13 Days Until Super Bowl LIII: BurressCaps 83-Yard Drive To Break Pats Hearts

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13 Days Until Super Bowl LIII: BurressCaps 83-Yard Drive To Break Pats Hearts

Days Until Super Bowl LIII From January 21: 13

There was a lot of pressure heaped onto the sizable shoulders of the New York Giants’ 6-foot-6 wide receiver Plaxico Burress ahead of Super Bowl XLII. His team was 12-point underdogs against a New England Patriots dynasty seeking to complete a perfect season, but fans knew they had a chance if Eli Manning and Burress were on song.

Burress had emerged as Manning’s primary target throughout the 2007 season, catching 70 passes for 1,050 yards and 12 touchdowns. Yet little went to plan for him in a tight, tense Super Bowl that went down to the wire.

Deep into the fourth quarter, the Giants trailed 14-10 and Burress had made just one reception for 14 yards. But after marching the team 70 yards down the field, Manning found himself 13 yards from the end zone with just 35 seconds remaining on the clock, and he knew exactly who to aim for.

“Manning. Lobs it! Burress alone? TOUCHDOWN NEW YORK!!’

Even Joe Buck could not stay monotone over such a spine-tingling play. Burress beat Ellis Hobbs badly on the slant-and-go route and a colossal roar went up among Giants fans.

Those fans still get chills when watching the replay, while Patriots fans were left questioning just how he found himself in so much space. The seemingly invincible Pats were vanquished. Manning was named MVP for keeping such a cool head under pressure and it proved to be the crowning glory of Burress’ career.

“Going into that game, I was beat up so bad I didn’t think I was going to play, leading right up to the kickoff,’ he said. “But I eventually made it through.’

And for all Giants fans it is a good job he did.

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