Adjusted NFL Odds Breakdown for Super Bowl Futures Picks

Joe Catalano

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 4:02 PM UTC

Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014 4:02 PM UTC

The NFL Playoffs are about to begin and although we have been providing Super Bowl Futures at a bargain price, the odds and the picture is clearer as there are less teams competing  for the Vince Lomabardi Trophy once the post-season begins. Let's take a look.

Dallas Cowboys -15/2
I have been touting the Dallas Cowboys all season long even while people didn't believe them. If you had listened to me, you could've had the Cowboys at odds of 40/1 or possibly longer, but that's in the past. The price is still good, but Dallas will be competing against the elite teams now and in order to take this bet, you have to really like them to win the Super Bowl.

In the last game of the season, head coach Jason Garrett meant business as he kept starters in the game much longer than he should have as he wanted players to achieve records. In my book, not a wise move as Tony Romo needs to rest his back. That said, the combination of Romo, DeMarco Murray, and Dez Bryant are playing some of the best football that the Cowboys have seen since the days of Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Troy Aikman.


New England Patriots- 3/1
Although the Seattle Seahawks, who are the favorites to repeat at 12/5, need to be taken serious,I'm not liking the way that they have been winning games against teams that they should destroy. The offense needs to get on track and I'm not sold on an offense that needs 2 to 3 quarters to get a touchdown. However, the New England Patriots are a in a perfect position. Yes, the Pats have experienced injuries all season long and don't have the best running game and yes, Tom Brady is 37 years old. 

New England, aside from Brady, Gronk, and Belichick, have 2 things working for them and that is the fact that their defense is much improved and the level of competition isn't as great as it was in past seasons.

Beliichick and Brady have to be licking their chops at thought of not having to face the New York Giants, a team that has seemed to have their number in the Super Bowl. This is New England's big chance to win a 4th Super Bowl ring during the Belichick regime. This is a solid bet even though backers should've already made the bet much earlier. New England would be a great bet in a combination bet with a team from the NFC in "who will make it to the Super Bowl?"


Denver Broncos- 15/2
Peyton Manning always has spectacular regular seasons, but can't seal the deal but has been labeled as a choker. I definitely think that he's getting old and his skills are eroding. I also would be concerned how Denver would fare against New England on the road and a possible matchup against the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

I'm listing the Denver Broncos, not for Peyton Manning, but for the fantastic running of C.J. Anderson, who continues to be a huge producer in the running game. Anderson reminds me of a Terrell Davis type of player when John Elway won Super Bowls in his last 2 seasons. If Peyton and his weak passes are going to win a Super Bowl, he'll have C.J. Anderson to thank for it along with Demariyus Thomas, who will be double-covered. Denver still has a chance and the price is decent.


Longshot Picks
Pittsburgh Steelers -14/1
Pittsburgh has proven that Cincinnati doesn't have a prayer against them and this is also a team that I have been lobbying for in the last 4 to 5 weeks. The reason being is that Ben Roethlisberger, a 2-time Super Bowl Champion has had a marvelous season and the combination of LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown seem to be unstoppable. Although you could have had Pittsburgh at a much better price when I mentioned them, 14/1 are still good NFL odds for a team as good as this. This is a team that could win it all and put Rothelisberger in the list of elite quarterbacks in NFL history if he wins a 3rd ring.


Team To Watch
Carolina Panthers- 33/1
For your NFL picks I wouldn't be placing a bet just yet as the Panthers odds will be long for a while, but there's no denying that this team is playing with a ton of confidence, Cam Newton is playing like the quarterback that he was touted to be out of college and Jonathan Stewart has also played well.Could a car accident put things into perspective for Cam as he and the Panthers could be the Cinderella story of the 2014-2015 NFL Season? Stay tuned.

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