Anthony Barr and the Vikings Ruined my Future

Justin Hilbert

Monday, October 16, 2017 3:07 PM UTC

Monday, Oct. 16, 2017 3:07 PM UTC

The moment when you've realized all your hard work was —and possibly your dreams  too—  shattered like the collar-bone of a top-rated NFL QB.

OK, so ... maybe I am being a bit dramatic. It isn't my 'actual' future that is ruined, but rather my future bet on the Packers to win OVER 10.5 games. On second thought ... it isn't just semantics to consider the butterfly effect of my most-likely-lost-money ... maybe my future is ruined? 

I digress. Whether or not my life will drastically change due the fact that Aaron Rodgers got slammed into the turf on his throwing arm, I literally heard the toilet flush as they carted him off the field. You may think, 'Oh great, he's exaggerating with the misuse of the word 'literal' and should be saying figuratively.' No ... a co-worker stepped out of the bathroom that lies about 20 feet away immediately after, so I literally heard the toilet flush. The point is: as I heard this, my mind activated and I envisioned my money swirling around, around, and down that white porcelain bowl.

Some people might have taken the Packers OVER 10.5 wins on a whim,  just thinking that they are a good team this year or even simply tailed the advice of a pro capper. Yeah, losing sucks, but they are not too bummed about the potential loss involved, other than the monetary factor. I, on the other hand, am extremely frustrated. I put a lot of work into making that pick. I did a comparative analysis of the various betting odds on the different betting markets involving the packers along with strength-of-schedule and early week by week matchups.  What I found was, EXTREME VALUE in taking the OVER on the Packers season wins totals ... so yeah, I'm pissed. F&%K You Anthony Barr and your stupid sack streak; you just cost me money and perhaps ruined my life —depending on what kind of ripples those damned butterfly wings create.

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#FML I Heard the toilet flush when they carted #ArronRodgers off the field ... #Packers #Vikings

— The SBR Breadman (@SBRBreadman) October 16, 2017

I can't get the damned sound of that toilet expelling contaminated water out of my head ... the sound rages in my head like a rain-laden river. But I guess I have to move on and ask the most logical question: what happens to the Green Bay Packers Futures Markets now? 

The Packers Started the Season as -210 favorites to win the NFC North over at 5Dimes and just last week they were just +300 to win the NFC.  Books must be scrambling to put a new value on Cheese Heads because as of Monday morning, the Diviison Odds and Conference odds are off the boards. However, they have fallen from grace already in the Super Bowl Futures markets, now at (+2350), down hard from (+650) which puts the Vikings (+2100), Falcons(+1500), Seahawks (+1100), Eagles (+875), Steelers (+775), Chiefs (+675), and Patriots (+460) all ahead of Green Bay on the Super Bowl Odds Boards.



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