Bengals 2014 Win Totals Game-by-Game Analysis

Nikki Adams

Monday, July 28, 2014 6:08 AM UTC

Monday, Jul. 28, 2014 6:08 AM UTC

Cincinnati Bengals clinched the AFC North and advanced into the playoffs for a third consecutive season. What will the new season bring for the defending AFC North Champions? Find out as we take a closer look at their NFL 2014 schedule and deliver our early predictions on how each might play out.

Can Bengals Handle Steelers Challenge?
According to NFL bookies, Steelers are poised well to challenge Bengals in the AFC North Division. Matched at +200 to win outright (just a smidgen behind Bengals at +180), enjoyed a slightly better divisional record last season – they were 4-2-0 to Bengals’ 3-3-0. Early indications as well point to a better-constructed outfit, which could give the Bengals a run for their money over the course of their defence campaign. Lagging not too far behind are the Baltimore Ravens at +240 to win the division, eager to make amends on their disappointing Super Bowl defence campaign last season. Indeed, this is setting up to be another competitive season for the AFC North Division.


Week 1 @ Baltimore
Cincinnati Bengals open on the road against the Ravens. The Bengals were so-so on the road, finishing 3-5 last season. The Ravens meanwhile were 6-2 at home, an extension of their solid home form that goes back several seasons. Last season, the Bengals lost 20-17 at Baltimore in overtime. This should be another close contest that could go either way, but the scale tips towards the hosts on home advantage.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 2 vs. Atlanta
Atlanta Falcons finished 4-12 last season, a record that included an abysmal 1-7 record on the road. Atlanta’s complete and utter collapse was something few would have predicted at the start of last season. It’s why many NFL bettors expect the Falcons to rise from the ashes of 2013. However, beating the Bengals at home in week 2, a side that is solid on both sides of the ball, is a big ask. Bengals should runaway with a solid victory at home.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 3 vs. Tennessee
Titans were a modest 7-9 last season, finishing second behind Indianapolis in AFC South. Expectations put the Titans in a similar position this season, if not slightly worse. They are tipped at +450 to win the division, third in line behind Indianapolis and Houston, which is telling.  Another underwhelming season is the most likely fate on 2014. What this NFL betting outlook also would suggest is they simply don’t have the depth or quality to challenge the Bengals.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 4 Bye


Week 5 @ New England
Last season, the Bengals beat the Patriots 13-6 at home, a comprehensive performance that stifled the Patriots offense to the surprise of many. It’s unlikely the Bengals would put together such a performance again given Andy Dalton’s erratic and unpredictable nature, not least on the road. This doesn’t mean the Bengals haven’t a prayer, but the Patriots should defend their turf.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 6 vs. Carolina
The Panthers are after a solid run in 2013 and setting up high expectations for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, offense has taken several hits, namely Cam Newton is after ankle surgery. Still, both have strong defenses, which could make this a right slugfest. Bengals went 8-0 at home, inclining us towards the hosts. That said the Panthers could deliver the upset.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 7 @ Indianapolis
Andrew Luck came of age in the 2013 season, particularly with statement-making wins over the Broncos, Hawks (both at home), Chiefs and Niners (both away). That said he did lead his Colts to a 42-28 defeat at Cincinnati, so thoroughly outplayed by Andy Dalton from the first drive of the game he was on the back foot from the start.  It’ll be interesting to see how this reverse plays out in Indianapolis this season. The Colts went 6-2 at home last season, so they definitely have the advantage. If the Bengals want to be serious playoff contenders, however, they’ll need to be better on the road. This is one game they could take.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 8 vs. Baltimore
With Bengals enjoying home advantage in this reverse clash, the Ravens offense will be challenged. Flacco is unpredictable on the road mainly. It’ll come down to Bengals defense: if they can throw him off his game, they should win handily.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 9 vs. Jacksonville
Jacksonville Jaguars made some improvements during the offseason that should send them into the upcoming season on a wave of optimism. But they have a long climb back from a 4-12 season, which boasted a 1-7 record at home and a 3-5 record on the road. Bengals are simply better on both sides of the ball and it their perfect 8-0 record at home last season wasn’t a fluke.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 10 vs. Cleveland
Last season, the Bengals and Browns split the series with both winning at home. This season however the Bengals should sweep. The Browns are rebuilding, therefore somewhat unproven. What’s more, this is a home game for Bengals and if they are nearly as good (or better) than they were last season, they should win straight up.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 11 @ New Orleans
The Bengals and Saints should set up an interesting clash in Week 11 that NFL bettors would want to spot. The Superdome is an intimidating place. If Andy Dalton has one of his unpredictable swings, the Saints will trounce the Bengals – they too went 8-0 at home last season.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 12 @ Houston
The Texans would like nothing better than to put behind their abysmal 2-14 season. They’ve made changes in the offseason that augur well; that is, they should perform better overall but they just don’t look dangerous enough. The Bengals can be explosive on both sides of the ball. They’ll be tough to beat if they live up to their billing.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 13 @ Tampa Bay
The Buccaneers could prove more difficult than many would expect them to be. A lot has changed in their camp, all of which has been met with enthusiasm and excitement, but none more so than the acquisition of Lovie Smith. This could be one of those road games where Dalton fails to show up for his beloved Bengals.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 14 vs. Pittsburgh
The Steelers present a stiff challenge to the Bengals and their AFC North defence campaign this season. Making matters worse, their rivalry is set to feature twice in December – potentially, even, deciding the outcome of the division in the space of four weeks. Winning at home is going to be crucial for the Bengals if they hope to successfully defend their title. The Steelers can’t be underestimated. They could upset the odds here.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 15 @ Cleveland
Last season, the Browns surprised the Bengals in Cleveland beating them 17-6. A repeat is highly unlikely at this late stage of the season given all the changes the Browns underwent this offseason which include acquiring a rookie quarterback. On paper, the edge has to go to the Bengals.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 16 vs. Denver
Denver Broncos have one of the most explosive offenses. What’s more, time is running out on Peyton Manning if he wants to win another Super Bowl. Seattle Seahawks have provided the blueprint on how to beat the Broncos, keep that offense off the board. You can bet the Bengals will try to take a page from that when they host the Broncos at home. That said the Broncos have beefed up defense in the offseason and made significant changes on offense that could see a more potent Manning emerge. This game could swing both ways, but forced to make a choice, we’re giving it to the visitors.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 17 @ Pittsburgh
Last season, the Bengals lost 30-20 in Pittsburgh in Week 15. They fell behind 21-0 in the first quarter and simply couldn’t recover the lost ground. The key to a win will be a faster start on the road this time around. However, with the divisional rivalry hanging in the balance, it could be a close call.
NFL Pick: Loss                  


NFL Betting Verdict
By our early game-to-game outlook, the Bengals are headed towards a positive season that could have them sat at a 10-6 season, give or take one or two games. In either case, they should cover the 8.5 chalk line set by bookies in NFL betting markets. Hence, for your NFL Picks we recommend the Over 8.5 at -135. 

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