AFC West Divisional Breakdown, Futures & Top NFL Picks

Nikki Adams

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 3:15 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jul. 28, 2015 3:15 PM UTC

Broncos will attempt to win a fifth straight AFC West title this season, marking what could be Peyton Manning's last season. Join us as we preview the AFC West landscape & analyse the NFL betting odds.

Denver Broncos Hot Faves To Win Division
Unquestionably, the standard in the AFC West is the Denver Broncos. Four-time defending AFC West champions, the Broncos are gunning for a fifth straight title in the 2015-2016 NFL season – a bet that can be backed at -200 at Bet365 or at an ever lower and better odds of -175 at William Hill. Peyton Manning has been the mastermind behind three straight titles since joining the Broncos in 2012; that run of form also includes an AFC Championship and a Super Bowl runner-up finish in 2013.

Conspicuously, the Denver Broncos have this AFC West Divisional betting market cornered in their camp. None of the three other teams strike a particularly convincing pose on the NFL odds board for the simple reason that they've failed to challenge the Broncos since Peyton Manning's arrival. Case-and-point: the Broncos are 17-1 against the division in three seasons. Only the Chargers managed to stun the Broncos by winning 27-20 win at home in 2013.

As it is, the Chargers are the second favorites to win the AFC West Division at +350 NFL odds, a good distance off the Broncos. Kansas City Chiefs nip at their heels at +425 NFL odds to win outright while the Oakland Raiders are the long shots of the field at whopping +3000 NFL odds, largely down to the fact that they are mired in rebuild mode and, realistically, are a few years away from being considered legitimate contenders in the division. (All NFL odds courtesy of Bet365).

While the Broncos are unanimously considered the team to beat in the AFC West, it's worth noting that some sportsbooks are trading the Chiefs slightly shorter than the Chargers to win the AFC West Division. That's a useful titbit to pay attention to if either of these two sides is going to be your choice NFL pick to spring a surprise in the AFC West this season.


AFC Championship Odds To Win Outright
In the broader spectrum of the Conference, the Denver Broncos quite rightly must take a back seat to the New England Patriots. After all, they are the defending Super Bowl Champions and the deserved favorites at +333 NFL odds at Bet365 to win outright.. That they take a back seat to the Indianapolis Colts (+500) though is a bit of a surprise in our opinion. Granted, the Colts beat the Broncos in the AFC Divisional Playoffs last season. A win over the Peyton-Manning-inspired Broncos in the NFL playoffs however isn't necessarily defining. It's JUST one win.

One win doesn't make a champion. Not to mention, it also marked the first time Andrew Luck advanced into the AFC Championship game. In any event, that's the lay of the landscape in the AFC Conference whatever you make of it. If the Denver Broncos are your choice NFL pick to win outright, at +550 NFL odds they practically leap off the betting page as the value choice.

For the Chargers (+1100) or the Chiefs (+1400) to come through on their middleweight NFL odds, a lot would have to go their way over the course of the season and playoffs. Both finished the season 9-7 SU last year and failed to make the playoffs.

Obviously, the Raiders at +8000 NFL odds to win the AFC Championship game is a pipedream at this point in time. The Raiders have not had a winning campaign in the regular season since 2002, never mind grand designs in the playoffs.


Super Bowl 50 Betting Odds
In the overarching Super Bowl 50 betting markets, the Broncos slip further down the pecking order. Down to fifth overall favorites at +1200 NFL odds to win outright. They are sat pretty behind triple-digit favorites Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots. As well, as in the AFC Championship betting market, they are trading just a smidgen behind Indianapolis Colts (+1000).

Odds aside, the Broncos are definitely Super Bowl contenders in the eyes of many NFL bettors, experts and fans alike. Certainly, of the entire AFC West division, they are the only legitimate contenders. It remains to be seen whether the 39-year-old Peyton Manning can sustain a high level through the season in order to carry his team through the playoffs. It's no secret that last season's abrupt ending in the AFC divisional playoffs was partly down to Peyton Manning's thigh injury. He simply couldn't play up to his lofty standards. Thus, the Colts traipsed into the AFC Championship game all too easily.

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