Beat The Prick Week 8 - The Only Thing Shameful About It Is Not Beating Him

Swinging Johnson

Thursday, October 27, 2016 9:50 PM UTC

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 9:50 PM UTC

Week 8 of the NFL season is upon us with plenty of professional and college games on tap. SBR’s Beat the Prick contest is once again available for new entrants, so sign up and experience the joys of beating the Prick!


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The Prick Stands Tall

The outlaw known for swillin’ whiskey out of the bottle and searching for a wife at family reunions was on his game last week with a 4-1 ATS mark. Overall, the man whose moniker suits his personality, the Prick, has gone 19-15-1 against the all-important number this season. But what does that mean to you? Not a damn thing if you’re not in on the action! All you have to do is register and that’s the easiest part.

Click here and start beating the Prick because it’s fun, easy and women are not only allowed to enter but welcomed with open arms! The fairer sex has gone too long without knowing the joys of beating the Prick, which is why we at SBR want to encourage them to do so. Why let the boys have all the fun, ladies? Once you enter, all you have to do is pick five NFL and/or college football sides and/or totals. It can be a combination of pros and college teams or totals, or if you’re a sharpshooter then stick to the game you know best and make it all five NFL picks or college football picks. Just remember, one of those five choices must be a Best Bet, and that doubles the value so if it wins you gain two units instead of one. Of course, the opposite is true if you lose but why thinking about losing when everyone wins when you’re beating the Prick!

What Do I Get?

Well, beating the Prick all by itself is usually motivation enough but SBR has added incentives – thousands upon thousands of them! If you’ve waited until now to join, unfortunately, all the end of year cash prizes awarded to those with the best cumulative record are no longer possible. However, SBR Betpoints are available to be won by all those who have a better record than the Prick that week. That’s right, depending upon how the Prick does versus your record for the week, winning contestants will get their share of the 150,000 Betpoints that SBR delivers each and every week.

On Tuesday morning you can view the results and if you have indeed beaten the Prick, SBR Betpoints will arrive but you must use them to bet on events in the SBR sportsbook to turn them into big boy Betpoints that can be used for betting in the casino, sportsbook or traded in at the SBR store. So don’t sit on the sidelines watching in some dark closet, get out and beat the Prick with your friends, neighbors, and fellow SBR posters. Just remember, the only thing shameful about beating the Prick is not beating it, er him, at all.

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