Baltimore Ravens 2014 Win Totals Game-by-Game Analysis

Nikki Adams

Monday, July 21, 2014 10:16 PM UTC

Monday, Jul. 21, 2014 10:16 PM UTC

Ravens have consistently hit .500 or better since 2007, when they finished bottom of the AFC North pile. However, since 2010, when enjoying a 12-4 high, win totals have steadily declined, falling to their lowest tally yet in 2013, an 8-8 finish to miss the playoffs. What will the upcoming season bring? Find out as we breakdown Baltimore’s NFL 2014 schedule and deliver our NFL Picks.

Baltimore Ravens have a favourable schedule
While the Baltimore Ravens’ regular season wins have been on a steady decline, they’ve managed to at least maintain a solid home record, losing just five home games since 2010 (home record in the last four seasons: 7-1, 8-0, 6-2 and 6-2). That said, as defending Super Bowl champions they were an overall disappointment on the back of an 8-8 win total and a third place finish in the AFC North, behind Bengals (11-5) and Steelers (8-8). To add insult to injury, they missed the playoffs.

Intractable offensive issues included amassing their lowest rushing total ever and Joe Flacco hitting a career-high 48 sacks. Going into the new season, those issues have been addressed with some wholesale changes. Are those changes enough though to see an improvement on win totals, possibly even a playoff run? Odds makers chalk the line at 8.5 with the Over favoured in NFL betting markets at -140. If the NFL schedule were any indication: it looms manageable and serves up seven games against teams that went under .500 last season. The Ravens really should cross that chalk line.

Week 1 vs. Cincinnati
The Bengals won the AFC North title with an 11-5 mark, largely down to a solid 8-0 home record. On the road, they were found wanting with a so-so 3-5 mark. Last season, the two sides collided with Ravens winning in overtime 20-17 at home. The reverse saw the Bengals win 34-17 on the last day of the regular season. Baltimore Ravens have a formidable home record over the last four seasons, so this could be another close, hot battle at home.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 2 vs. Pittsburgh
Last season, the pair split the series with each side winning at home. Once again, the Ravens should come through on home advantage in this clash, challenging though it might be.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 3 @ Cleveland
Cleveland Browns are expected to go through growing pains this season. Such is the rounding opinion when a team undergoes as many changes as the Browns have, which include rookie quarterback Johnny “Football” Manziel. Experience doesn’t always trump talent. However, when Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Flacco is involved, who has both experience and talent to spare, the balance swings in favour of the visitors, surely.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 4 vs. Carolina
There are lingering questions about Cam Newton and his fitness ahead of this season. If he’s less than 100%, beating the Ravens at home is going to be a tough ask indeed. So, for the time being, this has to go in favour of the Ravens.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 5 @ Indianapolis
If there were a road game that could challenge Joe Flacco and Company, it would be this one. Andrew Luck is fast becoming one of the most impressive quarterbacks, his talent and skills are augmented by game savvy that belie his years in the game. What’s more, the Ravens have been steadily declining on the road over the last few seasons, with their worst record (2-6) last term.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 6 @ Tampa Bay
The Buccaneers have undergone a makeover that has NFL betting fans excited about their upcoming prospects. Week 6 is still early in the season and all those carefully engineered changes might not come together perfectly, but against a Ravens side that doesn’t travel well in recent seasons, they could clinch a surprise victory.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 7 vs. Atlanta
The Falcons were a shocking disappointment last season, after a standout 2012 that saw them finish 13-3. NFL pundits expect Falcons to mount a comeback this season, but it’s hard to imagine them doing it at the expense of the Ravens at home.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 8 @ Cincinnati
The Bengals blow hot and cold, in tune to their temperamental quarterback Andy Dalton. On any given Sunday, he can play lights out or bomb spectacularly. All hinges on what sort of a day he has. That said, the Bengals went a perfect 8-0 at home, including a blowout win over the Ravens (34-17). The Ravens might not be blown out of town again, but winning is going to be decidedly difficult against a creative Bengals side.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 9 @ Pittsburgh
Last season, the Steelers and Ravens split the series with each side winning at home. Both games were tight affairs however; the Ravens lost 19-16 on the road in week 7 and won 22-20 at home in week 13. Much of the same is expected this season between these two divisional rivals that finished 8-8 each last season and come into this term with lofty ambitions.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 10 vs. Tennessee
Ravens have a winnable game against the Titans, a side that went under .500 last season and is barely qualified a middleweight opponent. Home advantage and a suspect Titans resistance should combine for a straightforward win.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 11 - Bye

Week 12 @ New Orleans
The Superdome is one of the most unfriendly stadiums in the league. The Saints went a perfect 8-0 at home, and for good reason. Combine that and Ravens’ struggles to win on the road against quality NFL sides together, and it could be an unmemorable night for the Ravens.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 13 vs. San Diego
The Chargers are one of several west coast outfits that could make a playoff run this season, picking up from where they left off in 2013. This isn’t a side to be underestimated. They could deliver a shock home defeat to a Ravens’ side that is quite solid at home.
NFL Pick: Loss

Week 14 @ Miami
Last season, the Ravens descended on the Dolphins to take the 26-23 win on the road. While the Dolphins defense could harass Flacco and Company once again, the improvements made on the offensive-side of the ball suggest the Ravens might have an easier time of it than they did last season.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 15 vs. Jacksonville
Jacksonville Jaguars were abysmal last season. Some NFL bettors are of the opinion a much better Jaguars will emerge this season, which may very well be the case. That said beating the Ravens on home turf is easier said than done.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 16 @ Houston
The Texans are after one of the worst seasons in franchise history and the worst win loss record of the entire field at 2-14. If their abysmal fortunes continue into this season, the Ravens should take the straightforward road victory. Then again, Flacco is prone to unpredictability from time to time, especially on the road. If you are looking for an egg he might lay, this could be one such egg, although we’re tipping it as a win.
NFL Pick: Win

Week 17 vs. Cleveland
Baltimore Ravens should be able to close the regular season against a developing Cleveland Browns with a win. It would be a right shocker if the Browns, led by rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel, were to clinch a win on the road.
NFL Pick: Win

NFL Betting Verdict
By our rudimentary predictions, we have the Ravens going 10-6 on the season, which puts them firmly above NFL betting market expectations to go over 8.5 at -140. Agree or disagree with our NFL picks at your will; after all, we’re not writing the NFL gospel here. Just having a bit of fun before the real show begins. 

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