AFC Dominates Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

Doug Upstone

Friday, October 31, 2014 4:39 PM UTC

Friday, Oct. 31, 2014 4:39 PM UTC

Sportsbook Review wanted to up its game for readers and devised our own NFL power rankings to help those making sports picks with our score-differential based formula.

The simple explanation is we have developed a formula that that takes our number against the eventual outcome and adjust the power rankings accordingly from week to week, in similar fashion to what many of the NFL football handicappers do that appear on videos or write articles for us do on their own.

Most sportsbooks utilize something on the same idea; however, their methodology tends to be more complex against the NFL odds, however, we have found ours to also be quite accurate.

We encourage you to use this table of power ratings on your own against the betting odds and you can use the standard three points for the home team.

Going into this week our Top 5 teams in the NFL are Denver, Indianapolis New England, Baltimore and Kansas City, all coincidently from the AFC.

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Power Ratings Start Current   Power Ratings Start Current
NFC East       AFC East    
Dallas 93 98   Buffalo 91 94
NY Giants 94 93   Miami 93 96
Philadelphia 97 99   New England 97 101
Washington 92 92   NY Jets 92 88
NFC North       AFC North    
Chicago 95 90   Baltimore 97 101
Detroit 94 96   Cincinnati 96 98
Green Bay 97 98   Cleveland 91 93
Minnesota 91 89   Pittsburgh 95 93
NFC South       AFC South    
Atlanta 94 90   Houston 92 93
Carolina 94 89   Indianapolis 95 102
New Orleans 99 97   Jacksonville 90 84
Tampa Bay 91 87   Tennessee 92 85
NFC West       AFC West    
Arizona 95 98   Denver 99 104
San Francisco 98 97   Kansas City 95 100
Seattle 100 98   Oakland 92 88
St. Louis 93 89   San Diego 96 98


Thursday – New Orleans - 5 over Carolina
Our number was higher than the oddsmakers original release, but there is a real difference in the two offenses, especially with New Orleans getting guys back healthy.


Washington Pick vs. Minnesota
The reason we listed Washington first despite an even call of this contest, we are establishing the Redskins have a higher power rankings number with Minnesota evening it out by playing at home. Robert Griffin III is expected to start and our number aligns with the sportsbooks.


Dallas - 3 over Arizona
Still no official release from the sportsbooks who are awaiting confirmation on the status Tony Romo. If Romo plays, we anticipate a -3, if not, this NFC contest probably goes to a Pick or possibly Arizona -1.


San Francisco – 11 over St. Louis
Little difference between how we view this game compared to the oddsmakers. The 49ers are 9-1 ATS against teams allowing 24 or more points like St. Louis.


San Diego Pick vs. Miami
The Dolphins are a 2.5-point favorite at most wagering outlets, but we view a significant difference between Philip Rivers and Ryan Tannehill at quarterback. However, we do acknowledge Miami is 5-0 and 4-1 ATS hosting San Diego.   


Kansas City -15 over N.Y. Jets
Our figure is quite a bit higher than the actual odds, but nobody is going to argue and say the Kansas City will not win this AFC affair by 13-17 points.


Cincinnati -16 over Jacksonville
Cincinnati will be among the more popular Survivor Pool choices this week. Once again we have a significantly higher number than the current spread and we realize for the Bengals this is a division sandwich game which probably will not have them give their best effort.


Denver Pick vs. New England
With Rob Gronkowski back, Tom Brady a completely different quarterback and this makes the New England offense run more efficiently. Denver is listed at -3 almost everywhere, but the Patriots have pounding teams which upped their number. Are the Pats worth one of your NFL picks?        


Cleveland -8 over Tampa Bay
The numbers are drawing closer as the public has bet Cleveland up to -6.5 and -7 would appear to be a realistic threshold for this non-conference matchup.


Philadelphia -3 over Houston
The Eagles have bouncing around from -3 to -2 all week it figures the final number will land somewhere in this that range.


Seattle -14 over Oakland
The books are actually a point higher, but you do have to wonder with how listless the Seahawks have played will they “bring it” for a team like Oakland.


SNF – Baltimore – 4 over Pittsburgh
This AFC North battle opened as Pick, but as the week progressed, the Ravens have been moved to -2, which is what we were thinking all along.   


MNF - Indianapolis – 6 over N.Y. Giants
Fairly significant differential of three points weighted on the Colts and realistically the outcome will come down to what defense Indy shows up with, the one Pittsburgh rang up 51 points on last week or the one which conceded 15 PPG in their last four outings.

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