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Super Bowl MVP Picks: Sportsbooks Sweating Donald and McPherson

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Super Bowl MVP Picks: Sportsbooks Sweating Donald and McPherson
Kicker Evan McPherson of the Cincinnati Bengals kicks a third quarter field goal against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images via AFP.

While the media attention has centered primarily on quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Joe Burrow, sportsbooks are most concerned about the liability involved with a defensive player and a kicker. In anticipation of Super Bowl LVI, we present our updated MVP picks.

As with the regular season MVP, the Super Bowl MVP is primarily a quarterback award. Although we are aware of the trends, this has not prevented bettors from placing their wagers elsewhere in this year’s Super Bowl MVP market.

Currently, Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, Burrow, and Bengals kicker Evan McPherson are BetMGM‘s three biggest liabilities for Super Bowl MVP. Despite not having the highest ticket and handle percentage, Donald is the biggest liability due to the opening odds.

Numbers on the Super Bowl MVP market continue to move ahead of the big game. This article explores where you can find the most competitive numbers.

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2022 Super Bowl MVP Odds

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Super Bowl MVP Picks

Matthew Stafford, QB, Rams

There is only modest support for Stafford to win the award from the bettors. Clearly, there are concerns regarding Stafford's ability to claim the honor should the Rams win the Super Bowl. Donald and Kupp are the two players who have raised these concerns.

It is worth noting that Stafford began the playoffs with odds of +1200 to win Super Bowl MVP. He is now priced as low as the +100 favorite but is not seeing the action one would expect. At BetMGM, Stafford represents only 12.6% of the tickets and 13.5% of the handle.

When the Super Bowl MVP odds opened after the Conference Championship games, several sportsbooks had Stafford as a minus favorite. He was as short as -120 at DraftKings Sportsbook immediately following the Conference Championships.

The fact that bettors continue to discount Stafford and that his odds continue to lengthen, I believe we should take a close look at backing Stafford at his increased price point. You should wait as close to game time as possible if you are interested in placing Stafford MVP bets. With so much invested in other players, his odds will only continue to become more profitable. It'd be nice to back the quarterback of the favored team for a plus-money return on Sunday.

Best Price: +135 via BetMGM

Cooper Kupp, WR, Rams

Following the Conference Championship games, Kupp opened at +700 to win Super Bowl MVP. With money coming in on him, most books have shortened his odds to between +550 and +600.

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If you wish to place a wager on Kupp as the Super Bowl MVP, you should do so immediately. Into Wednesday afternoon, Caesars Sportsbook is the only book that offers odds of +700, and those odds are likely to shorten once they begin taking their fair share of money.

At BetMGM, Kupp represents 13% of the tickets and 11.3% of the handle. As the Super Bowl nears, he will continue to attract even more money from casual bettors.

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Best Price: +700 via Caesars

Aaron Donald, DT, Rams

Congrats to everyone who was able to pick up Donald at +2500 for Super Bowl MVP following the Conference Championships. You got the highest odds available. This number is long gone and I cannot recall the last time such a large number of people were so enthusiastic about a defensive player winning MVP.

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Donald is BetMGM's biggest liability, and he currently accounts for 17.6% of the handle and 13.7% of the tickets. When BetMGM took a $7,500 wager on Donald at +1600, they were forced to shorten his odds from +1600 to +1200.

Due to the Rams being the Super Bowl favorites, the Bengals' poor offensive line, and Donald's standing as one of the greatest defensive players in the history of the game, his odds have decreased significantly, and continue to fall.

Best Price: +1800 via Caesars

Ja’Marr Chase, WR, Bengals

It is imperative that you spend time shopping for the highest number if you are planning on buying Chase to be the Super Bowl MVP.

Chase has seen his odds fluctuate all over the place leading up to the Super Bowl, and you will find different prices depending on where you shop. He touched a high of +3300 this past week but was immediately bet back down.

As of Wednesday, his most attractive price is at FanDuel, where he is listed as +2500. This is a much better number than what is displayed at sportsbooks such as Caesars and BetRivers. Chase is as short as +1200 at Caesars.

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You will receive slightly more than double the payout if you place your bet on Chase at FanDuel rather than Caesars. This is not a small difference by any means, and it clearly illustrates how paramount it is to always obtain the longest odds.

Best Price: +2500 via FanDuel Sportsbook

Evan McPherson, PK, Bengals

Have you ever seen so much money bet on a kicker to win Super Bowl MVP? Well, this is not your average kicker. McPherson has swagger and has been spectacular this postseason. If McPherson makes three field goals in the Super Bowl, he will surpass Adam Vinatieri's playoff record of 14 field goals.

In terms of Super Bowl MVP, McPherson is currently the third-largest liability at BetMGM. If you wish to bet on McPherson, the longest price is at DraftKings where he is listed at +13000. It would be a mistake to buy the +5000 at BetRivers, as this is an outrageous price on a kicker. Even if it is someone as outstanding as McPherson.

Best Price: +13000 via DraftKings Sportsbook

Where to Bet on Super Bowl MVP

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