in advance of the first week of the 2016 regular season. A lot can happen between now and then that might change the entire football betting outlook for the Bengals. We recommend proceeding with caution and be sure to check for updated injury lists before settling on your choice NFL pick.</p><p><strong>Cincinnati Bengals 2016 NFL schedule Game-by-Game Predictions At A Glance</strong></p><p><strong>Week 1 vs. NY Jets (away), Sunday, September 11</strong><br />On paper, this isn’t an easy road game for the Cincinnati Bengals, not least in week 1 of the new season. As it is, the NY Jets quarterback situation is up in the air with the contract stalemate surrounding Ryan Fitzpatrick (for Pete’s sake sign him already!), which leaves the mighty Geno Smith or unheralded Bryce Petty to lead the Jets – can’t say we fancy the Jets in that instance at all. If the Jets don’t sign Fitzpatrick they are right numpties. In any event, in lieu of this crucial bit the Bengals should win. (Should Fitzpatrick be signed and start this game then we’d consider changing this NFL pick to a Loss.)</p><p>NFL Picks: Win<br />Record 1-0</p><p><strong>Week 2 vs. Pittsburgh (away), Sunday, September 18</strong><br />This is going to be a grudge match between fierce AFC North rivals, but, somewhat fortunately (as some would have it), the main protagonist Vontaze Burfict in last year’s bizarre 18-16 wildcard round loss to the Steelers will be serving a suspension in week 2 NFL betting. We can all do without his antics, right? In any event, the Steelers figure to be a hot team in 2016 by the NFL odds and with home field advantage this could go their way.</p><p>NFL Picks: Loss<br />Record 1-1</p><p><strong>Week 3 vs. Denver, Sunday, September 25</strong><br />The first home game of the season at Paul Brown Stadium features the defending Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos, albeit sans Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler. In fact, right now the Broncos are without an elite quarterback. It looks like they are pinning their hopes on Mark Sanchez. That may be a source of amusement to many NFL bettors but lest you’ve forgotten Chip Kelly was able to wrestle 10 wins out of a season for the Eagles with Sanchez and no at Foles at quarterback. What is the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover… Yup, that’s it. Consider Denver has <a href="" target="_blank" title="Who Will Be The NFL Defensive Player Of The Year And How To Cash In On It">a defense that is formidable</a>. This isn’t going to be as straightforward as some would have it. In fact, we’re feeling a bit contrarian about this game.</p><p>NFL Picks: Loss<br />Record 1-2</p><p><strong>Week 4 vs. Miami, Thursday, September 29</strong><br />The Dolphins perennially flatter to deceive. Once again, they’re hyped up. We’re not biting the bait this time. Until proven otherwise this is a game the Bengals should win comfortably. Not even a short week and an iffy primetime Andy Dalton is enough to consider a loss, and that’s saying a lot.</p><p>NFL Picks: Win<br />Record 2-2</p><p><strong>Week 5 vs. Dallas (away), Sunday, October 9</strong><br />The Dallas Cowboys were abysmal last season but that was largely down to Tony Romo’s injury. So long as their prized quarterback is fit the Cowboys prove to be a tough road trip for the Bengals. In fact, if Tony Romo lights up even a very good Bengals defense will have trouble containing him.</p><p>NFL Picks: Loss<br />Record 2-3</p><p><strong>Week 6 vs. New England (away), Sunday, October 16</strong><br />Tom Brady and the Patriots have dominated the Cincinnati Bengals. Fortunately, the four-time Super Bowl winning quarterback will be back in the line-up by week 6 of the NFL season after serving out his 4-game suspension. The Bengals will be a stern test for Brady, who’ll only just be finding his feet. It could be a factor but we’d still bet the Patriots to win at home. Their record at Foxboro is one of the best in the league.</p><p>NFL Picks: Loss<br />Record 2-4</p><p><strong>Week 7 vs. Cleveland, Sunday, October 23</strong><br />Hue Jackson and <a href="" target="_blank" title="NFL Odds Set Browns' Win Totals at 4.5 - Too Much Too Ask For?">the Cleveland Browns</a> descend on Paul Brown stadium like lambs to the slaughterhouse….oh dear…</p><p>NFL Picks: Win<br />Record 3-4</p><p><strong>Week 8 vs. Washington (LONDON), Sunday, October 30</strong><br />Cincinnati Bengals host the Washington Redskins at Wembley Stadium in London, in a game of divisional champions from the previous season. Time difference, travel, jetlag and all that whoopla is going to be a major factor in this game. The team that’s focused wins. <a href="" target="_blank" title="Listing The Top Ten Quarterbacks To Trust When Placing Your NFL Picks">The quarterback that adjusts better wins</a>. There’s something to be said about Andy Dalton’s yips when playing outside of his favourite time slot, 1 PM EST.</p><p>NFL Picks: Loss<br />Record 3-5</p><p><strong>Week 9 BYE</strong></p><p><strong>Week 10 vs. NY Giants (away), Monday, November 14</strong><br /><a href="" target="_blank" title="Tips For Making Cash On Monday Night Football">Monday Night Football </a>brings Red Rifle Andy Dalton back to the dreaded primetime slot. Does he suffer the jinx of primetime? In 2015, a stellar run of eight straight wins to start the season ended on Monday Night Football behind a 10-6 loss to <a href="" target="_blank" title="A Very Optimistic Look For Texans On Their Season Wins">the Houston Texans</a> who had a back-up to the back-up quarterback calling the shots towards the end of the game. Don’t know about you but a team that has a tendency to crumble under the pressure of playing to a national TV audience doesn’t inspire confidence.</p><p>NFL Picks: Loss<br />Record 3-6</p><p><strong>Week 11 vs. Buffalo, Sunday, November 20</strong><br />The Buffalo Bills are coming off a good season with Rex Ryan but can they repeat or improve on what they accomplished in 2015? We’re not entirely sold on Tyrod Taylor or Rex Ryan in his second year for that matter. So long as the Bengals don’t take the Bills for granted they should win.</p><p>NFL Picks: Win<br />Record 4-6</p><p><strong>Week 12 vs. Baltimore (away), Sunday, November 27</strong><br /><a href="" target="_blank" title="Ravens Might Have Been Underestimated By 8.5 Season Win Total Odds">The Baltimore Ravens</a> figure to be much improved in 2016 following a forgettable 5-11 SU record to finish 2015. Bengals swept the series with the Ravens last year, capitalising on their woes obviously. That makes this a pivotal matchup for both sides. Ravens set the record straight here.</p><p>NFL Picks: Loss<br />Record 4-7</p><p><strong>Week 13 vs. Philadelphia, Sunday, December 4</strong><br />Many have the Philadelphia Eagles tanking in their first year without Chip Kelly. Hard to argue with that score when there are so many uncertainties in Philadelphia. That makes a bet on the Cincy Bengals probably the smart bet to win at home.</p><p>NFL Picks: Win<br />Record 5-7</p><p><strong>Week 14 vs. Cleveland (away), Sunday, December 11</strong><br />The Bengals have owned the Browns in the last few meetings. No reason to assume that is going to change in 2016 which is a transitional year.</p><p>NFL Picks: Win<br />Record 6-7</p><p><strong>Week 15 vs. Pittsburgh, Sunday, December 18</strong><br />This time Burfict is back in the line-up and the grudge match is back on.  That said, the Bengals haven’t played well against the Steelers at home in recent memory, including the loss at Paul Brown in the wildcard round of the 2015 playoffs. Could it be more misery for the Bengals? Hmm, it’s primetime football. Oh dear….</p><p>NFL Picks: Loss<br />Record 6-8</p><p><strong>Week 16 vs. Houston (away), Saturday, December 24</strong><br />The Houston Texans are a team on the rise in <a href="" target="_blank" title="They're Also On The SBR Forum!">the eyes of many NFL bettors</a>. By week 16, we’ll certainly know if that is really the case and how well Brock Osweiler actually holds up. It’s Christmas Eve, a Saturday game. If the Texans can stun the Bengals at Paul Brown in 2015, you have to consider they could do it this year with a much better team and quarterback in Houston.</p><p>NFL Picks: Loss<br />Record 6-9</p><p><strong>Week 17 vs Baltimore, Sunday, January 1</strong><br />This is a game that is sure to have many NFL bettors on the fence. It’s the more unpredictable of the division rivalries going either way when least expected. The Bengals have fared well in their season-ending clashes with the Ravens, which is something that might swing this game their way.</p><p>NFL Picks: Win<br />Record 7-9</p><p>NFL Projected Season Win Total Predictions for the Bengals: Shut the front door. A losing season? No way….7-9 SU? Are you mad? Just some of the things that many NFL bettors are probably going to think after reading this sensational preview. Be that as it may, we’re sticking to our guns here. Going for the UNDER 9.5 projected season win total with the tempting price tag of +105 NFL odds with bet365.</p><p>The season may not unfold exactly as we’ve predicted – well, we don’t have a crystal ball, after all – but that’s neither here nor there. We concede there is a chance they might go 8-8 or 9-7, both of which would yield modest or a winning season and appease Bengals’ fans somewhat. Still, it would be the UNDER 9.5 season win total that would be the winning NFL pick in both aforementioned scenarios. That’s really the point here that we’re trying to make.</p><p><strong>Free NFL Pick:</strong>  Under 9½ +105<br /><strong>Best Line Offered:</strong>  <a href=";book=Bet365" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Top Rated At Sportsbook Review">at Bet365</a></p>
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