46 Days Until Super Bowl LIII: Bears Shuffle To Blowout Win at SB XX

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46 Days Until Super Bowl LIII: Bears Shuffle To Blowout Win at SB XX

Days Until Super Bowl LIII From December 19: 46

Plenty of experts rate the Chicago Bears of 1985 as the greatest NFL team of all time after they shuffled their way to glory at Super Bowl XX. They finished the regular season with a 15-1 record and boasted the league’s best defense, which yielded a mere 198 points. In the playoffs they beat the Giants 21-0 and the Rams 24-0, becoming the first team to record back-to-back postseason shutouts.

They swaggered into Super Bowl XX full of confidence and totally destroyed the Patriots in a 46-10 rout. Their 46 points set a Super Bowl record and their 36-point margin was also the biggest blowout in the history of the big game (both since broken). It was a good they were so successful, as the team would have had a serious amount of egg on its face had it failed to win the Super Bowl. Six weeks before the game, they recorded a song called The Super Bowl Shuffle and many categorized it as an extreme act of hubris.

Defensive lineman Dan Hampton refused to appear in it, as he thought it would seem arrogant and he feared karmic retribution. But the public lapped it up and the record went on to shift 400,000 copies and reach No. 41 on the Billboard Hot 100. It ended up being nominated for a Grammy, but Willie Gault and his teammates lost out to Prince.

It yielded a number of truly horrific copycats, with Ram It by the L.A. Rams serving as a particular lowlight. But the Bears were untouchable when they released Super Bowl Shuffle and their victory at Super Bowl XX remains one of the most dominant performances in history. Richard Dent was named MVP for his devastating defensive performance, while Gault finished the game with 129 receiving yards on just 4 receptions. He would go on to become the world’s fastest man aged 45 and over and he remains active in masters athletics, showing that his prowess on the field is far greater than in the recording studio.

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