10.5 O/U Wins Total Odds For Steelers Looks Tempting After Glimpse Of Schedule

Sunday, July 24, 2016 6:46 PM UTC

Sunday, Jul. 24, 2016 6:46 PM UTC

Bookies are high on Pittsburgh in 2016. Hanging the Steelers on a 10.5 season win total with the OVER fancied, we rundown the NFL schedule and serve up our NFL betting verdict.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 Look Back
The Pittsburgh Steelers overcame many injury woes and finished 10-6 SU to clinch a playoff berth. They did fail to defend their 2014 AFC North crown. Ceding it to the Bengals, who finished 12-4 SU, instead; though it didn’t really matter in the end because the Steelers dumped the Bengals in the wildcard round of the playoffs behind an 18-16 win that was a bit of a headscratcher towards the end.

By all accounts, the Steelers were an excellent side in 2015. That they didn’t underline the high estimation they were held in was down to a combination of several things: one of the toughest NFL schedules, injuries to key players, bad luck…so on. A whole lot of what ifs…

A sign the high regard extends into 2016 is found in division batting markets where the Steelers are priced as the favourites at +130 NFL Odds (or thereabouts depending on your choice sportsbook) to win the AFC North title. Defending champions Bengals are backed out to +170-ish NFL odds while dangerous floaters Baltimore Ravens are priced around +300 NFL odds.

This could be a contentious NFL betting outlook for many NFL bettors who have clear loyalties to one or the other in the AFC North. We must all be able to agree, however, that this is one of the most competitive divisions in the current NFL. Whichever way you slice it, this division can be, and often is, decided by the slimmest of margins. It makes for one of the most unpredictable fields.

That said, imagine what a completely healthy Steelers side in 2016 with a markedly easier schedule (compared to last year) can accomplish. Keep in mind, the Bengals are dealing with top-to-bottom changes; the Ravens are rebounding from a bad year (that’s putting it mildly); and the Browns have undergone wholesale changes in the organisation and to their roster, though are still expected to be the same god awful Browns.

Given the contrasting realities of these organisations, the Steelers emerge as the team to beat rather fittingly. Season win totals are also the highest on Pittsburgh. Hanging on a 10.5 season win total, they’re a win ahead of the Bengals (9.5) and two wins ahead of the Ravens (8.5) at sports betting exchanges. What’s more, the perceptions is a reasonable one of cracking this total because the OVER is priced at -120 while the UNDER is priced a smidgen lower at -110.  

On that note, we delve into the NFL schedule. As we preview each and every game, we offer up win-loss predictions in every instance along with a projected weekly record tally. Finally, we sum everything up and serve up our choice NFL pick towards the season win total on offer for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It must be mentioned, this is an EARLY preview –way too early, even, as some would have it – that doesn’t take into consideration any injuries or major developments that might occur in the months leading up to the start of the 2016 NFL betting season. Therefore, be sure to check team news for anything that could have a significant impact on the Steelers’ season.


Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 NFL schedule Game-by-Game Predictions At A Glance

Week 1 vs. Washington (away), Monday, September 12
The nation’s capital hosts the first Monday Night Football extravaganza of the 2016 NFL betting season; decent of the NFL schedulers to award Washington such an honour, even if it involves preseason heavyweights Pittsburgh Steelers. Although the Redskins are the defending NFC East champions, this is a mismatch on paper. Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell should have a field day in Washington.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 1-0


Week 2 vs. Cincinnati, Sunday, September 18
A short week to take on the Cincinnati Bengals is hardly ideal. The Bengals are coming off a stellar 12-4 SU regular season and clinching the divisional title. Still, it’s not been a kind offseason. Starters fled the coop in free agency, Hue Jackson is gone to Cleveland to take on the highly “sought after” head coaching job, and Marvin Lewis is unshakeable as a puppy clinging to pant legs, despite leading the Bengals to yet another postseason flop. The Steelers beat the Bengals in their wildcard meeting at Paul Brown. They continue that run of form at Heinz Arena.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 2-0


Week 3 vs. Philadelphia (away), Sunday, September 25
Who knows what to really expect of the Eagles in 2016, really. Suffice it to say, it’s unlikely they’ll be any good. Well, at least not good enough to give the Steelers a run for their money.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 3-0


Week 4 vs. Kansas City, Sunday, October 2, PT
The Kansas City Chiefs rode a 10-game winning streak to close the 2015 into the playoffs. They beat the Houston Texans in the wild card round soundly before losing to New England 27-20 in the division round. The Chiefs defense could definitely give Ben Roethlisberger and his O-line some headaches, which makes this a tricky Sunday Night Football game to predict. Indeed, the Chiefs did beat the Steelers at Arrowhead 23-13 last season. Granted, it was with home field advantage. Another thing entirely to do it on the road. Nevertheless, the mere possibility of the upset is enough to warrant considering a loss on our NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 3-1


Week 5 vs. NY Jets, Sunday, October 9
This should be an intriguing matchup given the back story: Steelers sneaking into the final wildcard spot in the playoffs at NY Jets’ expense. It’ll be more interesting if the Jets actually put pen to paper with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Alas, we don’t know if that will be the case as the numpties haven’t re-signed him yet.  Jets are solid on defense and have plenty of offensive weapons that could make it a cracking game, but not without a reliable starting quarterback. As such, we can’t bet on the upset at Heinz Arena. No way are we risking good money on Geno Smith.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 4-1


Week 6 vs. Miami (away), Sunday, October 16
Although we’re not personally high on the Miami Dolphins, we smell a trap. Just one of those games that the Steelers should win but don’t. Be it a bad day in the office, underestimating their opponents, weather, pre-occupation with their upcoming date with the Patriots…

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 4-2


Week 7 vs. New England, Sunday, October 23
The Steelers get the New England Patriots at Heinz Arena this season. Last year, they lost to the Patriots in their season opener 28-21 at Foxboro. It’s hard not to like the Steelers in this game, but we’re going to go with the Patriots on our NFL picks. With Tom Brady only coming off a four-game suspension a few weeks prior he’ll be sharp and determined to not let that injustice be to the team’s detriment in the 2016 season. Mad Tom Brady is a scary prospect.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 4-3


Week 8 BYE


Week 9 vs. Baltimore (away), Sunday, November 6
The Baltimore Ravens shocked the Steelers in week 16, very nearly undoing the bid for a wildcard spot. Then thanks to the Jets undoing their own bid for the same coveted AFC spot, the Steelers squeaked through to the playoffs. All’s well that ends well... This is a game the Steelers will want back and could very well take, though they do have a negative record at M&T Stadium in recent memory.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 5-3


Week 10 vs. Dallas, Sunday, November 13
After the Dallas Cowboys lost Tony Romo to injury in week 2, the bottom fell out and they never recovered. The Cowboys are sure to be better this season (so long as Romo is fit) and they should win the NFC East by all accounts. Do we see them taking a road win here? Not really.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 6-3


Week 11 vs. Cleveland (away), Sunday, November 20
If the Cleveland Cavaliers took to the field at First Energy Stadium, the Steelers might have a tough time winning. Seeing it’s only the Browns, chalk up the win without a second thought.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 7-3


Week 12 vs. Indianapolis (away), Thursday, November 24 PT
It’s a short week. Thursday Night Football with Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil stadium. At first glance, Andrew Luck and the Colts, who have the basic advantages in this game, look to be the smart play. It’s our opinion that the Colts are largely overrated. We’d even go so far as to say the same of Andrew Luck. We’re also not convinced the Colts have an adequate defense to speak of and one that can contain Big Ben.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 8-3


Week 13 vs. NY Giants, Sunday, December 4
Once in a while the Steelers lose a game they should win. Once in a while the G-men win a game they probably have no business winning. This matchup has the potential of being one of those headscratchers.

NFL Picks: Loss
Record 8-4


Week 14 vs. Buffalo (away), Sunday, December 11
Buffalo Bills will play tough at home. The weather will wreak havoc too. This has the potential of being an ugly game that could go either way. However, the premium on winning down the stretch can’t be underestimated. The Steelers are the better team on both sides of the ball and should win.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 9-4


Week 15 vs. Cincinnati (away), Sunday, December 18 PT
As befitting of this rivalry, the NFL schedule slots this game into Primetime. Instantly, that’s advantage Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers. Primetime Andy Dandy is a dodgy prospect, not to mention the Bengals as a whole have a tendency to crumble under the watchful gaze of a national TV audience. It’s quite likely the stakes will be high in this game for both the Steelers and Bengals as well. Once again, a scenario that favours Ben Roethlisberger, who can be counted on more than Andy Dalton to deliver when the pressure is on.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 10-4


Week 16 vs. Baltimore, Sunday, December 25
Once again, the Steelers face off against the Baltimore Ravens in week 16. The Steelers will be wary of a repeat of the narrow 20-17 loss at M&T Stadium in week 16 last season. Fortunately, they’ll be playing at Heinz Arena this time around. Expect they’ll dig in and eke out the crucial win over the Ravens.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 11-4


Week 17 vs. Cleveland, Sunday, January 1
A curtain closer against the Cleveland Browns will be a nice warm-up game ahead of the playoffs. This should be a straightforward win.

NFL Picks: Win
Record 12-4


NFL Projected Season Win Totals for Steelers 
There’s a lot to like about the Steelers going into the 2016 season. Add to that a favourable enough schedule and it’s easy to see why expectations are held high. What’s more, would it surprise anybody if the Steelers did indeed live up to the hype and crack the OVER 10.5 season win total? Probably not. We’re obviously predicting a season that goes above the 10.5 season win total in this space, the upshot of which is a recommendation to take the OVER 10.5 at -120 with bet365 for your NFL picks.

Free NFL Pick: Over 10.5 at -120 
Best Line Offered: at bet365

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