Beat The Prick Week 7 - Betting Tips To Lead This Week's Contest

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 5:20 PM UTC

Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016 5:20 PM UTC

The NFL and College Football contest called Beat the Prick is in full thrust where every contestant gets an opportunity at SBR Betpoints throughout the season. Register today and start winning!


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Beating the Prick is Not Just for Guys Anymore

Move over gentlemen because you’ve got company. More and more women are getting in on the action and finally understanding why men are so consumed with beating the Prick. It’s fun, it’s easy and the tension is palpable until Tuesday morning when the results are in and a sweet release of satisfaction reverberates knowing that you have indeed, beat the Prick!

Okay so, what’s the game all about? Well besides for double entendres and not so subtle nuances, it is simply picking your five best sides or totals in the NFL and/or college football for that week. Yes, you can pick all NFL games, all college games or a combination of both and one of those five picks must be chosen as a Best Bet which is worth double whether you win or lose. And SBR doesn’t restrict you to picking all teams or totals, as both are fair game. The only restriction is you can’t pick a game in which the Prick has already selected.

And just who is the Prick? He just happens to be a self-professed handicapping expert that SBR compensates with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a case of duct tape for all those household repairs. Double-wides need maintenance, dammit! And below we shall review his record and what he has for this week!


The Prick’s Season Record

Week 1:  3-2 -0.35 units

Week 2: 2-3 -2.40 units

Week 3: 2-3 -0.25 units

Week 4: 4-1 +3.95 units

Week 5: 2-3 -2.40 units

Week 6: 2-2-1 +0.85 units

OVERALL: 15-14-1 -0.60 units


The Prick’s Week 7 Picks

Bears +9 over Green Bay

Dolphins +2 ½ (+100) over Buffalo

Rams +2 ½ (+100) over NY Giants

Raiders +1 over Jacksonville

BEST BET: Eagles + 2 ½ (+100) over Minnesota


So What Do You Win?

If you’ve waited until now to join, unfortunately all the end of year cash prizes are beyond reach but what you can win is SBR Betpoints. Yes, depending upon just how bad the Prick does and how well you do, as well as the others who beat the Prick, you will get your fair share of the 150,000 Betpoints that SBR hands out each and every week to the winners.

Once you receive your SBR Betpoints you must use them to bet on events in our SBR sportsbook at absolutely no cost to you! Once you win, those Betpoints are yours and can be used in the SBR casino, sportsbook or trade them in for items in the SBR store. So come one, come all (there I go again) and let’s Beat the Prick together!

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